Top 100 Alliances War Results

Updated for missing wars. Spreadsheet glitch.


Here is the Top 100 ranking list, which includes the weighted war score that determines ranks below #10. Ranks #1 to #10 are based solely on actual wars during the 10-war ranking period and not their weighted war score.

Because the vast majority of Top 100 alliances are included on the war recap, which includes the alliance’s rank, I haven’t been posting the full Top 100 ranking list. But this list provides the numbers behind the rankings, which provides more insight for those who are interested.

Top #101 - #117

And finally, the 18 alliances tracked but not ranked due to either not yet having 5 war scores recorded or have excess wars below 30.


Top 100 War Results - Updated
War Ended August 7, 2022
War Effect: Rush Attack

101 wars were reported, including all 50 of the Top 50 and 95 of the Top 100 (second highest).

Upset wins at the top!

After waiting almost two months for an opportunity to avenge their loss to 7DD on June 12, #4 The Avengers seized the moment and defeated #1 7DD by 257 in an upset win (6,909 to 6,652). Scoring close to 7K is a huge accomplishment in Rush, and almost unthinkable when going against a top defense. But flexing their superhuman powers, The Avengers showed once again they belong at the top.

The last team 7DD had lost to other than TK was The Avengers on May 5. In between, 7DD defeated The Avengers twice.

Typically a score of 6,865 is a victory in Rush wars, but not this time. In an upset win, #6 Агрессивные scored 7,014, defeating #3 7DA by 149. This was 7DA’s first back-to-back loss since early February.

Up until July, Агрессивные mostly fought #20 and below alliances. Since then, their war score has steadily increased, resulting in more wars against the Top 20, and then Top 10. In the last two weeks, they defeated #6 be Water, then #6 SPR!TZ, and now #3 7DA.

For those who follow top ranked alliances closely, this wasn’t a complete surprise given Агрессивные’s prior and current success in building to be the top Russian alliance. And on top of that, Агрессивные excels during Rush wars (#2 highest average).

Top 100 alliances by Rush average over the last 7 Rush wars (5 war minimum):

Getting in the way of #11 TLL’s push to break into the Top 10 was #16 Dreamteam Elite, who defeated TLL by 187.

The other two upset wins were #48 Союз Конфедератов’s 6 point win over #45 Casinha do Lobo Mau and #64 Death Realm’s 40 point win over #38 블레스.

For a second war in a row, we had a rare tie. #76 Night Whipsers and unranked Blood-wolf-clan each scored 5,455. I don’t have a color for upset tie…

In other close wars, #51 TAMARIBA barely held off #91 Abusement Park, winning by 91, while #57 OCEANO PACIFICO paddled to an 86 point win over #69 LEGACY.

Average score this war was 5,945, in line with the Rush average of 5,940.


And average Rush score by tier and by winning / defeated alliance:


War recap:


Top 100 War Results
War Ended August 11, 2022
War Effect: Rush Attack #2
Next War Effect: Undead Horde

After last war’s wins by #4 The Avengers over #1 7DD and by #6 Агрессивные’s over #3 7DA, let’s start with the impact on the rankings going into this war.

First, the easier one. Агрессивные moves to #4 after its win over 7DA last war and 7DA drops to #5. During the 10-war ranking period, Агрессивные has also defeated #8 Quantum Knights, #6 be Water, and #6 SPR!TZ, with a single loss to #10 SPR!TZ (158 point loss compared to their 437 point win over SPR!TZ). A strong enough record to grab the #4 spot.

Now to the harder one. Up until now, 7DD and TK were ranked by whichever alliance won last due war against each other due to the gap between those two alliances and everyone else. The rest of the Top 10 were ranked by their war performance during the 10-war ranking period. With The Avengers win over 7DD, I’m going back to a 10-war evaluation period for all of the Top 10.

First, the easier part of the analysis. 7DD was #1 as it had defeated TK most recently. Does the loss to The Avengers cause 7DD to lose its #1 rank and allow TK to ascend to the throne?

Yes. TK regains the #1 spot. During the 10-war ranking period, 7DD and TK each won against each other once, with a 466 point win for TK and a 256 point win for 7DD. TK has no other losses during that time, while 7DD has a lost to the then ranked #4 The Avengers.

As I start to write this, I don’t know whether 7DD or The Avengers will be #2. Feel free to skip the mental nonsense that’s about to follow unless you find some perverse pleasure in the topic.

Let’s start with what matters most. On one hand, The Avengers defeated 7DD in their one matchup during the ranking period, and a heads up win carries significant weight. A lot of weight. But the ranking is over a 10-war period and (no longer) based on a single war, so I can’t stop there. A deeper look is needed.

