Top 100 Alliances War Results

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Top 100 War Results
War Ended June 5, 2022
War Effect: Undead Horde #1

Approximately 0.6 to 0.8 seconds after I posted the recap for the last war, F** from 7DD (I’ve redacted his name to F** (3 letters, not 4) to preserve anonymity) reached out to ask why they were ranked #2. F** was indirectly and politely pointing out my mistake, though I’m sure he was thinking F*** (4 letters, not 3) the wrong ranking. Even though I corrected the ranking on a revised recap, I feel badly about that. To make up for the one rank I took away from 7DD last war, I’m giving them one extra rank this war. Math is math, so they are now ranked zero. Unless it causes an error in my formulas. Then they’re ranked #ERROR. Please don’t contact me to argue that 7DD isn’t an error. It is what it is.

In the Top 10 ranks, besides 7DD’s climb to rank 0, the only other change was Spr!tz moving up to #9 while KM4 fell to #10.

Of note, #15 Stok has climbed 10 ranks in two weeks thanks primarily to a back to back loss falling outside the 10-war ranking period (main culprit was a 91 point loss to #38 Naughty Nightmares).

The Last Legion was ranked #14 last war, but is now unranked due to excess wars below 30. Quantum Knights was ranked #12 before being unranked a couple of weeks ago, but they will be back to being ranked next war if they fight at 30 this upcoming war.

87 wars were reported, including 48 of the Top 50 and 90 of the Top 100.

Average score for Top 100 alliances this Undead Horde war was 7,026. Undead Horde is the highest scoring war effect at 7,014 (average since March), which is 70 points higher than the next highest scoring war effect (Attack Boost).

We had a number of wars among closely ranked Top 20 alliances, with the winner each time the higher ranked alliance. #0 7DD defeated #4 7DA by 1,155, followed by #2 TK beating #3 The Avengers by 628. In another great matchup, #5 GD had a solid 639 point win over #6 The One Family. And finally, #11 be Water took care of business by defeating #12 The Fighting Squirrels by 595.

Of the six wars won by lower ranked alliances, two were upset wins. #74 Союз Конфедератов defeated #53 ELITE CLASS by 907 while #95 LIGABY was victorious of #70 ALBA DEI 30 DI BIMBOZZA by 146.

In close wars, unranked Savage Wolves pulled out a 1 point win over #21 СИНДИКАТ. Other narrow wins included #14 Dreamteam Elite (barely avoided an upset loss to #56 HARDCORE), #30 China Justice, #33 Crew-Saders, #36 Badass Inc and #48 블레스.

Top 20 rank changes:

Average Undead Horde scores:
Undead avg

Average score by war effect:
war effect avg

War recap (due to a technical glitch, no Ukranian flags this time):


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Top 100 War Results
War Ended June 9, 2022
War Effect: Undead Horde #2
Next War Effect: Arrow Barrage

A record high 94 wars were reported, including all 50 of the Top 50 and 94 of the Top 100 (also a new high).

Quantum Knights rejoined the ranked alliances at #11, and then pulled off a surprising 88 point win over #9 SPR!TZ. Unfortunately for SPR!TZ, one of their members was unable to use their flags (no fault of the member), which was the difference between a win and a loss. In the brutal battlefield of war through which a relaxing river runs, a win is a win! Whether that translates into a Top 10 ranking for Quantum Knights remains to be seen.

#5 Gipsy Danger lost by a respectable 635 points to #2 TK, while #7 Агрессивные showed the rankings got it right this time by defeating #8 SErotonin by 456.

In the other close ranked Top 20 war, #15 Ковчег defeated #16 KM4 by 440. KM4 had been ranked in the Top 10 at #10, but was pushed out by be Water.

KM4 has now slipped to the 30th highest war score in the game, so it was a testament to their strength to be ranked in the Top 10 for as long as they have been. But power creep has pushed KM4 far enough down the war matchup list that they no longer fight top tier alliances, and their Top 10 ranking could no longer be supported by their last 10 wars.

Of the eight wars won by the lower ranked alliance, three were upset wins:

#60 Dead Men Alive defeated #38 Last Regiment Warriors by 382
#89 LIGABY defated #57 Quds is ours
#114 Malice in Blunderland defeated #58 Seven Days Emerged by 169

As a side note, LIGABY is on a 6-war winning streak. Though 3 of those were at less than 30/30, it’s still an accomplishment to be proud of. As a result, they have climbed from #115 to #89.

