Top 100 Alliances War Results

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Top 100 War Results
War Ended April 28, 2022
War Effect: Rush Attack #2
Next War Effect: Undead Horde

Pre-war ranking updates.
Alliances added to the ranking tracker and to be ranked once five alliance war scores are captured:
Meráki Fenix, Thai Coffee Cafe Elite and Русский Шквал

Alliances no longer tracked:
Unranked LA Green Team - Below 25 members for over a week
Team China - Fighting at less than 30 for over three weeks

Tracked alliances status changes:
6th_Sense - Switched from unranked to ranked due to recently fighting mostly at 30
The One Family - Switched from unranked to ranked due to recently fighting mostly at 30
The Legends - Switched from ranked (#38) to unranked due to excess wars at less than 30

Note on being tracked - Alliances are tracked for purposes of ranking as long as the following two criteria are met:

  1. The alliance had an alliance war score in excess of the threshold (currently 152.5K at any point during the prior five weeks)
  2. The alliance typically fights at 30.

“Typically fights at 30” is deliberately vague. A number of factors are taken into consideration, including the alliance’s history of fighting at below 30, how far below 30, level in the rankings, etc.

If an alliance is not typically fighting at 30, then either the alliance is removed from the list of tracked alliances or it is kept on the list but not given a rank. If kept on the list, it is because there is reason to believe they may soon return to ranked status. If that does not happen, then the unranked alliance will eventually be removed from the list.

138 alliances are currently being tracked, Of those, four are unranked due to insufficient 30/30 wars (Bulgarian Rebels, MadDogz, The Legends and Русский Шквал) and 12 are not yet ranked due to not yet having five alliance war scores recorded.

For this recap, I’m going to expand on the rationale for each of the Top 10 alliances. Keep in mind that the rankings are based on the alliance’s performance over the last 10 wars, and wars from 4 and
5 weeks ago have as much weight as more recent wars.

As a guiding principle, who an alliance defeats has more weight than any other single factor, especially wins against other Top 10 alliances. The next most important criteria is who an alliance has lost to. For example, if #6 has defeated #7, a subsqeuent loss by #6 to a sub-Top 10 alliance may not by itself drop #6 below #7. If #6 and #7 both have Top 10 wins, but not against each other, then a loss by #6 to a sub-Top 10 may cause it to drop in the rankings.

Losses against the Top 4 alliances won’t hurt lower ranked alliances, and in fact may help if the alliance is an established Top 10. For example, #4 7DA is frequently matched against the Top 3. No matter how many of those are losses, no alliance will move past 7DA without a Top 4 victory as long as 7DA continues to defeat lower ranked alliances.

As previously relayed, the Top 2 spots are based on the most recent war between 7DD and TK, at least until one of them loses to another alliance.

  1. 7DD - Defeated TK in their last matchup
  2. TK - Waiting for an opportunity for revenge (almost lost to The Avengers this war, but a win is a win)
  3. The Avengers - (7-3). Only loses are to TK and 7DD. Defeated #4 7DA twice, #6 be Water and #8 Агрессивные
  4. 7DA (6-4). Only losses are to the Top 3. Defeated # LR and #6 be Water.
  5. Full House (9-1). Only recorded loss was to KM4, with wins over #6 Serotonin, #9 Stok and #9 TLL (note, one war result missing, but it was a win)

The Top 5 alliances have firmly earned their respective ranks (as soon as I say that, #5 lost to #8 this war). After that, it’s not as firm and I won’t take issue if your rankings are different than mine.

  1. The One Family (4-3 based on available war results). Losses to 7DD (twice) and #5 LR, with wins against #6 be Water and #10 TLL.
  2. be Water (6-4). Losses to The Avenger, 7DA, LR and The One Family, with wins over unranked KM4 and #10 Stok.
  3. Агрессивные (6-1 based on available war results). Only loss was to The Avengers, with wins over #11 TLL and #19 xTreme Fury.
  4. Spr!tz (5-4). Losses to LR, 7DD, TK and #20 NEMEZISS. No notable wins.
  5. Gipsy Danger (5-5). Losses to TK (twice), unranked Aggressive and #21 СИНДИКАТ. No notable wins. One war result missing.

90 wars were reported, including all 50 of the Top 50 and 97 of the Top 100. That’s the most wars and ranked alliances ever captured in the Top 100 war recap, far from the 36 wars and 26 of the Top 100 reported in the first recap a little less than a year ago.