There must be a compelling reason to rank an alliance in the Top 10 lower than an alliance it defeated. So I start with the premise that The Avengers are #2 unless I can convince myself otherwise. Time to look at war results.

The Avengers were defeated by Team Korea twice by an average of 304 points (275 and 333). By itself, that doesn’t move the needle, but it might if it boils down to a comparison of how 7DD performed against TK. What matters more is that The Avengers lost to then ranked #3 7DA. Should The Avengers be #2 since they lost to a “second tier” alliance (no offense, just means anyone not TK or 7DD)? I’m still unsure.

7DD, on the other hand, lost to The Avengers. Can I make a case for them to be #2 without taking into account The Avengers loss to 7DA? Other than their loss to The Avengers, 7DD’s only other loss was a loss to TK by 466 points (a larger loss than either of The Avengers two losses to TK).

7DD did defeat TK by 256 points, while The Avengers lost to TK in both of their matchups. But back to exhibit A. The Avengers beat 7DD.

Then again, also within the ranking period we have 7DD defeating the opponent that defeated The Avengers. 7DD defeated 7DA by a resounding 1,161 points, while The Avengers weren’t able to defeat 7DA. This is the circular logic I deal with from time to time. Team A beat Team B, team B beat Team C, and Team C beat Team A.

Now that I’ve gone through that mental excise of putting the pieces on the table, I’m comfortable with 7DD at #2 and The Avengers at #3. 7DD’s win over TK and 7DA, coupled with The Avenger’s losses to TK and 7DA are just enough in my opinion to outweigh 7DD’s loss to The Avengers.

It’s close, but it boiled down to The Avenger’s loss to 7DA. Without that loss, I’d likely would have put The Avengers at #2 and 7DD at #3 based on the weight of a heads up win, despite the fact that 7DD defeated TK while The Avengers could not.

7DD’s one loss to TK falls off the table next war, so that will be a new factor plus this wars’ results. Sometimes I wish I could get away with the Magic 8-Ball ranking methodology…

Then the last piece within the top 6 ranks is #6 GD. #5 7DA stays ahead of #6 GD. 7DA’s victory over GD fell outside the ranking period, but 7DA has a win over #5 The Avengers while GD has no top 5 victories.

I’d like to stop there because I know what’s next in the recap (this war), but this is what I do.

This war #3 The Avengers matched up against #6 GD. Would this be another war for The Avengers to show they are climbing their way back into a Top 3 tier, or would this be a letdown war for them? Would GD, who has mostly been treading water and not being matched up against their direct peers, grab the moment, or instead fade back a bit more?

When the dust settled, GD walked away with a resounding 934 point win, and I can only imagine The Avengers walked away asking themselves what just happened. Crap, I’m going to have to do more thinking about ranks for the next recap.

Upset wins are more common in the lower ranks, but this war was an exception as both were in the Top 20. #15 Royal Flush defeated #11 Jo Seon by 410, while #19 Greek Frappe narrowly came out ahead in an 18 point win over #12 The Fighting Squirrels.

It’s not that surprising there were very few upset wins this war, and that both were by higher ranked alliances. Typically in Rush wars, the stronger alliances have a even bigger advantage, winning by a wider margin than in other war effects. It’s a steeper hill for the underdog to climb. That’s contrary to the view that Rush wars are unpredictable and prone to unexpected outcomes.

One year ago TK formed as an alliance. Fast forward four months, and t hey exploded into the top tier of alliances. As a fun anniversary event, TK split itself in half and and an intra-alliance war. 15 vs 15. As of this time I don’t know the final results. Did #1 Team T or #1 Team K win? What’s the prize for the winner?

TK war

This war was the final war of TK’s timeout with 7DD. Unless there’s an opt out, we’ll have another battle between the top two alliances.

Three ranked alliances won by more than 2K points. #2 7DD, #4 Агрессивные and #54 Seven Days Emerged.

Of ranked alliances, only 7DD, Агрессивные and #24 Ukraine Love scored 7,000 or more. Uranked SErotonin and Кузькина Мать also joined the 7K club.

In a near upset, #22 STOK held off #31 Crew-Saders by a mere 72 points. Making that look like a blowout was #72 Guerreros Aztecas 38 point win over #69 The United Legends.

Average score for the Top 100 was 5,908, slightly lower than the 6-war average of 5,935 for Rush.

Undead Horde is the next war effect, which is the highest scoring effect at 7,037.

War recap:


And we have a winner. #1 Team T defeated #1 Team K in a very close 86 point war. Or as some might say, the good looking team came out ahead :slight_smile:


Top 100 War Results
War Ended August 14, 2022
War Effect: Undead Horde #1

First, 15 of the Top 20 changed ranks going into this war.

