Top 100 Alliances War Results

Top 100 War Results
War Ended July 11, 2022
War Effect: Undead Horde #1

7DA’s win over GD last week gives them a win against The Avengers and GD during the 10-war period, with a loss to GD. Good enough for 7DA to reclaim the #3 spot.

With its win last war over Quantum Knights last war, Агрессивные moves up to #8 and continued its winning ways with its 24th win in a row this war.


In intra-Top 10 wars, #3 7DA fell to #1 TK by a respectable 347 points. It’s been two months since any alliance not named 7DD has come that close to defeating TK (GD’s 127 point loss on May 8). That being said, TK extends its winning streak to 12 and reinforces its #1 ranking.

#2 7DD took care of business with a 931 point win against #8 be Water.

Two matched-up alliances with similar war scores but different records over the last 10 wars was #15 NEMEZISS (8-2) and #32 I’D HIT THAT (5-5, including two back-to-back losses). In a tough war and looking to extend its two war win-streak, I’D HIT THAT came out victorious by 283. Nothing like a three war winning streak to get an alliance back on track.

Undead Horde is the highest scoring war effect, and the 7,082 average score this war for the Top 100 alliances was the highest for the war effect since last September.

Average Undead Horde scores:
undead scores

Average score by war effect since April:
avg score

Of the six wars won by the lower ranked alliance, three were upset wins. #52 Союз Конфедератов defeated #35 Death Realm by a close 166, #114 Die scharfen Chilis won by an even closer 87 against #98 The Incognitos, and finally #117 UA UNION took down #76 Последний Легион by 144.


Updated war recap for the war ended July 11, 2022.

21 wars added, including 12 ranked alliances. The most notable matchup added was #7 Агрессивныеcoming out ahead of #11 SErotonin 7,991 to 7,475.


I was remiss in highlighting The Avengers 8,445 score against #13 Dreamteam Elite.

Not only is 8,445 the highest recorded score, it’s the top of my list of most impressive highest scores when taking into account the opponent’s strength. A score of 8,445 equates to ~91% oneshot success rate (151 out of 165 attempts).

My prior #1 most impressive score, now #2, is 7DD’s 8,356 against #9 KM4 (also Undead Horde), followed by 7DD’s 8,205 against #10 SPR!TZ (Attack Boost).

Scores of 8,100 and above:


Again, thanks Beezzer for all the hard work you doing and sharing with us!


Top 100 War Results
War Ended July 14, 2022
War Effect: Undead Horde #2
Next War Effect: Arrow Barrage

94 wars reported, including 48 of the Top 50 and 93 of the Top 100.

Another round of great matchups and surprising wins, starting with three intra-Top 10 wars. The top 2 alliances showed once again a gap exists between them and everyone else with #1 TK defeating #5
The Avengers by 333 and #2 7DD defeating #4 GD by 488. Strong showings by the defeated alliances given their opponent, but they weren’t looking for moral victories.

7DD’s 8,109 score was the only 8K reported score this war, and the 7DD / GD war was the highest scoring war.

The other intra-Top 10 war came as a surprise with #10 SPR!TZ defeating #7 Агрессивные by 158. That ends Агрессивные’s 24 win-streak and sets SPR!TZ up for a climb higher into the Top 10.

Finding themselves unexpectedly on the losing side was #9 Quantum Knights, who were defeated by #19 Palm-Fiction. While a #9 losing to a #19 might be surprising on the face of it, I suspect Palm-Fiction wasn’t surprised at all. After going through a period of fighting at less than 30 and becoming unranked, they emerged back as a ranked alliance at #31 on June 26. Since then, Palm-Fiction’s record is 6 wins and no losses, climbing to #19. Going back a bit further, they are 12-1-1. I’ve pointed out Palm-Fiction’s above average performance at war, and this is another example.

#28 Ковчег is a historic alliance, one that was consistently in the Top 3 and occasionally holding the #1 rank up until earlier this year. Since then, they have been fighting at less than 30/30 and slipping in the rankings as more alliances passed them up with higher alliance war scores. Despite their challenges, Ковчег has continued to do what it always has, which is win.