The only wars decided by less than 100 points was Quantum Knights 88 point win covered above and #88 ALBA DEI 30 DI BIMOZZA’s 48 point win over unranked Aggravated Hellhouse.

A shout out to my former alliance, Warriors of the North. They’re a prime example of how tough it can be to make the Top 100, but it’s possible with perseverance and steady leadership. They were ranked below #100 throughout last year, with a few periods of being unranked. Then they were unranked again this last February, where they remained until now. For the first time they have cracked the Top 100 at #99!

War recap:

5.0K views! Thank you everyone who takes the time to read through my ramblings.


Dumb question - How do you get war results for so many other alliances, in addition to your own? Or how is this data collected accurately?

For the war results, screenshots are provided after each war. Approximately 70% of the wars are provided in a Line group comprised of leadership from the top alliances.

Screenshots for most of the other 30% come from a few individuals that graciously track down Russian and Ukrainian results (thank you Natalia, Vasil and Dmytro). And then there’s a handful of one-offs that provide me their results directly.

I manually input each war result into a database, then take it from there.

The alliance rankings that I incorporate into the war recap are based on a different data set which is comprised of alliance war scores for approximately 140 alliances. Those are manually looked up in game after each war. Ghost Chili from Crew-saders does the heavy lifting there. I take that data and apply my methodology for ranking alliances.

If I screw something up on the recap, I get yelled at pretty quickly to let me know I need to fix it.

Don’t ask how much time is spent on all that. It’s like my spending on the game. I don’t want to know.


Just the recap this war.

Edited to include a dozen additional wars. Up to 50 of the Top 50 and 94 of the Top 100.


@Beezzer I notice my alliance (Xtreme Fury) is missing? Could I be added to the line group and then I can ensure our results are logged? (If so my line ID is same as my name here). Thanks.

@UnicornBoi I’m usually provided Xtreme Fury’s war results, but was not this time. I’ll reach out directly to you on Line.

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Updated the last war recap for a dozen additional wars.

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War Ended June 16, 2022
War Effect: Arrow Barrage #2
Next War Effect: War Equalizer

Wow! Top tier upsets, near upsets, close wars, and I had pizza for dinner. But first, rankings going into this war…

In the Top 10, 7DA dropped from #4 to #5 while Gipsy Danger moved up from #5 to #4. During the 10 war ranking period 7DA and GD haven’t fought each other. But between them they have seven wars against 7DD and TK. In GD’s three wars against the Top 2, they have lost by an average of 430 compared to 7DA’s average 846 point loss. In addition, GD had a relatively close loss to The Avengers. That’s a significant enough difference to justify GD having a higher rank based on their prior 10 wars.

Savage Wolves returned to the rankings at #12, while Seven Days Hunting climbed back into the Top 20 after a short trip down to #22.

94 wars were reported, including 47 of the Top 50 and 89 of the Top 100.

Average score was 6,703, in line with the 6,696 average score for Arrow Barage (second lowest scoring war effect).

avg score

Now on results from this war, starting at the top of the ticket with #1 7DD vs #2 TK. Going into this war, TK had lost the last four wars to 7DD (though all close wars), with TK’s last victory against 7DD being on March 13. So it doesn’t take much to imagine how important it was for TK to finally get a win and how important it was for 7DD to extend their winning streak against their only rival. When the dust settled and body parts separated, TK came out on top with a 337 point win in another close, epic war.

No less exciting was #3 The Avengers matchup against #5 7DA, with smart money on The Avengers.

The Avengers hadn’t lost to any alliance other than 7DD or TK since their lost to Kobyer on January 9. On top of that, The Avengers had defeated 7DA in all five of their prior matchups, though recent wars between those two alliances have been close including a 106 point win against 7DA in their most recent matchup.

On the other hand, 7DA has been sitting mostly at #4 for quite a while, no doubt working hard in anticipation of the opportunity to show they are worthy of Top 3 status. In an exhilarating (and stressful) war that went down to the wire, 7DA took a huge step by defeating The Avengers in a 108 point win.