7DD’s loss to TK is no longer in the ranking period, so 7DD regains #1 by virtue of it’s 256 point win over TK on July 28 despite 7DD’s loss to The Avengers. All things being equal (1 loss each in this case), a head to head win carries more weight.

Ranks 3 through 7 are very debatable, and I could make a strong argument for any of these alliances to be #3. Or #4. Or… But I’ve spent enough time looking at war results, so here we go.

GD takes the #3 spot by soundly defeating The Avengers by 934 and having no losses outside of the Top 2.

Агрессивные maintains #4. They defeated 7DA by 149 and SPR!TZ by 437, but they lost to then ranked #10 SPR!TZ by 158. Агрессивные has no Top 2 wars, which normally will hold an alliance back in the rankings. However, they have a very strong Top-10 winning record, so they hold onto #4.

#5 went to 7DA who defeated The Avengers by 152, but lost to Агрессивные by a narrow 149 points.

The Avengers fell to #6. Though they defeated 7DD, which makes it hard not to rank them higher, they lost to GD by a resounding 934 and to 7DA by 152. An argument for a higher rating in addition to their 7DD win is that they perform the best against 7DD & TK with an average margin of loss ~300, which is half of 7DA’s and GD’s ~600 average margin of loss. But ultimately, two losses to their peer group is hard to overcome.

SPR!TZ takes #7. They went 1-1 against Агрессивные, but otherwise have only lost to the Top 2. Holding them back at #7 was their 11th war back loss to The One Family. A quasi tie-breaker given how tough the Top 10 rankings have been.

be Water, Quantum Knights, and Xtreme Fury remain unchanged at 8, 9 and 10.


Disclaimer: If your ranks are different, then yours are correct and mine are wrong.

The only intra-Top 10 war was #5 7DA’s 553 point win over #7 SPR!TZ. They scored a war high total of 15,389 points (7,971 to 7,418), which was 382 points higher than the second highest scoring war.

Of the 12 wars won by the lower ranked alliance, six were upset wins. #45 Impulsive, #47 CHAT, #77 LIGABY, #90 Quantum Legend, #95 БАРСУМ and #107 Romania’s National Team all beat the odds with their victories against significantly stronger opponents.

In close wars, #16 Dreamteam Elite had their hands full with #55 DIE LOGE. With timing running short, Dreamteam scored 5 oneshots in a row to take a very narrow lead. With one flag left for each, DIE LOGE scored a oneshot which would have given it the win unless Dreamteam also scored a oneshot on their last flag. And by scoring that 6th oneshot in a row, Dreamteam narrowly avoids an upset loss.

In another 2 point war, #95 БАРСУМ defeated #69 The United Legends. And in the third closest of the Top 100, #72 Dragons of the North held on to win by 27 over #85 Тайный Легион [TL].

With this being undead horde, the highest scoring war effect, seeing 8K+ scores isn’t that uncommon. This war we had five of the Top 100 scoring more than 8K, with Агрессивные leading the way with 8,102. That’s good enough to tie for the 32nd highest recorded score.

By effect, number of scores 8,000 or higher out of ~18K total scores for all captured wars, ranked and unranked:

Undead Horde: 28
Attack Boost: 24
War Equalizer: 11
Arrow Barrage: 7
Rush Attack: 0

Highest recorded Rush score is 7,570 by Ukraine Love when they were unranked. The highest ranked Rush score is 7,510 by #18 СИНДИКАТ.

On a nice 8-war win is Royal Flush, which is why they’re ranked #13 despite having the 25th highest maximum war score. Recent wins include power hitters #11 Jo SEon and #19 6th_Sense.

War recap:

Edit: Additional wars added to the recap.


Top 100 War Results
War Ended August 18, 2022
War Effect: Undead Horde #2
Next War Effect: Arrow Barrage

Former #7 SPR!TZ has been removed from the rankings as they appear to be undergoing a restructuring. That resulted in #10 Royal Flush joining the Top 10.

After losing two wars in a row to #2 TK, #1 7DD has now won two in a row with a 60 point win this war. Both alliances put up incredible offensive scores in a 7,816 to 7,756 war. That’s the smallest margin of victory in any of the wars between those two alliances. Lifetime, 7DD has 10 wins to TK’s 5.

The second tier of alliances consists of Агрессивные, Gipsy Danger, Seven Days Ascended and The Avengers.