That’s possible not only the alliances that share their war results, but by a few individuals that help gather Russian and Ukranian war results. Thank you all for helping to share Top 100 wars with the community.

Average score was 6,034, which is 32 points higher than the next highest Rush average in the last six Rush wars.

In Top 10 wars, #1 7DD defeated #9 Spr!tz by 1,392, while in the almost shocker of an upset war, #2 TK held off #3 The Avengers by a mere 30 points. And finally, #8 Агрессивные defeated #5 Full House by 412

Of the 11 wars won by the lower ranked alliance, five of them were upset wins. #57 Infernales, #59 DEIE LOGE, #61 Месть Королевы, #65 I’D HIT THAT, and #76 GLI ULTIMI TEMPLARI were upset victors.

#91 Dragons of the North narrowly avoided a loss to unranked Seven Days Uprising, winning by 22 points.

On a suggestion by JaJUTT (Sanada Maru), here is a list of alliances with 8 or more Rush wins out of the last 10 wars. An additional 11 alliances had 7 wins (see chart).

Rush wins during the last 10 Rush wars (based on recorded war results):
Seven Days Departed - 10
Team Korea - 10
SErotonin - 9
Inviolable - 8
be Water - 8
Atas Kopitiam - 8

Ukranian alliance wars continue to be reported, regardless of ranking status. While some have returned to 30/30 status, others continue to struggle filling spots and appreciate any help they can get.

Average Rush scores:

Alliances with seven or more recorded Rush wins over the last 10 Rush wars:

War recap:

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Just the recap this war, and likely next one also.


Just the war recap this week and a few words.

With a narrow 30 point loss to TK last week foreshadowing a return to competing for the #1 rank, The Avengers defeated #1 7DD this war by 252.

The Avengers had experienced 14 losses in a row to TK & 7DD before their win this war. No doubt that has been a frustrating period for an alliance that is accustomed to being the top alliance and going into every war with the expectation of a win. Respect they’ve earned once again for staying strong while dealing with a dry spell at the hyper-competitive level that most can’t relate to.

#23 Stok… defeated #9 Full House by 12, which I’m expecting will knock FH out of the Top 10.

What tough times at the top looks like, as well as not giving up:

War recap:


Top 100 War Results
War Ended May 8, 2022
War Effect: Arrow Barrage #1

Another week or so before I go back to full recaps.

I recently switched to ranking the #1 and #2 spots based on the winner of the most recent 7DD / TK war. It turns out The Avengers had different plans by defeating 7DD last war. Consequently, I have gone back to ranking all Top 10 based on their individual wins and losses during the 10-war period. At least for now while I reconsider the Top 3 / 4 ranking.

Going into this war, there is no change in the Top 3 ranks. 7DD retains its #1 spot by virtue of going 1-0 against TK and 1-1 against The Avengers, with a larger point differential in its win against The Avengers. TK went 0-1 against 7DD, but 2-0 against The Avengers to hold onto the #2 spot. And while The Avengers remain in the #3 spot, they have greatly narrowed the gap to the top two spots.

Ranks going into this war and change from the prior:
#4 7DA (+0)
#5 The One Family (+1)
#6 Агрессивные (-1)
#7 be Water (+0)
#8 KM4 (+0)
#9 Gipsy Danger [LR] (+1)
#10 Spr!tz (+1)

Full House drops out of the Top 10.

Note that ranks are going into the war and do not take into account the results of this war. Also, once an alliance is outside the Top 10, the rank is formula driven based on a weighted combination of maximum war score (35%) and average war score (65) during the prior 10-war period. Or stated differently, win more and have a higher maximum war score to have a higher ranking.

Of note, #9 GD came within 127 points of defeating TK this war. That continues the recent trend of narrow wins (and a loss) for TK and 7DD instead of the blowouts that they typically experience.

War recap:


Top 100 War Results
War Ended May 12, 2022
War Effect: Arrow Barrage #2
Next War Effect: War Equalizer

Current breakdown of alliances tracked for purposes of ranking the Top 100:

Ranked alliances: 120
Not ranked due to excess scores below 30/30; 10
Not ranked due to not yet having 5 recorded war scores; 8
Total tracked alliances: 138

To be added to the list of tracked alliances, a war score of 153.0K is currently needed. However, almost all of the alliances ranked in the Top 100 have a maximum war score during the ranking period of at least 154.0K.