Other closely ranked Top 20 wars included #18 Seven Days Hunting 407 point win over #17 Xtreme Fury and #21 NEMEZISS’s 233 point win over #20 Ukraine Love.

On a side note, in this game money will open the door for players to have the opportunity to be part of higher end alliances. But success at that level can’t be bought. Instead, it takes time, effort, steroids, drive and especially skill (RNG jokes aside) to be successful at that level. That’s my way of expressing respect to those in the high end alliances, win or lose.

In an unusually high 13 wars won by the lower ranked alliances, six of those were upset wins. #24 Moon Star (defeated #13 The Fighting Squirrels), #68 Союз Конфедератов, #69 The Dragons Revolution, #78 Simbiose, #83 Empire of Latvia and #90 BAMBA were each on the winning side of an upset win. Grats, all.

Note to self, Moon Star has quietly been overachieving. Need to highlight them next time.

You’ll need to check out the recap to see all the close wars, which include #37 Seven Days Reborn narrowly avoiding an upset to #86 LIGABY by pulling out a 9 point win. #50 바람‿✿ also had a 9 point win, avoiding a loss to unranked The United Adventurers. But an even closer war was #39 Badass Inc.'s trembling 2 point loss to unranked Тёмые.

Also of note was #27’s СИНДИКАТ’s 8,279 point win, which is the fourth highest recorded score. Though I don’t have insight into their war, it was clearly a mismatch against unranked Portugal Dream Team. That being said, 8,279 is impressive by any standard unless PDT was going with a “fun” defense.

The biggest rank difference between ranked alliances was #16 Stok against #72 Oceano Pacifico. Though they lost, Oceano did a great job keeping it close and losing by only 277.


War Ended June 19, 2022
War Effect: War Equalizer #1

For clarification, the ranks shown on the recap are an alliance’s rank prior to the wars on the recap.

Going into this last weekend’s war, TK reclaimed the #1 spot by defeating 7DD in the prior mid-week war.

And…. Seven Days Ascended climbed to the #3 spot by defeating The Avengers. 7DA is only the 6th alliance to hold the #3 rank, with TK, 7DD, The Avengers, Last Regiment and Kobyer being the other five. A small, but accomplished, group of alliances.

#3 7DA was immediately put to the challenge, going against #5 Gipsy Danger this war. In a thrilling (or devastating) war, GD came out on top with a 255 point win. GD beat 7DA, 7DA beat The Avengers, The Avengers beat GD. Oh boy, ranking headache for next war. Goes to show the difference between alliances in the #3 to #5 ranks is very slim, with every war a hard fought one among those three alliances.

Notable high scores this war include #3 The Avengers, who scored a blistering 8,236 points, and #44 Badass Inc’s 8,162 points to end a 3-war losing streak.

The highest score to lose a war? That would be Aggressive’s 7,884 points in a loss to СИНДИКАТ, who scored 7,945 (Jan. 2, 2022). The next highest scoring loss was 7DD’s 7,829 against Ковчег’s 7,835 on July 11, 2021.

The lowest scoring win? How about Mixed Nuts - Extra Spicey’s 4,924 in a win over Rivoluzionari (4,870). Take a wild guess which war effect…

Eight wars were won by the lower ranked alliance, with two of those upset wins - #93 Thai Coffee Café and #103 Awake PL overachieved this war.

Proving once again that every flag, every tile move can matter, #40 King of the North pulled held on to win by 1 point over #38 Casinha do Lobo Mau.

I mentioned #24 Moon Star in the last recap and wanted to do a deeper look at an alliance that I knew nothing about other than their war results. They’re named afer the crescent and star from the Turkish flag, with members primarily from Turkey and Germany. Turkish, German and English are spoken among members.

The alliance was formed in 2017 and has had three leaders, all of which are still with the alliance. They attribute their success to a combination of having high standards for new members, honest and respectful communication, and to their internal "taskmaster’ who is appropriately named BOSS!

Moon Star is an alliance that was first ranked at #116 in November 2021. They quickly and steadily climbed the ranks and have consistently been ranked in the 20’s and 30’s for most of this year. Impressively, Moon Star has been knocking out higher ranked alliances on a regular basis. They are 7-3 over their prior 10 wars (not including this war), which includes wins over KM4 (unranked, but a powerhouse), #19 Badass Inc, #20 Inviolable, and #13 The Fighting Squirrels.