After going over a month without matching up against other Tier 2 alliances, #3 GD has risen to the top of that tier. They defeated The Avengers three wars ago by 934, then this war they grabbed a 70 point win over 7DA. That puts GD on a 5-war winning streak, with 3 of those wins against Top 10 alliances.

In war between the two premier Russian alliances, unranked SErotonin (due to excess wars below 30) set a new record for the highest score in a losing effort. SErotonin scored an incredible 7,911 points, which was the third highest recorded score this war. Unfortunately for SErotonin, they matched up against #4 Агрессивные, who had the highest score this war at 8,147.

Of the 11 wars won by the lower ranked alliance, four were upset wins. #51 Союз Конфедератов, #56 굿길드, #79 Abusement Park and #99 Avengers Korea each defeated their strong opponent. In the case of Abusement Park it was a very close 13 point war, while Avengers Korea claimed an upset win in a 3 point war.

Other close wars included #52 TAMARIBA holding off #61 Menace to Sobriety by 72 points and #81 Awake PL defeating #76 Tenebris Interfectores by 88.

In the largest difference between ranks, #104 Romania’s National Team had a respectible war in a 760 point loss to #26 6th_Sense, who was coming off a two-war losing streak.

Taking a 5-war winning streak into this coming war is #24 Ukraine Love. With recent victories at an average 1K margin over peer alliances #30 Sanada Maru, #32 ALBA DEI 30 DI BIMBOZZA and unranked (but tough) infernales, Ukraine Love is dominating within its peer group.


Top 100 War Results
War Ended August 21, 2022
War Effect: Arrow Barrage #1

The threshold to be tracked for purposes of being ranked has remained steady at a 155.0K war score, though all alliances in the Top 100 have a maximum war score of at least 156.1K.

Currently 137 alliances are tracked for purposes of determining the Top 100. There are 114 ranked alliances, 15 alliances not yet ranked due to not yet having 5 recorded war scores, and 8 alliances not ranked due to excess wars with less than 30 teams.

Picking an arbitrary three month date and comparing alliance ranks from May 22 to August 21, REBELADOS climbed the greatest number of ranks by moving up 50 ranks to #36.

Phoenix Empire was right behind with a 46 rank climb to #44, while Las Termopilas broke into the Top 100 by climbing 44 ranks from 122 to 78.

Alliances moving up at least 20 ranks in the last three months:

Ghost Chili of Crew-Saders does the heavy lifting in gathering data for ranking alliances, so a huge thanks to her!

And now on to results from this war…

77 wars were reported, including 48 of the Top 50 and 80 of the Top 100.

Average score this war was 6,731, right in line with the 6,715 average Arrow Barrage score over the last 6 wars.

arrow avg

Arrows is the second lowest scoring war effect, though we had two incredibly high scores this war. #2 Team Korea scored a blistering 8,216 against unranked The One Family (a Top 10 when ranked), which is the third highest recorded Arrow Barrage score. But given the defensive strength of their opponent, this goes on my list as the #1 most impressive Arrow Barrage score.

Also this war #4 Агрессивные scored 7,828 against their Top 10 opponent, #9 Xtreme Fury. That’s the 14th highest recorded Arrow Barrage score, and top 3 or 4 most impressive.

Top 15 recorded Arrow Barrage scores:

There were a number of intra-Top 20 wars, with the higher ranked alliance winning each one.

After losing to 7DD by 776 points on July 31, #3 GD had another chance to continue their recent surge. While reducing their margin of loss by 100 to a 676 point lost against 7DD this war, a loss is a loss.

#4 Агрессивные defeated #9 Xtreme Fury by a solid 1,153 points
#5 7DA defeated #14 The Fighting Squirrels by 555
#6 The Avengers held off #7 be Water by 378
#8 Quantum Knights won by 295 over #16 NEMEZISS
#10 Royal Flush held on to defeat #12 The Last Legion by 266
#11 Jo Seon sailed to a 1,088 point win over #15 STOK…

Of the six wars won by lower ranked alliances, two were upset wins. #33 Kobyer defeated #13 Dreamteam Elite by 365 while #53 Simbiose took down the #37 CARTEL in a 698 point win.

In close wars between ranked alliances, #59 Abusement Park defeated #30 바람‿✿ by 44 and #73 Atas Kopitiam held off #92 БАРСУМ in a close 61 point war.

I’d like to highlight two examples of great sportsmanship. The first is SErotonin offereing to hold back six flags when they learned that one of their opponents had been rushed to the hospital and wasn’t expected to use their flags. The second is their opponent, Mixed Nuts, reaching out to me to see if SErotonin could be recognized for that in this recap. Hats off to both alliances.