There were no changes in the Top 10 ranks going into this war.
#1 7DD (+0)
#2 TK (+0)
#3 The Avengers (+0)
#4 7DA (+0)
#5 The One Family (+0)
#6 Агрессивные (+0)
#7 be Water (+0)
#8 KM4 (+0)
#9 Gipsy Danger [LR] (+0)
#10 Spr!tz (+0)

68 wars were reported, including 46 of the Top 50 and 78 of the Top 100.

The average score for the Top 100 alliances this war was 6,693, in line with prior Arrow Barrage scores

Four wars were won by the lower ranked alliance, of which three were upset wins. #18 Dreamteam Elite grabbed a huge win over #7 be Water, winning by a mere 22 points. The other two upset wins were #67 Palm-Fiction’s 940 point win over #15 Xtreme Fury and #119 Las Termopilas’ 1,356 win over #46 UA Union.

In the marquee matchup of the war, the only two 162K+ alliances battled it out. 7DD defended its #1 rank by defeating #2 TK in a close, 130 point war. 7DD has won two in a row against TK, and 4 out of the last 5 (7-3 life time). Though 7DD has more wins, TK wins by a significantly larger margin in its wins against 7DD.

In addition to #18 Dreamteam Elite’s 22 point victory, other close wins included #56 ELITE CLASS’s 25 point win over #97 Di Hồng Viện, #53 HARDCORE’s 47 piont win over #59 Quantum State and #43 I’D HIT THAT’s 58 point win over #57 Vae Victis.

Thank you all who share your war results, and Ghost Chili for doing the heavy lifting on data collection for the alliance rankings.

For clarification, there are two separate data projects which I combine to create the war results summary.

  1. The Top 100 Project. Alliance war scores are collected in-game for ~140 alliances after every war. Ghost Chili does the vast majority of that data collection, while I focus on overall accuracy and figuring out abnormal scores. It is from that data that I rank alliances.

  2. War Results Project: 80+ alliances share their war results after each war which I capture in a database and layer on certain data from the ranking database.

Average Arrow Barrage Scores:

Average scores by rank tier for winning / defeated alliances for the upcoming War Equalizer effect (in short, score 7K+ to have a decent shot at winning):
equalizer scores

War Results Summary:


Top 100 War Results
War Ended May 15, 2022
War Effect: War Equalizer #1

Top 10 going into this weekend war with increase/decrease from prior war:
#1 7DD (+0)
#2 TK (+0)
#3 The Avengers (+0)
#4 7DA (+0)
#5 The One Family +0)
#6 Агрессивные (+0)
#7 KM4 (+1)
#8 be Water (-1)
#9 Gipsy Danger [LR] (+0)
#10 Spr!tz (+0)

80 wars were reported, including 48 of the Top 50 and 88 of the Top 100.

Over the prior 10 wars, 94% of wars for the Top 50 and 87% for the Top 100 were reported. Thank you all that participated.


Average score this war was 6,835, in line with the 6,819 average for War Equalizer.

In both of the two intra-Top 10 wars, the higher ranked alliance won. But they had to work for it.

#1 7DD held off #4 7DA in an intra-family war with a too close for comfort 326 victory. You know 7DA wanted that one badly.

And #3 The Avengers defeated #9 Gipsy Danger [LR] by 329.

Of surprising note was #19 7DH’s 600 point win over #7 KM4. For those familar with top alliances, KM4 is a power house that consistently punches over its weight. A threat to any alliance above it. For 7DH to win by 600, even with those two alliances at very smiilar max war scores, is a huge accomplishment and will be taken into account when reviewing KM4’s current #7 ranking.

A few alliances came surprisingly close to losing. An always strong #14 Serotonin defeated #34 Moon Star by a mere 12 points in a step down war for SErotonin.

And though #21 СИНДИКАТ and #33 6th_sense were fighting against each other at their war cap, СИНДИКАТ (like SErotonin) is one of those alliances that rarely losses those “50/50” wars (hence their much higher rank than 6th_sense). To their credit, 6th_sense came within 79 points of winning, but СИНДИКАТ held on for another win.

In another intra-family war, #29 Wolves of the North defeated #16 King of the North by a close 52 points. Wolves has had a few tough losses, but this may be the war where they find their footing again and climb back into the Top 20.