Their three losses? To #14 SErotonin, #22 Greek Frappe and #7 Агрессивные. As a reward for defeating the much higher ranked #13 The Fighting Squirrels in the war prior to this one, they had the pleasure of going against #2 7DD this war. Victory can be brutal.

As further demonstration of their overachieving ways in war, they have had three upset wins in the last two months, defeating #29 Wolves of the North, #19 Badass and #13 The Fighting Squirrels. For context, over that same period only 33 other alliances had 1 or more upset wins, and of those only 2 others also had three upset wins (Empire of Latvia and Союз Конфедератов).

Moon Star’s prior 11 wars:

War recap:


War Ended June 22, 2022
War Effect: War Equalizer #2
Next War Effect: Attack Boost

A short recap this war, with a focus on rank changes.

In deterrmining the #3 - #5 alliances, the two key factors were The Avengers May 15 win against GD dropping outside the 10-war ranking period and GD’s win over 7DA in the June 19 war.

#3 - GD due to its 255 point win over 7DA
#4 - 7DA due to its 108 point win over The Avengers
#5 - The Avengers due to its loss to 7DA

If there had not been any heads up wars between those three alliances, rankings would have been based on their margin of loss to 7DD and TK. In that case, GD would have remained at #3, while The Avengers would have been #4 and 7DA #5. If instead The Avengers win over GD was still on the table, then Avengers would have been #3, GD #4 and 7DA #5. That’s the convoluted way of saying there’s as much difference between those three alliances at the moment as there is between hairs on a unicorn’s rear end.

#7 Агрессивные and #8 SErotonin hold onto their spots, but the passage of time is working against them. They hit above their weight and have a few key wins, which is why they are ranked in the top 10. However, their max war scores have slide to #17 and #23, respectively. Consequently, they typically do not fight Top 10 alliances, which is needed to be a Top 10 alliance. Also of note, #20 7DH came with 94 points of defeating Агрессивные.

be Water jumped over SPR!TZ to take the #9 spot, and that opened the door for Quantum Knights to grab the #10 spot due to their 88 point win over SPRI!TZ. It was June 27, 2021 that Quantum Knights was last in the Top 10, so welcome back! But then they promptly lost to Royal Flush. Game life is rough.

In an intra-family war, #33 Wolves of the North managed a 57 point win against #36 King of the North, while #41 Mixed Nuts narrowly avoided an upset loss to #75 Simbiose (51 point win). And almost finally, #29 우리다시시작 Start over, #66 ToxiLand and #80 LIGABY all pulled off upset wins.

And definitely finally, unranked Palm-Fiction and #22 Viet Nam Oi! tied at 7,354 points each. In 7,434 recorded wars, that is only the 6th tie.

And finally again, a shout out to Gipsy Danger [LR] for not only #2 on MT, but by coming in an amazing 25K over #3. Making that outstanding accomplishment look bland by comparison was #1 The Avengers’ #394K MT score, 28K greater than #2 and light years (but not Buzz) better than everyone else.

Top changes:



Do you have any contact with them?
I have a curiosity about one of their Watchtowers

Yes, I can put you in touch with NEMEZISS if you’ll contact me in Line. Beezzerpw

Ah, I’m already at TLL. See you there, thanks

Top 100 War Results
War Ended June 26, 2022
War Effect: Attack Boost #1

91 wars were reported, including 48 of the Top 50 and 90 of the Top 100.

The only change in the Top 10 going into this war was SErotonin dropping out of the Top 10, with SPR!TZ rejoining the Top 10 at #10 and Quantum Knights bumping up to #9.

SErotonin’s drop was due to their win against be Water dropping outside the 10-war table, and as mentioned in the prior recap, SErotonin doesn’t fight top tier competition due to a lower alliance war score (though I wouldn’t bet against them if they did).

Currently, it takes a war score of approximately 155.0K to be in the Top 100 , and a war score of 154.0K to be tracked for ranking purposes. Murmur current holds the #100 spot, 16 “power points” ahead of #101 Thai Coffee Cafe.

In this weekend’s wars, there were three intra-Top 10 wars. #1 TK defeated #5 The Avengers by 948, while #2 7DD defeated #6 The One Family by 1,111. The third war was #3 GD taking care of business against #8 be Water with a 705 point win.

