Top 100 Alliances War Results

Yup, I saw looking at a few which is why I was thinking at our current 145k we have a high chance to match VS one

We got matched VS 7 days emerged, will be interesting to see lol

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Top 100 War Results
War Ended January 20, 2022
War Effect: Undead Horde #2

The average score of the Top 100 alliances this war was 7,004, down slightly from last war’s 7,014. Undead Horde continues to not only be the highest scoring war effect with a 7,035 average score, but it is the war effect with the most consistent average score each war.

As we climb up the Top 100 ranks, winning scores typically started at 7100 and climbed to above 7500+.

There wasn’t much movement in the Top 10 ranks, with Team Korea back up to #2 after a short visit to #3. Kobyer slipped a spot from #2 to #3.

In the war of heavyweights, #2 Team Korea defeated #5 The Avengers by 877 points.

#1 7DD, #3 Kobyer and #4 Last Regiment each defeated their #6 - #10 opponent by a comfortable margin.

Of the seven wars won by the lower ranked alliance, three were upset wins. Hats off to #72 Союз Конфедератов, #86 Shadow of Blade and #107 Last Regiment Warriors.

#6 KM4 defeated #116 Dirty Dancers, a 110 difference in ranks between the two alliances. That’s the second largest rank difference on record, with KM4 fighting at 29 after a defeat.

Within the Top 100, there were only two wars decided by less than 100 points, which may be a record low. #72 Союз Конфедератов’s upset win was by 63 points, while #30 Высшая Лига held off #38 Final Exodus by a mere 11 points.


War Ended January 23, 2022
Top 100 War Results
War Effect: Arrow Barrage #1

74 wars were reported, including 47 of the Top 50 and 87 of the Top 100.

The average score of the Top 100 alliances this war was 6,664, not far off the 6,660 average for Arrow Barrage.

The average margin of victory between ranked alliances was 517, on the high side of the 474 average for this war effect.

Arrow Barrage typically has the closest wars, with Undead Horde being the next most competitive war effect with a 500 average score difference.

Making strong moves up in the rankings were #79 Dragons of the North (up 19 spots), #72 be like Water (up 13), and #35 Esprit de corp & #84 Teletubbies, both up 9.

There were two intra-Top 5 wars, with #1 7DD narrowly defeating #3 Kobyer by 53 points, while #2 Team Korea held off #4 last Regiment by 482 points.

In other Top 10 action, #8 The Last Legion held on to defeat #10 The One Family by 101 points.

Of the seven wars won by the lower ranked alliance, only one was an upset win. #70 Palm-Fiction thumped #44 Abusement Park, winning by 358 points.

Within the Top 100, there were five wars decided by less than 100 points. Besides 7DD’s narrow win, #41 Final Exodus (38 points), #55 Die scharfen Chilis (96 points), #56 DIE LOGE (24 points) and #80 S우리다시시작 Start over (44 points) held off their opponents.

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