Top 100 War Results
War Ended August 25, 2022
War Effect: Arrow Barrage #2
Next War Effect: War Equalizer

79 wars were reported, including 48 of the Top 50 and 85 of the Top 100.

Starting at the top, #1 7DD put on an offensive show against #6 The Avengers by scoring 8,094 points in an 833 point win. The 8,094 points is the 6th highest recorded score in Arrows, and the highest score against a top alliance.

Also joining the Top 10 list of highest Arrows scores at #10 was Агрессивные, who scored 7,976 in a victory against #27 Moon Star.

#2 Team Korea won by 235 against #5 7DA. That’s the smallest margin of victory by TK against anyone other than 7DD since TK’s 127 point win against Gipsy Danger back on May 8.

Over the last couple of months, the gap between the Top 2 and the rest of the Top 5 appears to have shrunk. Presumably that is due to TK and 7DD operating at or near full potential on offense and defense, while the Tier 2 alliances have slowly been getting closer to that level.

7DD’s and TK’s average margin of victory against alliances ranked #3 - #5:

March: 706
April: 821
May: 744
June: 855
March - June: 790 (23 wars)
7 wars won by 1K+

July: 588
Aug: 537
July - Aug: 571 (12 wars)
1 war won by 1K+

Conclusion: While 7DD and TK continue to be in a class of their own, their margin of error over Tier 2 alliances appears to have shrunk significantly. Don’t be surprised if we continue to see close wars and an occasional surprise win against the Top 2.

#11 Jo Seon defeated #8 Quantum Knights by 219. Jo Seon appears to have gone back to fighting at 30/30 and is looking to regain their spot in the Top 10. Holding them back to this point was a number of wars at less than 30/30 earlier in the ranking period, plus a loss to #15 Royal Flush. This win over the #8 alliance may be enough to get them to the next level. Stay tuned…

In a close war between closely ranked alliances, #42 Seven Days Condemned held on to win by 10 over #45 Casinha do Lobo Mau.

Narrowly avoiding an upset loss, #10 Royal Flush won by only 58 points over #55 China Justice. Considering Royal Flush has a recent string of defeating Top 15 alliances, this narrow win over a #55 ranked alliance was surprising.

#10 Royal Flush’s recent war history:

Another unexpected outcome was #17 Greek Frappe’s 309 point win over unranked SErotonin. Nothing against GF, but SErotonin has a long history of chewing through alliances outside of the Top 10, and even those in the Top 10. That being said, SErotonin has shown that while they remain a formidable opponent, they can be beaten by peer alliances (losses in the last month to #17 Esprit de corps, #12 Quantum Knights, and now GF). Bottom line, a nice win for Greek Frappe.

Of the six wars won by the lower ranked alliance, only #110 Greek Frappe Rise’s 440 point win over #60 Unleashed was an upset win.

GFR is a family alliance to Top 20 ranked Greek Frappe (if you haven’t heard of Greek Frappe, you skipped a portion of this recap). GFR is a good example of an alliance crawling and scratching its way to the Top 100, hitting a rough patch, then rebounding.

GFR’s first recorded war was last August where it was unranked. It continued to be unranked until April of this year when it joined the rankings at #120. They slowly continued to grow in strength, and with a few winning streaks under their belt rose to #84 in the rankings in July. Then GFR was cursed by SG’s war matching algorithm.

On July 28, then ranked #87 GFR was matched up against a much tougher #49 CHAT. To no surprise, a loss. The next war the odds were once again against them as they matched up with #52 DIE LOGE, who was fighting down two tiers. To their credit, GFR only lost by 258.

After losing two in a row, the third matchup for an alliance is almost a guaranteed win. Almost. GFR lost by a heartbreaking 59 points to unranked Eternal Destruction. I don’t have any insight into that war, but it’s not hard to imagine that everything that could go wrong for GFR did.

So at that point GFR was fighting down 3 war tiers. Unfortunately, they were matched against unranked Romanian Twisted Heroes, who was also fighting down 2 or 3 war tiers. Incredibly low odds of that happening. End result - a fourth loss in a row for GFR.

Within a month, GFR had dropped from #84 to #110.

But they bounced back and won 4 in a row to get back to their war cap. As their reward, GFR was matched up against the much tougher #60 Unleashed this war, who was fighting down a war tier. But with the winds at their back, GFR extended its winning streak to 5 in a row with its 440 point upset win.

Though currently #110, they should climb back into the Top 100 as the 4-war losing streak starts to drop off the 10-war ranking period.

Next war effect is War Equalizer, which is the middle scoring war effect with an average score of 6,871 for the Top 100. As a rough guide (or war goal), a score of 7K+ has a good chance of being a win.