#11 Xtreme Fury worked on cracking the Top 10 by defeating #13 Dreamteam Elite by 225, while #18 SErotonin held off #15 Royal Flush by 257.

Of the eight wars won by the lower ranked alliance, three were upset wins. #78 Seven Days Emerged over #44 Last Regimenet Warriors, #100 Воины Олимпа [BO] over #90 Die scharfen Chilis and #101 Empire of Latvia over #67 ELITE Class.

In the battle of Dracula’s, #114 Dracula’s Angels defeated unranked Dracula’s Legacy. As a side note, Dracula is not a vampire, he never lived in Bran castle, and he put garlic on his pizza. Ok, the last one is made up, but Romania is a hidden gem of Europe for those looking for vacation ideas.

If you wanted (more) evidence that offense trumps even the best defense, consider the top scores this war. #4 7DA score 8122 against #12 Moon Star’s stout defense, while #1 TK score 8,025 against The Avenger’s incredible defense.


Top 100 War Results
War Ended June 30, 2022
War Effect: Attack Boost #2
Next War Effect: Rush Attack

For ranking purposes, the top 10 ranks are based on a review of war results from the prior 10 wars. For alliances ranked below #10, it is a formula driven rank.

As a rare exception, I am moving SErotonin up from its formula rank of #15 to #11. As previously explained, I can’t justify a Top 10 ranking for SErotonin as they typically do not fight Top 10 alliances, but they beat up on everyone else. That includes every #11 - #20 alliance they have fought during the ranking period.

On another note, the Top 100 rankings are for alliances that usually fight at 30/30. As a general guide, 5 or more wars fighting at less than 30 will result in the alliance being unranked.

But that’s not a hard and fast rule, and other factors are taken into consideration. For example, how far below 30 the alliance is fighting, how long has it been fighting at 30/30, etc. The longer an alliance has been unranked, the longer is will be before bring ranked again. And I’m quicker to unrank Top 10 alliances as my expectation at that level is that most wars should be at 30/30. That hasn’t been an issue recently, but last year it was when KM4 and Aggressive would often times fight at less than 30.

After a loss, it’s normal for an alliance to be matched up against a weaker opponent. But what happens when an alliance is unlucky? If you’re #8 be Water, after a loss to #5 The Avengers, you get matched up against #3 Gipsy Danger for two losses in a row. If you’re #107 TEMPLE OF LUST and extremely unlucky, you get matched up against #8 be Water after they’ve lost two in a row. End result, 8400 point smack down by be Water and a 2,321 point difference.

Another, but same question. What happens when an alliance is unlucky? If you’re #26 Aggravated $tRait Murkin, you get matched up against #24 Inviolable after losing to #16 NEMEZISS. And then you’re matched up against #26 I’D HIT THAT after losing to Inviolable. And if you’re really unlucky and happen to be named (unranked) Sparta’s Legion, you get matched up against #30 Aggravated $tRait Murkin without realizing they’ve just lost three in a row and you’re about to be squashed.

There were eight wars won by the lower ranked alliance, of which five were upset wins. Hats off to #47 Chat, #70 Atas Kopitiam, #90 Venom, #109 Blackmoonlight and #111 Awake PL.

Of those, #90 Venom’s 307 point win over #76 Aggravated Hellhouse was the largest upset point-wise. Fun fact, I’ve been visiting Hellhouse for two wars now, they’ve lost both wars, and this one made the highlights for how bad it was. Another fun fact, I’ve probably been kicked from Hellhouse by time you read this. Warriors of the North, this is your chance to take back your offer for me to visit you next…

For the record, I consider be Water’s 8400 point win to be the highest recorded score. Though infernales did score 8,706, their opponent went with a fun, Christmas themed defense, so I discard that war.

For most impressive high score, 7DD’s 8,205 points against #10 SPR!TZ is #2 on my list. To score that high against a Top 10 defense is truly amazing.

The most impressive score on my list? Again, 7DD. They scored 8,356 against #9 KM4 on Sept. 2, 2021. To get that high requires ~90% of oneshot attempts to be successful (147 oneshots out of 163 attempts).