Coming into this war, they had won 25 in a row. That’s why they’re ranked #28 despite having the 43rd highest alliance score. Typically it’s a near automatic win for Ковчег as there are very few potential matchups that can give them a run for their money. Their matchup this war was unranked СИНДИКАТ, who was last ranked three weeks ago at #28. But due to fighting at less than 30/30, СИНДИКАТ is currently unranked (Ковчег is ranked due to the 30/30 exception for Ukrainian alliances).

I’ve praised СИНДИКАТ in the past as an under the radar powerhouse and knew they were a legitimate challenger to Ковчег, but I’ll admit I would have chosen Ковчег to win without much thought. Fortunately, I don’t gamble on E&P wars as СИНДИКАТ defeated Ковчег in an epic 1 point war. Wish I had a ticket to watch that one.

Of the seven wars won by the lower ranked alliance, three were upset wins. #50 Союз Конфедератов, #76 Высшая Лига and #112 F.E.A.R. were each victorious over their stronger opponent.

In close wars, unranked Кузькина Мать defeated #57 REBELADOS by 16, #31 Wolves of the North held off #67 Team China by 25 (a near upset loss) and #51 Sanada Maru also avoided an upset loss by defeating #81 Thunderclouds by 47.

Average scores this war came back down to earth at 7,031, compared to 7,120 last war and to the longer term 7,037 average for undead horde.

The second lowest scoring war effect is next, Arrow Barrage. As a rough guide, average winning scores start at 6,700 for the lower ranks in the Top 100 and climb to the low to mid 7Ks for the higher ranked Top 100.

War recap:


Top 100 War Results
War Ended July 17, 2022
War Effect: Rush Attack #1

93 wars were reported, inclduding 47 of the Top 50 and 91 of the Top 100.

Агрессивные’s and Quantum Knight’s loss last war resulted in changes in the Top 10 ranks. Агрессивные dropped from #7 to #9, while Quantum Knights dropped out of the Top 10, replaced by SErotonin at #10.


In intra-Top 10 wars, #1 TK and #2 7DD took care of business, winning against #7 be Water and #8 SPR!TZ, respectively.

#3 7DA was matched against #5 The Avengers in the marquee matchup of the war, with The Avengers looking to avenge their 108 point loss to 7DA the last time they met on June 16. In a tough fought war that came down to the end, 7DA claimed consecutive wins against The Avengers with a 152 point win. The last three wars between those two alliances have been determined by 106 points (Avengers win), and 108 and 152 points (7DA wins). About as even as it gets, though 7DA grabs bragging rights for the time being.

#10 SErotonin defeated #15 Palm-Fiction by 231 (ending a 7-war winning streak), while #16 Greek Frappe barely pulled out the win in a 7,509 to 7,504 war against #17 Royal Flush.

A number of wars between closely ranked alliances were narrow wins. #55 Seven Days Emerged defeated #63 Phoenix Raiders by 116, while #82 Thunderclouds won by 8 over #85 Aggravated PX Knights. And finally, #85 Greek Frappe Rise defeated #93 Guerreros Aztecas by 24.

Only four wars were won by the lower ranked alliance, and of those two were upset wins. #54 Oceano Pacifico won by 55 over #32 URSIDAE, while #111 ZWACK defeated #89 TEMPLE OF LUST by 42.

Narrowly avoiding an upset loss was #50 Naughty Nightmares I, winning by 87 over #95 Meraki Fenix.

#23 Ukraine Love defeated #30 Wolves of teh North by 477, extending UkrLove’s winning streak to nine.

#48 Союз Конфедератов brought a 14 war winning streak to the table in its matchup against #26 6th_Sense. Союз Конфедератов couldn’t overcome the odds of beating an alliance a tier above them, but they showed their strength in a relatively close 383 point loss.

Though they may not be one of the better known alliancess due to being tucked into the middle of the Top 100 rankings, this is an alliance worth paying attention to. Especially for potential opponents.