War recap:


Top 100 War Results
War Ended August 28, 2022
War Effect: War Equalizer #1

Previously ranked #10 Royal Flush has been unranked due to excess wars below 30/30.

There were two new entrants to the Top 10. #8 Jo Seon and #9 The One Family, with Quantum Knights falling from #8 to hold onto #10.

There were three intra-Top 10 wars. #1 7DD won by 1,223 over #8 Jo Seon, #3 Gipsy Danger defeated #9 The One Family by 1,338, and finally #5 7DA claimed a 702 point win over #7 be Water.

Of the eight wars won by the lower ranked alliance, three were upset wins.

After an impressive win against SErotonin last war, #17 Greek Frappe continues its winning ways with an upset win against #11 Xtreme Fury.

#25 Seven Days Hunting pulled off a suprising win against #14 TLL, while #61 Disciples of Scorpius (8-2 in the last 10 wars) eeked out a 7 point win against #52 TAMARIBA.

#21 Mixed Nuts continues its rebound. They were around #20 earlier this year before dropping down into the #50’s for a good portion of July. But a 5-war winning streak to end July has propelled them to the edge of getting back into the Top 20.

With a solid win this war against #15 I’D HIT THAT, I won’t be surprised to soon see Mixed Nuts back in the Top 20.


Top 100 War Results
War Ended September 1, 2022
War Effect: War Equalizer #2
Next War Effect: Attack Boost

78 wars were reported, including all 50 alliances of the top 50 and 88 of the Top 100.

137 alliances are currently tracked for purposes of determining the Top 100. Of those, 117 are ranked, 10 are not ranked due to not yet having five scores captured, and the remaining 10 are not ranked due to excess wars below 30/30. The 20 alliances tracked, but not ranked, have a rank of “NR” on the war recap.

To be tracked, an alliance must have a war score of at least 155.0K at some point during the prior 10 wars. To break into the ranks of the Top 100, an alliance war score of approximately 157.0K is needed.

On to this war’s results…

Once again 7DD throws out a monster score of 8,400 against unranked (but Top 15 tough) Royal Flush. The 8,400 is tied for the third highest score.

Over the last 10 wars, 7DD has the highest war average at 7,755. At #2 is Агрессивные (7,700), and Team Korea is at #3 (7,674). Exclude the two non-Rush wars, and 7DD is almost averaging 8,000 a war at 7,977. And final high score fun fact: 7DD has scored 8K+ in 10 out of the last 15 non-Rush wars.

Top 20 - Highest Average War Score Last 8 Non-Rush Wars (6 score minimum)
Top 20 avg

#2 TK grabbed another win, defeating #6 The Avengers by 410.

In their first matchup ever, GD defended its #3 ranking by defeating #4 Агрессивные in a close 193 point war.

SPR!TZ was unranked these last two weeks while going through a reorganization. They came back onto the ranking for this war at #12, and were matched up against #7 The One Family. In another close, intra-Top 10 war, SPR!TZ had one of the two upset wins this war, defeating The One Family by 195 points.

The other upset win was #34 СИНДИКАТ defeating #11 Xtreme Fury by 372 points.

In a close war between Ukranian alliances, #106 Nova Vis defeated unranked UkrLove Friends by 84 points.

And in wars between closely ranked alliances, #62 HARDCORE defeated #61 Guerreros Aztecas by 328, while #24 Seven Days Hunting grabbed a 555 point win over #22 The 강한. Also, #27 6th_Sense cruised to an 819 point win over #29 Inviolable, and finally #51 China Justice narrowly defeated #52 Simbiose in a 138 point win.

And recently featured Greek Frappe Rise continues to win with its 6th win in the last 7 wars. As long as they avoid losing streaks, they should rise 30 or more ranks from their current #110 ranking over the next few weeks as their four war losing streak falls outside the ranking period.

War recap:


Full listing of Top 100 war average over the last 8, non-Rush wars (6 war minimum):


Top 100 War Results
War Ended September 4, 2022
War Effect: Attack Boost #1

83 wars were reported, including 48 of the Top 50 alliances and 89 of the Top 100.

Average score this war for the Top 100 alliances was 6,936, slightly below the six war average of 6,952 for Attack Boost. Average score for Attack Boost remains in the middle for the five war effects.

In their third closest war, #2 TK defeated 7DD by a very close 136 points. Those two alliances are now 2-2 over their last 4 wars, with their last two wars decided by 60 and 136 points. It had looked like 7DD might have been inching ahead of TK, but now I’ll go with it remains a toss-up between the top two alliances.