Recorded scores of at least 8200

Are scores in war creeping up? The data doesn’t suggest that. Though the average score this war was the highest recorded for Attack Boost at 6,990, we’ve seen a few Attack Boost scores in the 6,970’s. In addition, the prior Attack Boost score was 6,910, one of the lower ones for that war effect.

I love wars between closely ranked alliances, and #67 The Dragons Revolution’s versus #63 Quds is ours was one of them. A 565 point win for Dragons.

And though I normally focus my comments on wars of ranked alliances, I can’t resist noting that unranked Ukranian alliance UkrLove Family won by 1 point, and the war right above them on the recap included an alliance with a great name - “10 Pull This!”

Tavern of Warriors appears to be back as Tavern of Warriors II. TOW made its appearance in the ranks in January, then disappeared at the beginning of April. During that time they reached as high as #11 in the rankings. This war TOW II defeated #42 King of the North by 438.

As always, thanks to all that contribute. Rankings wouldn’t be possible without Ghost Chili, and the war results wouldn’t be possible without the participation of countless top alliances (84 at last count), including a few individuals who track down multiple wars for me (Natalia, Vasil, Dmytro).


Top 100 War Results
War Ended July 3, 2022
War Effect: Rush Attack #1

99 wars were reported, including 49 of the Top 50 and 92 of the Top 10 alliances.

In Rush Attack wars, stronger alliances generally have more of an advantage against weaker alliances than with other war effects, and this time was no different with a 914 point margin of victory. The margin of victory this war was 914. Looking at the last 4 wars for each effect, the 848 average margin of victory in Rush wars is 182 points higher than the next highest of 666 for Attack Boost.


There were a handful of 2K+ wins this war, and quite a few 1K+ wins. No surprise given it’s Rush.

The higher ranked alliance won each war at the top of the rankings until we get down to #24 Royal Flush, which defeated #22 우리다시시작 Start over by 585.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing at the top. #3 Gipsy Danger’s opponent was unranked Tavern of Warriors II. TOW is an event alliance that brings together some of the best eventers in the game in order to make a run for the top during alliance events. At the time of this writing, they are at #2, approximately 350K points behind Team Korea for the #1 spot in the Alliance Quest.

So I suspect it was a bit of a surprise to GD to find that they were down by 20 points to TOW with one flag remaining and minutes away from a possible defeat. Then with the last few seconds of war ticking down, that last battle was over. GD came out victorious, winning by a slight 25 points.

Side note: that was the only war involving a Top 100 alliance decided by less than 100 points.

#2 7DD defeated its ambitious family alliance, #4 7DA, by 815, while #5 The Avengers showed their dominance over #6 The One Family with a 1,419 point win.

Unless there’s an opt out, next war we should see #1 TK vs #2 7DD in a battle for the #1 ranking.

Average score for the Top 100 alliances was 5,965, the only war effect with an average score below 6K. Arrow Barrage is the next lowest scoring war effect, but still 725 points higher at 6,690.

Seven wars were won by the lower ranked alliance, of which three were upset win. #52 Союз Конфедератов(Union of Confederates), #68 THE END_디엔드 and #91 Воины Олимпа [BO] each defeated their stronger opponent.

Hats off to #7 Агрессивные (7,011) and #1 TK (7,000), the only two ranked alliances scoring 7K+ this war. Sorry, The Last Legion, I’m not going to mention your 7,149 score until you’re ranked again (you’re getting closer).

Ukrainian alliances went 12 - 1 this war. Statistically, that’s right up there with the same odds as you pulling the one hero you really want.

I can’t say this enough. Thank you to Ghost Chili for doing the heavy lifting for rankings, to Natalia (SErotonin), Dmytro and Vasil for tracking down hard (for me) to get wars of foreign alliances, and to all the individual alliances that contribute by sharing their war results. It’s only because of their efforts that we have this level of insight into wars and ranks of top alliances.


Top 100 War Results
War Ended July 7, 2022
War Effect: Rush Attack #2
Next War Effect: Undead Horde

This turned out to be a war to establish the pecking order at the top of the rankings. Sixteen out of the top 21 ranked alliances fought wars against each other, in addition to upset wins further down the rankings and close wars throughout.

But first, a quick word on a Top 10 ranking change. A few wars ago SErotonin was bumped out of the Top 10 due to their lack of wars against other Top 10. Then going into this war, Агрессивные’s May 29 win against then #7 KM4 fell outside the 10-war ranking period, leaving them no Top-10 wars in the ranking period (excluding a war against SErotonin).