Average score this war was 6,709, close to the 6,697 average for Arrow Barrage.

avg score

War recap:


Hi, Beezzer!

Thanks a lot for the stats and the mention of the CK in text! :slight_smile:


Hey there, Phanta. I’m guessing you are a member of CK. A big part of why I do this is to bring visibility to lower ranked alliances in the Top 100 (wish I could do even more alliances). CK is an above average alliance when it comes to war, but I doubt many outside of the alliance are aware of that. I look for ways to highlight lower ranked alliances in a positive manner, and CK was very deserving.

I don’t have a direct contact with CK to provide me war results after each war, which is why some wars are missing from the table. If you or somene you know in CK is willing to send me the war results each time, I’m happy to include them in every recap.


In a top 500-ish alliance (currently 410). We’ve come very close to 8K but haven’t broken it yet. 7969 has been our best effort. Really looking forward to breaking that glass ceiling. Was roughly a year ago the first time we broke 7K, and we’ve done it roughly 20 times since then. Fun stuff!

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Top 100 War Results
War Ended July 21, 2021
War Effect: Arrow Barrage #2
Next War Effect: War Equalizer

Before we jump into this war’s action, a quick ranking update. The One Family, ranked #5 / #6 the last few months, has been unranked due to excess wars at less than 30/30. That had a trickle down effect, bumping up alliances a rank with Xtreme Fury nabbing the 10th spot. It was a close call as a strong case could be made for a few other alliances, but Fury was deserving. Welcome to the Top 10!

The top 2 alliances continued to show that they’re on a level of their own, with #1 TK defeating #4 GD by 511 and #2 7DD scoring 8,088 in a 1,161 point win over #3 7DA.

7DD’s 8,088 points is the 5th highest Arrow Barrage score and only the 7th Arrow Barrage score over 8K in recorded wars.

Making that feat even more impressive is that their opponent was #3 7DA, who has one of the best defenses in the game.

Recorded Arrow scores 8K+

It has been four wars since TK and 7DD fought. Unless there’s an opt out, we should have a title match for the #1 rank this next war. And though both alliances are too gracious to admit it, any opponent other than each other is just practice.

#12 Quantum Knights, who was in the Top 10 until their recent loss to #19 Palm-Fiction, is making the case for getting back into the Top 10 with a 194 point win over #9 SErotonin. No doubt a hard fought war that wasn’t decided until the end.

This was SErotonin’s first loss to an alliance ranked below #10 in seven months (a 58 point loss on Dec. 26). An amazing feat. And that previous opponent? It was also Quantum Knights (then #18).

Of the ten wars won by the lower ranked alliance, five were upset wins. #61 Casinha do Lobo Mau squeezed by #48 Death Realm with a 41 point win, while #71 Mixed Nuts Extra Spicy took down #41 CHAT.

Other underdog winners were #72 Blackmoonlight over #44 DIE LOGI, #87 Aggravated PX Knights over #82 ELITE CLASS, and #103 die Auserwahlten over #57 JPN.

The other two close wars were #94 Night Whispers’ 17 point win and #65 Quantum State’s 38 point win.

There are alliances that would be ranked in the Top 100, and even Top 10, if they fought at 30/30. Generally we don’t get to see those “off the radar” alliances fighting equally strong alliances, but this war was the exception with unranked Jo Seon going against now unranked The One Family. An off the books intra-Top 10 war.

For those not familar with Jo Seon, they were a Top 10 alliance when they briefly fought 30/30 wars last year, while The One Family held the #6 spot for a few months until recently unranked. Showing they remain a powerhouse alliance, Jo Seon pulled out a 173 point win.

War recap:


Hi, Beezzer!

Yes, you’re right, I’m from CK.

All Russian alliances send you results via Natasha Bastet. How can I be in touch with you, just in Line?

Natasha is awesome helping me gathering score. Sometimes I finish the war recap before I have those wars, so you are always welcomed to send them to me directly. I’m on Line and Discord.