Right behind was another top level matchup, with #5 7DA looking to avenge its prior 70 point loss to GD. But in a war decided by 24 points, 7DA’s 15 for 16 one shots to end the war wasn’t quite enough for a comeback win as #3 GD held on to go 3-1 against 7DA in their last four matchups. Average margin of victory over those four wars is 153 points.

GD’s last loss to an alliance other than 7DD or TK was to 7DA on July 7. Since then, GD has won every war except those against TK / 7DD, including 7 wins in a row against the #3 - #10 alliances. A well earned, solid #3 ranking for an alliance that has shown top tier mergers can work with strong leadership and motivated members.

GD’s record against #3 - #10 alliances starting May 17:

#11 The Fighting Squirrels were victorious over #8 Jo Seon in a 255 point upset win. Despite a couple of losses to Top 20 alliances, the Squirrels showed their teeth and claws remain sharp. Whether this win is enough to get them into the Top 10 is something that will be looked at closely.

Other upset wins were #21 Start Over defeating #14 Dreamteam Elite by 793, #73 ELITE CLASS winning by 694 over TAMARIBA, and finally #6 MOHIKAN’s very, very close 9 point win over #55 Casinha do Lobo Mau.

Another xtremely close war was #49 Simbiose winning by 14 over #61 Abusement Park. With 38 seconds left, Simbiose launched its last flag. Down by 37, a oneshot was needed for a win. Anything less, and it’s a loss. With a clutch hit, Simbiose got its one shot and a 14 point win.

I’m starting to think Greek Frappe Rise, who has been highlighted a few times recently, may be one of the strongest pound for pound alliances at the moment. Though they lost to #36 바람‿✿, who was fighting down a tier, #101 Greek Frappe Rise almost beat the odds for an upset win in an 18 point loss.

And finally, a farewell to the last alliance of an iconic family. Xtreme Fury. The sole remaining Xtreme alliance, Fury has announced this next war will be their last. Many are familiar with Xtreme Panda, Xtreme Fear, Xtreme Knights, and others. Good memories, but the passage of time brings to end yet another alliance.


Top 100 War Results
War Ended September 8, 2022
War Effect: Attack Boost #2
Next War Effect: Rush Attack

101 wars were reported, including 49 of the Top 50 and 90 of the Top 100.

TK reclaimed the #1 position due to its win against 7DD last war, and then goes on to score a monstrous 8,271 points against uranked (but strong) Royal Flush (29/30 war). 8,271 points equates to about 88% of oneshot attempts being successful.

The Fighting Squirrels didn’t crack the Top 10 despite their upset win over #8 Jo Seon last week. The Squirrel’s losses to #17 NEMEZISS and #19 Greek Frappe were just enough to hold them back when taking into account Jo Seon’s wins over #8 Quantum Knights, #15 STOK, and #13 Greek Frappe.

However, the NEMEZISS loss now drops outside the ranking period, and Jo Seon had a loss this war to #14 SErotonin. Add the Squirrels win over #12 Greek Frappe this war, and things are trending very positive for them.

While inputting results for this war, two things immediately jumped out. A lot of very close wars, and upset wins. So that’s where I’ll focus. Mostly…

The Tier 2 alliances in ranks #3 - #6 matched up against each other. High stakes, with ranks on the table.

#3 GD held off #6 The Avengers by a close 215 points for a second win in a row against The Avengers. The Avenger’s 7,798 points was the highest score by a defeated alliance.

And #5 7DA got its revenge in an 18 point comeback win against #4 Агрессивные, who previously defeated 7DA by 149 in their only other matchup. Агрессивные’s 7,729 points was the second highest score by a defeated alliance this war.

#14 SErotonin won (another) upset win, this time against #9 Jo Seon in a 70 point win.

In another great matchup of equals, #20 Seven Days Hunting snagged a 38 point win against #26 6th_Sense. 7DH’s back-to-back losses in early August will fall outside the ranking period this week. You can expect to see them back up in the mid-teen ranks soon.

And not wanting to be left out of the recap but still grabbing their 2,554th win a row (not really, but it feels that way) was #27 Kobyer, who won by 21 over unranked Viet Nam Oi!.

#58 Quantum State snuck in a 68 point win against #63 ELITE CLASS, while #64 Blackmoonlight held its breath for an 11 point upset win over #42 King of the North.

Another upset win was #74 Thunderclouds’ 38 point win against #38 Seven Days Reborn, and finally, #80 MOHIKAN held off #81 Las Termopilas by 42.

MOHIKAN’s last seconds of war are something most of us can relate to at some point or another. They were up by 12 when time ran out, with one flag from each side still attacking. A one shot to win, otherwise MOHIKAN needed help from Las Termopilas. With a sigh of relief (or shout of anguish, depending on which side of the bridge you’re on), MOHIKAN got its one shot and won by 42.