But the closest Top 100 war was #80 Unleashed’s 7 point win over #58 바람‿✿. I don’t know what the actual translation of that alliance’s name is, but I like “smiley flower” alliance.

In upset wins, #28 Inviolable defeated #15 Dreamteam Elite by 517 and #104 Empire of Latvia defeated #69 OneTouch by 387. Dreamteam is one of the alliance I keep an eye on for a possible Top 10 ranking, so I was surprised by that lost.

This war I’m going to explain some of the reasoning behind the methodology in ranking alliances ranked #11 and lower. It’s a dense read below, so feel free to take some aspirin first or to skip altogether.

The alliance ranking for those below #10 is based on the only readily available piece of war data that the game provides, which is the alliance’s war score. I could simply rank alliances by their highest war score, but that doesn’t take into account wins and losses, which I want the ranks to reflect. Wars matter!

An average war score over a period of time takes into account wins and losses. The average war score for two alliances with similar max war scores will be higher for the alliance that won more wars during the ranking period, and that alliance will be ranked higher. Yes, there’s an element of luck (or misfortune) with matchups that can cause short-term imperfections in the rankings, but over time and with 100+ alliances, the law of averages will win out.

I use a 10-war period as it cover a complete war effect cycle and it provides enough data points for the average to be meaningful while also being short enough to not be stale. For example, if a 5-war period was used, an alliance that has a 2 or 3-war losing streak would have a rank that simply wouldn’t be realistic.

I use a 65% weighting of the alliance’s average war score over the prior 10 wars and a 35% weighting to the alliance’s highest war score over the prior 10 wars. The primary reason for the 35% max score component is to reduce an otherwise harsh hit in the average war score (i.e., ranking) when an alliance has back to back losses. The hit is still there, just not as drastic of a hit.

Often times, those back to back losses are the result of unfortunate match-ups and not necessarily a reflection of an alliance’s war strength. An alliance fighting at its max war cap might be matched against a much tougher alliance that lost its prior war (i.e., a step down war for the higher ranked alliance). Odds are it’s a loss for the weaker alliance.

Typically the next war for that alliance will be against a weaker alliance, and consequently a win. The wins and losses alternate, which is the norm based on how SG determines matchups. But occasionally after a loss, an alliance is matched-up with a peer alliance that also lost its prior war. One of those two alliance is going to have two losses in a row and take a significant hit to their average war score.

I’ll use Mixed Nuts and Palm-Fiction as examples. #35 Mixed Nuts (ranks are at the time of the referenced war) was matched up against #10 Gipsy Danger, who was coming off a lost. To no surprise, Mixed Nuts lost against a much stronger opponent. Their next war was against #21 Wahre Helden (similar max war score), who had also lost their prior war. Mixed Nuts lost against Wahre Helden for a second lost in a row.

Likewise, #62 Palm-Fiction lost against #30 Hotel in a step down war for Hotel. Palm-Fiction’s next opponent was #67 OneTouch, a 50/50 opponent. Palm-Fiction lost. As an aside, early in April, Palm-Fiction had the misfortune of fighting LR and Kobyer for back to back losses, then again back-to-back 50/50 opponents and losses in mid-April. Palm-Fiction is competing for the most bad luck in war matchups over the last two months.

The 35% max score weighting will slightly smooth out the ranking for alliances with a single back to back loss, and greatly smooth out double back to back losses. In the above examples, the 35% component added 1 rank to Mixed-Nuts rank and 12 ranks to Palm-Fiction (who had two back-to-back losses in the ranking period).

Adding in the 35% factor results in no or one rank change for the majority of alliances, then a quick drop off from there. However, a few alliances do benefit by double digit ranking increases. I would argue it’s not high enough, but that’s the price to pay for losing those 50/50 wars.

A secondary reason for the 35% max score weighting is that there have been periods of times where I have seen war score “bubbles” in the #10 to #15 ranks. In short, a few alliances were ranked higher than I thought was reasonable because they were better than average at war but had a max war score just low enough to avoid matchups against the very top ranked alliances. I increased the weighting from 25% to 35% on max war score last year to adjust for a few “bubble” alliances.