Top 100 War Results
War Ended July 24, 2022
War Effect: War Equalizer #1

101 wars were reported (a new high), including all 50 of the Top 50 and 94 of the Top 100.

Last war #12 Quantum Knights defeated #9 SErotonin. That resulted in Quantum Knights jumping to #10 and SErotonin falling to #11 going into this war, while Xtreme Fury moved up to #9.

It was a tough call determining the #9 and #10 rank between Xtreme Fury and Quantum Knights, but fortunately this war made it easier for me going forward as those two alliances matched up. Setting itself up for a further climb into the Top 10, Quauntum Knights defeated #9 Xtreme Fury by a narrow 162 points.

The Last Legion rejoined the ranks at #13, causing additional movement in the Top 20.

Top 20 rank changes going into this war:

I anticipated a matchup this war between TK and 7DD, but we’ll have to wait a bit longer for that. Due to opt outs, #1 TK fought #7 SPR!TZ, with TK winning by 644.

The other intra-Top 10 war was #16 Palm-Fiction versus #16 Greek Frappe, with Palm-Fiction coming out ahead by 243 points.

7DD scored an amazing 8,578 points against #12 The Fighting Squirrels. However, those mischievous Squirrels decided to have fun and went with mono red defenses. 7DD took full advantage of that, though I suspect there was more peer pressure than usual to get oneshots else face a bit of ridicule (or perhaps color blindness tests for those who missed).

In wars that were unbearably close, #51 OCEANO PACIFICO held off #99 Unleashed by a mere 2 points (you know Unleashed was smelling an upset win). Right behind that was Mixed Nuts - Extra Spicy winning in overtime by 5 points against #36 Impulsive.

And finally, #70 The Dragons Revolution was on the losing side of a 10 point war with unranked Test Your Might.

Of the 10 wars won by the lower ranked alliance, three were upset wins. #98 Guerreros Aztecas defeated #50 Menace to Sobriety by 457, #109 AMBUSH won by 151 over #78 Guardians of Romania II, and #118 The incognitos took down Aggressive II in a 218 point win.

I enjoy those wars between similarly ranked alliances as those are often competitive, and #24 Inviolable versus #25 6th_Sense lived up to that anticipation. In a 181 point win, 6th_Sense came out ahead.

Another close war was #46 Phoenix Empire snatching a last minute 34 point win against #42 REBELADOS.

Average score this war was 6,839, in line with the 6,858 average over the last 5 Equalizer wars.

Equalizer avg

War recap:


Do you have any contact with CTMs?
I am not part of them but I know some members. If needed I could help.
Plus great work on this

Yes, I can put you in contact with CTM. Contact me on Line at Beezzerpw.

My acc in Discord - is Phanta#8852. I can send you the results there

Top 100 War Results
War Ended July 28, 2022
War Effect: War Equalizer #2
Next War Effect: Attack Boost

I had anticipated that #1 TK would matchup with #2 7DD for this last weekend’s war as they were past the four war cooling off period. But due to an opt out, which is rare for those two alliances, that matchup didn’t happen.

Fast forward to this war, and again I was anticipating both alliances would be at 30/30 and fighting to determine the #1 alliance. Against all odds, we didn’t have both teams at 30/30.

But in an unbelievable coincidence, not only was TK at 29 teams, but so was 7DD. The top 2 teams fighting each other at 29 has never happened in (my) recorded history.

Living up to the hype in a close, 256 point war, 7DD broke its two war losing streak to TK and came out on top with a 7,588 to 7,332 victory. Lifetime, that puts 7DD at 8 wins to TK’s 5 wins.

In other intra-Top 20 wars, #4 GD defeated #9 Quantum Knights by 1,254, and in war that will impact Top 10 rankings, #8 Агрессивные defeated #6 be Water by 812 in an upset win.

In addition, #17 Esprit de corps defeated hard hitting #11 SErotonin by 109 points. SErotonin held the #11 spot as an exception to the normal ranking methodology, but that will likely change due to this loss.