Other upset wins not already mentioned were #46 굿길드 against #44 China Justice, #54 CARTEL against #37 Aggravated $trait Murkin, and #78 Romanian Twisted Heroes over #40 Crew-Saders.

Though I haven’t confirmed it, I suspect that this is the first time an alliance is ranked for the first time right at #100. Welcome to the Top 100, Seven Days Uprising! But don’t look back. #101 wants your spot.

Thank you Ghost Chili for ranking data collection, Kurinin, Natalia, and Dmytro for feeding me numerous war results, and to the individual alliances that also share their results.


Top 100 War Results
War Ended September 11, 2022
War Effect: Attack Boost #1

First, ranking updates from last war. Despite #5 Seven Days Ascended defeating #4 Агрессивные last war, those two alliances stay at the same ranks going into this war. During the 10 war ranking cycle, Агрессивные’s 149 point win over 7DA is greater than 7DA’s 18 point win over Агрессивные. However, Агрессивные’s win falls outside the ranking period next war, which will result in a flip in rankings on the next recap.

The Fighting Squirrels break into the Top 10 for the first time, ranked at #9. In the last three wars they defeated KM4 (unranked, but Top 20 strong), #8 Jo Seon and #12 Greek Frappe. To celebrate their Top 10 accomplishment before they knew of it, the Squirrels defeated #7 The One Family by 576 this war.

Heavy, heavy consideration was given to SErotonin and Greek Frappe for #10 (razor thin edge to GF), but ultimately Quantum Knights held onto the 10th spot by the narrowest of margins. This was as close as it gets to a 3-way tie, but there are no ties in alliance rankings. Every war matters, and I’ll be keeping a close eye on these alliances, as well as a few others for that #10 rank.

On to this war’s action…

91 wars were reported, including all 50 of the Top 10 and 93 of the Top 100.

Average score for the Top 100 alliances was 6,059, which is 129 points higher than the 5,930 average Rush score for the prior four Rush wars. That’s a significant jump, so a deeper look is warranted.

Perhaps the higher average is due to a greater mismatch between alliances than normal. The average difference in rank between alliances in wars where both alliances are ranked ranges from 16 to 23. This war it was 16. So the higher average score occurred with more evenly matched alliances than normal. Time will tell whether the higher average score was a one off or a longer term trend.

avg score

#4 Агрессивныеscore 7,507 against #31 Naughty Nightmares I. That’s the fourth highest Rush score, but against a tougher opponent than the top 3 scores.

For only the fourth time this year, there were no upset wins.

In intra-Top 10 wars, #1 TK defeated #5 7DA by 549, while #2 7DD held off #3 GD in a close 183 point win. The 183 point win is the smallest win by either TK or 7DD in four months against any other alliance. As covered a few weeks ago, the gap is narrowing between the Top 2 and the next tier of alliances.

Flasback to the August 25 recap:

Flashback over…

In close wars, #68 Test Your Might won by 8 points over unranked Aggravated Hellhouse. With all those low, single digit scores that every alliance has in Rush wars, no doubt that was a loss with regrets for the defeated alliance.

#53 Quantum State defeated #60 DIE LOGE by 29, while #86 Die scharfen Chilis held off unranked Hungarian Doom Bears by 30,


Thank you very much for all your continued hard work @Beezzer! :+1::+1:


Looking forward to see the results from the just concluded rush war cycle - thanks for the hard work @Beezzer

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Travelling this week, so just the recap. Limited to laptop, so splitting the recap in two and excluding any unranked wars. Will be the same for this next war.


Thank you kindly for the recap and safe travels @Beezzer! :+1::+1:

Top 100 War Results
War Ended September 18, 2022
War Effect: Undead Horde #1

A few, very brief remarks regarding Top 10 ranks / wars. Last war, 7DA and The Fighting Squirrels each moved up a spot to #4 and #8, respectively. Another new high for the Squirrels.

This war #13 The One Family defeated #9 Quantum Knights, setting up The One for a potential re-entry into the Top 10.

#3 Gipsy Danger defeated #5 Агрессивные by 376 in their second matchup (wins both times for GD). It’s now been a little over two months since GD has lost to anyone other than TK / 7DD, though GD has had a couple of narrow double digit wins during that span.

There were a number of very, very close wars this time, including a 2 point and a 4 point war. Details on the recap.

#16 SPR!TZ has reportedly disbanded.

Upset wins for #25 СИНДИКАТ , #29 KM4 (over #7 be Water), and #62 CARTEL.