Similar to SErotonin, Агрессивные hasn’t been fighting top tier alliances, and despite their unquestioned strength as a higher ranked Top 10, I could not justify keeping them at #7 based on their actual wars. However, the gap between the #9 alliance and potential #10 alliances noticable significant. Therefore, I moved Агрессивные to #10 (who promptly showed me the errors of my way (see below) and SErotonin remained at #11 (Агрессивные has a win over SErotonin during the ranking period). Those two alliances win their wars, so ranking them based on formula didn’t seem appropriate, and I couldn’t justify a higher ranking based on actual matchups. Buoyancy was found.

Агрессивные’s 3-month record:

SErotonin’s 3-month record:

Top 20 changes:

Now to this war’s action. Starting right at the top, it was another battle of the titans with #1 TK going against #2 7DD. Though TK defeated 7DD in their prior matchup, TK is 4 - 8 lifetime against 7DD with no consecutive wins. On top of that, the only other Rush war between those two alliances (May 29) was a win for 7DD. Despite TK’s #1 ranking, the odds were in 7DD’s favor (157 point favorite according to Vegas).

When the dust settled and in a 466 point win, TK successfully defended its #1 rank. That’s the largest margin of victory between those two alliances this year. 7DD will get another shot in 5 wars (war equalizer).

In a no less intriguing matchup, #4 7DA avenged its one and only prior loss to #3 GD, winning by 262. Each alliance has won one and lost won against each other (only counting wars after the GD / LR merge). Showing how equally matched these two alliances have become, the prior win by GD was by 255 points, only 7 below 7DA’s margin of victory this war. And though this was a Rush war, war is war, and Rush is part of war.

There were two wars where a Top 20 alliance had hopes of making the case for a Top 10 rank. But as fast as cotton candy disappears, so did those hopes. #12 Xtreme Fury fell to #5 The Avengers by 1,037, while #14 The Fighting Squirrels couldn’t overcome #7 be Water in a 641 point loss.

The One Familiy continued to solidify it’s #6 rank by defeating #9 SPR!TZ in a very close, 70 point war, while #10 Агрессивные showed its displeasure at its lower rank by defeating #8 Quantum Knights by 542.

Rounding out the Top 21 matchups, #17 Seven Days Hunting held its breath while holding off #16 Greek Frappe in a 56 point win, and #21 Palm-Fiction reached up to defeat #15 STOK… by 106.

Of the 11 wars won by the lower ranked alliance, 5 of those were upset wins: #61 Phoenix Empire, #77 Unleashed, #83 Dark Dominium PL, #99 [FCP] SK Facepalm CZ and #1222 Gronnere Galehus I.

Quite a few very close wars, including Aggressive III’s 2 point win over #87 Aggravated PX Knights, #95 Guardians of Romania II’s 7 point win over unranked Night Whispers and #63 Disciples of Scorpius’s 13 point win over #113 Empire of Latvia.

Currently 125 alliances are ranked, with 21 alliances tracked but not ranked for various reasons. In a first, the last two ranked alliances went against each other, with #124 Warriors of the North defeating #125 Hellas Fighters.

And I have to mention an exciting 78 point war between two closely ranked alliances. #33 Wahre Helden took home the trophy in a hard fought war against #36 블레스.

In an absolute blowout, #25 Ковчег won by 3,446 points (7,250 to 3,804). I don’t have any insight into their opponent’s defense, but I’ll fully credit Ковчег’s mastery of Rush wars. In recorded wars, Kobyer is 22-1 in Rush wars, with an average margin of victory of 1,661. It has won by more than 1K 16 times and by more than 2k 9 times. To some extent that is due to Kobyer fighting at less than 30, which creates larger mismatches than normal. But there is little doubt that Kobyer remains one of the very best in the game when it comes to Rush. Note that they are only ranked due to the current Ukraine exception as the rankings are for alliances that typically fight at 30/30.

Kobyer’s recorded Rush record. Only molten steel will stop them?

In a sign of AQ reshuffling / player fatigue, 46 tracked alliances were below 30/30 going into this war. For comparison, it was 34 alliances two weeks ago and 26 alliances four weeks ago.