Also of note, Jo Seon continues to fight at 30/30 after fighting for the better part of a year below 30 (a loss to #3 7DA this war). If they continue to fight at 30, we may be looking at a new addition to the Top 10.

Usually upset wins occur lower in the ranks, but not this war. Of the 10 wars won by the lower ranked alliance, two were upset wins. In addition to Агрессивные’s win noted above, #25 6th_Sense won in a 1 point war against #12 The Fighting Squirrels thanks to a very strong finish.

Average score this war for the Top 100 was 6,870, slightly below last war’s 6,905.

Attack boost is next, which is the second highest scoring war effect at 6,948.


And thanks to an idea by @Lobo Mau, here is a ranking of the Top 130 alliances for 2022 so far. I took average rank as adjusted for the number of reported wars. While not perfect as it works a bit against foreign alliances that aren’t always captured in the war report, I think it’s reasonably accurate as 85% of Top 100 wars have been captured for 2022.

In short, the longer an alliance stayed at a higher rank, the higher its overall rank.

7DD edged out TK for the #1 spot, with The Avengers grabbing #3.

Higher ranked, but short lived alliances will be lower on the list. Longevity matters!


Top 100 War Results
War Ended July 31, 2022
War Effect: Attack Boost #1

Top 20 rank update: After its win over TK last war, 7DD returns to the #1 spot after residing at #2 for 6 weeks.

Based on the prior 10 war record, it’s a toss-up between GD and The Avengers for #4. For the moment the status quo of GD at #4 remains, though The Avengers are making a case with a narrow 275 point loss to TK this war.

#8 Агрессивные defeated #6 be Water last war, resulting in Агрессивные moving up to #7 and be Water dropping to #8.

#16 SErotonin lost its special “rank #11” status with its loss to #17 Esprit de corps last war.

Top 20

Of notable top 20 wars, #14 Royal Flush held off #18 Dreamteam Elite by 363, while #21 6th_Sense grabbed a 448 poitn win over #17 KM4.

Of the six wars won by the lower ranked alliance, only #66 Team China’s 301 point win over #40 The Legends was an upset win.

#43 Mixed Nuts - Extra Spicy extended it’s winning streak to 5 with a win over #31 Moon Star. Four of Mixed Nuts’ wins have been at the war cap, and all against higher ranked opponents. One of those wins was an upset win (against CHAT) and a second against Impulsive was close to meeting the standard for an upset win.

#41 Phoenix Empire’s 5-war winning streak came to an end in a close 169 point loss to #48 바람‿✿. Phoenix Empire has had a run of six wars in a row against equally strong opponents, with the largest victory of margin only 255, and 3 of the 6 wars decided by less than 100. If you want exciting wars, you know where to go…

Also bringing’ a 5-war winning streak was #19 NEMEZISS, who extended it to 6 with a win over uranked (but similar war score) Revolution DNA. I’ve highlighted NEMEZISS’s above average war record in the past, so a huge accomplishment that almost seems routine for this alliance.

In close wars, #22 King of the North avoids an upset loss by defeating #58 Simbiose by 58, while #60 HARDCORE held off #74 Last Regiment Warriors in a 64 point win. #62 Disciples of Scorpius won by 51, and #94 Aggravated PX Knights defeated unranked Romanian Twisted Heroes by 79.

Shoutout to #33 Wolves of the North who scored 7,702, their highest score on record (7,593 second highest).

Edit: Updated to include additional wars


Top 100 War Results
War Ended August 4, 2022
War Effect: Attack Boost #2
Next War Effect: Rush Attack

A brief recap to hit the highlights.

#7 Агрессивные defeated #6 SPR!TZ by 437, while #17 NEMEZISS grabbed an upset win over #11 The Fighting Squirrels.

Other alliances with upset wins were #62 Disciples of Scorpius, #97 БАРСУМ, #101 Test Your Might and #107 F.E.A.R.

In the 9th recorded tie in over 8,500 reported wars, #105 Tenebris Interfectores and unranked Big Random Theory each score 6,889.

Edit: additional wars added