Outside the Top 10 alliances, the ranks are based solely on formula as described above. Reviewing individuals war results, when they’re available, isn’t realistic. So I’m left with a single data point to rank alliances – alliance war scores. The ranks are not intended to be perfectly accurate for each alliance, but instead are to provide a general idea of where an alliance stands in relation to other alliances. A war between #55 and #60 is likely a war between equals, though it possibly could be argued that #60 should be ranked higher based on actual wins/losses against prior opponents if those are known. Likewise, a war between #55 and #30 will likely a bloodbath for #55.

If nothing else, I hope it adds an element of fun to this game. And if your ranking is different than mine, yours is correct and mine is wrong.

Here are all ranked alliance with ranks by:

  1. 65% Average / 35% Max (first column)
  2. 100% Average (second column)
  3. 100% Max Alliance War Score (third column)

These ranking are purely formula based, including the Top 10. The Top 10 actual ranks are shown in the alliance’s name.

And finally, this war’s recap:


Edited the post above to add DIE LOGE vs ALBA DEI 30 DI BIMBOZZ and to make commentary on 7DH’s win over KM4. And to add colors to the recap.


Top 100 War Results
War Ended May 19, 2022
War Effect: War Equalizer #2
Next War Effect: Attack Boost

132 alliances are currently being tracked for purposes of ranking the Top 100. Of those, 4 do not yet have enough war scores to be ranked and 3 are not ranked due to excess wars at less than 30/30.

Once an alliance has a war score of 153.0K or higher it becomes tracked, with a war score of approximately 154K needed to crack the Top 100.

Average score for the Top 100 this war was 6,867, which is 26 points higher than our prior Equalizer war.

At the top, #1 7DD defeated #5 The One Family by 1,187, while #2 TK held off #3 The Avengers by 458.

For a second war in a row, 7DA fought a family alliance, this time winning with a 1,065 point win over #15 7DH. Unconfirmed, but 7DH may have allowed the win to preserve family harmony.

Narrowly escaping a loss was #10 Spr!tz, who defeated #17 Full House by 36 points. Not escaping a loss was #7 be Water, who was defeated in an upset win by #14 SErotonin.

be Water has suffered two losses in three wars to non-Top 10 opponents, threatening its Top 10 ranking. Conversely, SErotonin has Top 10 firepower but due to a slightly lower war score than the top alliance hasn’t had the opportunity to prove themselves as Top 10 worthy. Until now…

The only other upset win was #87 Disciples of Scorpius victory over #78 Quantum Legend (296 point win).

In wars between closely ranked alliances, #11 The Last Legion found revenge in a 733 point win over #12 The Fighting Squirrels (Squirrels defeated TLL by 725 six wars ago). #24 Greek Frappe came out victorious over #22 Wahre Helden (465 point win), while #28 Ukraine Love defeated #27 NEMEZISS by a close 139 points.

The highest scoring war between ranked alliances was 14,383 points from #24 Greek Frappe (7,424) and #22 Wahre Helden (6,959). Right behind them at 14,339 points was #67 OneTouch (7,474) and #98 Di Hồng Viện (6,865).

At the other end of the spectrum was the 13,167 war between #76 Abusement Park (6,376) and #51 블레스 (6,165).

Average Equalizer scores:

War recap:


Top 100 War Results
War Ended May 22, 2022
War Effect: Attack Boost #1

Top 10 alliances going into this war (change from prior rank in parenthesis):

#1 7DD (+0)
#2 TK (+0)
#3 The Avengers (+0)
#4 7DA (+0)
#5 The One Family (+0)
#6 Агрессивные (+0)
#7 KM4 (+1)
#8 Gipsy Danger [LR] (+1)
#9 SErotonin (+5)
#10 Spr!tz (+0)

be Water dropped out of the Top 10 due to losses against Dreamteam Elite and SErotonin. SErotonin moved into the Top 10 at #9.

Spr!tz holds onto the #10 spot, but a strong argument could be made for #11 be Water or #12 Quantum Knights [OKS] to be the #10 alliance. A single win or loss could change the Top 10.

Slightly behind those alliances are #13 The Last Legion and #15 The Fighting Squirrels (based on wins & losses instead of formula rank), followed by #14 Dreamteam Elite.

83 wars were reported, including 48 of the Top 50 and 90 of the Top 100.

Average score for the Top 100 this war was 6,981, a bit higher than the 6,949 5-war average for the last Attack Boost wars.

Attack Boost continues to be the second highest scoring war at 6,939 over the last 6 wars for all war effects (Minions is the highest at 7,007).

