Top 100 Alliances War Results

Top 100 War Results
War Ended March 19, 2023
War Effect: Arrow Barrage #1

Sorry, but only the recap and a couple of comments. I hope to go back to my normal write-ups in the next week or two.

#7 Greek Frappe came close to defeating #3 Gipsy Danger, losing by 362. A reminder that no alliance is safe.

Speaking of which, #5 Агрессивные defeated #1 7DD by 490. This win follows Агрессивные’s win over #2 The Avengers last war. An impressive one two punch.

Quantum Knights became unranked, which moves The Last Legion back into the Top 10.

#106 Wolves of Winterfell pulled off an upset win over #63 Guerreros Aztecas.


Top 100 War Results
War Ended March 22, 2023
War Effect: Arrow Barrage #2
Next War Effect: War Equalizers

99 wars were reported, including all 50 of the Top 50 and 95 of the Top 100.

Average score for the Top 100 was 6,762 compared to 6,847 last war. The 6,805 average this Arrow Barrage cycle is 168 points higher than the prior two cycles. No surprise there as this was our first Arrows war cycle since the M&M / CGP nerf on January 20.


On the strength of its back to back wins over The Avengers and 7DD, Агрессивные moved up to #2.

7DD is 3-1 against the Top 5, while Агрессивные is 2-1. But the Top 5 is fuzzy, and really a Top 6. Sort of. With The Fighting Squirels in the mix, TK dropping out, and SErotonin’s win over Агрессивные, ranking the Top 6 is like figuring out which direction is up on a hairball.

If I treated Агрессивные’s loss to SErotonin as a loss to an alliance not at their level (which was the case prior to that war), then #3 Avengers would have a leg up for the #2 spot if I applied my normal Top 5 methodology.

But Агрессивные has the slight margin of victory heads up tie-breaker over Avengers, and maybe I’m being a bit unfair by giving a bit of extra credit to Агрессивные for defeating TK then 7DD, but I am.

#6 SErotonin narrowly avoided a loss to #11 MooN STAR. This is MooN STAR’s highest rank, having climbed form #30 a month ago to #11 this war. An alliance on the move. They came close to making the Top 10, but I couldn’t quite get there.


After going unranked a few weeks ago due to excess wars below 30, СИНДИКАТ rejoined the ranks at #10. And promptly fell tby 44 to another alliance that shouldn’t be overlooked, #21 Disciples of Scorpius.

Alliances beating the odds with upset wins were #49 БАРСУМ, #53 Zero+ (huge win over #17 Palm-Fiction), #97 International Fight Club and #101 Ring of Honor.

Nearly pulling off an upset win was #105 The United Legends, losing by 3.

And though I usually don’t highlight unranked wars, I can’t resist adding Great Nation’s 1 point win over Templars of the World.

A quick comment about LB2. We (Ghost Chili and I) can see the increased pace of upward creep in alliance war scores has started now the LB2s have been released.

From war to war, the average alliance war score for the Top 100 increases by 70 points, with the change typically in the range of +200 to -100. Going into this war, the average increase was 337.

It’s clear from the data that some alliances have jumped in with both feet, as evidenced by 1K to 2K point jumps in max war scores. Other alliances seem to be holding back. I haven’t done a deep dive into the data, but my impression is overall the majority of players in Top 100 alliances are being cautious about using their Alpha Aethers (else waiting for mats).

War Recap:


Looks like no one provided you or ghostchili with our last war redult.

As we were # 93 before the war, we should remain in the top100.
It was a 30vs30 war, in case you checked, a few of us were mercing right after the war.

Happy gaming

Added 7DU. Thanks for pointing that out.

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Top 100 War Results
War Ended March 26, 2023
War Effect: War Equalizer #1

Just a few highlights and the recap this war.

#4 GD defeated #3 The Avengers by 688. At a glance, it appears that The Avengers’ offense was having an off day. It happens.

The only upset win this war was #114 Big Mom 海賊團 defeating #69 The Incognitos.

Performing well against a much tougher opponent was #60 Phoenix Raiders and #112 die Auserwahlten.

The maximum alliance war score needed to be added to the alliance tracker is now 162.0K.

The jump in average war score was down to 130 points, compared to a 337 point jump last war. Possibly due to last war reflecting the rush to get LB2 heroes in place before war began.


Top 100 War Results
War Ended March 30, 2023
War Effect: War Equalizer #2

I am headed out of town in an hour, so crunched on time just to get the recap out. It’s possible the next recap will be delayed.

I hadn’t planned on any commentary, but I can’t resist with the intra-Top 10 wars that were fought.

Агрессивные takes the #1 rank for the first time. That was driven by wins against 7DD and The Avengers, but Агрессивные just showed us they weren’t finished.

#1 Агрессивные defeated #3 Gipsy Danger by 14 points. I can’t imagine the intensity, especially at the end of that war.

Агрессивные has run the table gainst the Top 4, and their loss to The Avengers falls off the ranking period with the next recap. That solidfies their #1 rank even further, leaving their only blemish during the 10-war ranking period a loss to SErotonin.

#2 7DD cruised to a 1,134 point win over #5 The Fighting Squirrels.

#6 SErotonin. Just mentioned them. Now to spotlight them, which they deserve with a 574 point win over #4 The Avengers.

In a war for the #7 rank, #7 Greek Frappe held off #8 Black List in a 152 point win.

And lastly, #9 MooN STAR held on by 8 in a win against #23 Dreamteam Elite.


It was a super exciting war for 7/8

With a bit of sorrow and relief, l am suspending the war recap. On top of that real life thing keeping me busy, I haven’t been as motivated lately.

But GC and I will be keeping up the alliance tracker, and I will post the updated ranks each war based off that.

Thank you all who have contributed and who have found some entertainment from it.


That is quite sad news for all of us, Beezzer. But absolutely understandable given the amount of work that this report needs twice every week.
Even more we have to thank you for all the great and entertaining reports :blush:


This is really sad news, each Monday and Friday first thing I used to do after turining on my laptop was to check this topic.
Thanks for the awesome work Beezzer!


Thank you for the kind words


Top 100 rankings to be continued at this thread.


Sad new Beezzer. Thank you for entertaining us for as long as possible! I really enjoyed your recaps :slightly_smiling_face:


You are amazing and thank you for all that you’ve done!


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@Noxyking It will be interesting to see some of the attacks after the war, we’ll share as well.

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