The top 3 alliances each had intra-top 10 wars, with each winning their respective war. #1 7DD defeated #8 GD by 529, while #2 TK cruised to a 848 point win over #4 7DA (#1 highest scoring war). In the closest of the three wars, #3 The Avengers pulled out a 300 point win over #9 SErotonin (2nd highest scoring war).

In other wars between closely ranked alliances, #12 Quantum Knights defeated #13 The Last Legion by 365, while #68 Infernales held off #66 Die scharfen Chilis by 199 points.

Of the seven wars won by the lower ranked alliance, a suprisingly high six of them were upset wins. #40 Moon Star, #81 Высшая Лига, #90 Phoenix Empire, #94 Empire of Latvia, #97 Oceano Pacifico and #123 F.E.A.R. were each victorious in an upset win.

Three wars involving the Top 100 were decided by 20 points or less. #56 UA Union narrowly avoided an upset loss to #114 Malice in Blunderland with a 13 point win, while #97 Oceano Pacifico pulled out a 20 point upset win. #79 Home Run avoided was the victim of a 5 point loss to unranked LT Hooligans.

Average Attack Boost Scores:
attack boost

Average score by war effect (6 wars each):
war effect

War recap:

Edit: Updated for a few additional wars.


Top 100 War Results
War Ended May 26, 2022
War Effect: Attack Boost #2
Next War Effect: Rush Attack

I have modified the recap table to distinguish between alliances that are tracked but not ranked (NR = Not Ranked) and alliances not tracked (NT = Not Tracked).

Alliances not ranked (NR) are because they either (1) were recently added to the list and don’t have enough war scores (five) to be ranked yet or (2) have excess wars at less than 30/30 and are at risk of becoming not tracked.

No change in Top 10 rankings going into this war, though #12 Quantum Knights [OKS] became unranked due to excess wars at less than 30/30.

For alliances not in the Top 10, I have adjusted the ranking formula for any alliance that has any of the following if occurring during the prior 10-war period:

(1) Upset win(s): Potential to increase rank

(2) Upset loss(es): Potential to decrease rank

(3) More than 2 back-to-back losses: Potential to increase rank. This can be two separate back-to-back losses during the ranking period or three (or more) consecutive losses. The purpose of this is to reduce (but not eliminate) the harsh ranking impact that occurs from consecutive losses.

41 alliances had adjustments due to the above change. Of those, the rank changed for 31 alliances… Of those 31, the rank changed by 1 for 18 of them, by 2 for 5, by 3 for 4, by 4 for 3 and by 5 for 1.

That caused the rank to change for 20 others alliances that were not directly impacted by the three adjustment items listed above. Of those 20, the rank changed by 1 for 16 alliances and by 2 or 3 for the other 4 alliances.

The ranks for 56 alliances were impacted by these changes as shown in this table:

87 wars were reported, including 47 of the Top 50 and 90 of the Top 100.

In intra-Top 10 wars, #1 7DD defeated #3 The Avengers by 864 while #2 TK defeated #10 Spr!tz by 1,351.

7DD scored 8,014 (#1 highest) and TK scored 7,952 (#3 highest), showing their continued dominance.

#3 Агрессивные had the second highest score, 7,955 against #16 Seven Days Hunting. I have The One Family at #5 and Агрессивные at #6, and that’s a matchup I’d like to see more than any other.

Of the eight wars won by the lower ranked alliance, only one was an upset win. #83 The Incognitos defeated #75 UA Union by 543.

There were a number of very close wars by ranked alliances. #112 A Pint of Fun lost by one point to unranked САМОРОДКИ. That’s one point! In another heart attack war, #67 The United Legends defeated #63 Abusement Park by 4, while #80 REBELADOS avoided an upset loss to #113 TEMPLE OF LUST.

War recap:

There were quite a few changes made for this recap, so my apologies ahead of time if anything slipped between the cracks.

The recap typically captures 90% or so of the ranked alliances. That’s possible due not only to those alliances which directly provide their war results to me, but also to a handful of others that help track down multiple wars. A special thanks to those that I consider my team members, including Natalia (SErotonin) and Kurinin (Meraki Fenix), as well as Vasil and Dmytro who graciously feed me war results for Ukranian alliances. And finally, to Ghost Chili (Crew-Saders) for doing the heavy lifting of capturing alliance war scores which I use for ranking alliances.