Top 100 Alliances War Results

Hello, from Empire of Latvia. Great job, very interesting. :slightly_smiling_face: Its seems you some times have our results, sometiemes doesnt. If you have some group in Line or something, where you gather the data, i may join and add our results each time :slightly_smiling_face::+1:
Nu Line ID Mezviets

You are tracked by my esteemed leader Ghost Chilli so I’ll see if I can add you to our chat so you can report war scores yourself to Beez.


Top 100 War Results
War Ended February 22, 2023
War Effect: War Equalizer #2
Next War Effect: Attack Boost

This may be the lowest average margin of victory for wars involving the Top 10.

Of the seven wars involving Top 10 alliances (or eight wars if I include #11 Black List), only one war was won by more than 482 points. That one exception was #7 SErotonin, who cruised to a 1,616 win over #18 Dreamteam Elite.

#1 7DD joined the growing crowd with yellow tanks this war, then held off #5 GD (yellow) by 453 points.

#3 Агрессивные (purple) escaped a surprisingly close war with #13 I’D HIT THAT (yellow), winning by 227.

Now it gets interesting. After running Waterpipe tanks last war, #2 TK went against the grain and switched back to M&M tanks this war. And paid the price.

#4 The Avengers (yellow) defeated TK by a very close 134 points. The margin of victory would have been larger but for six unused flags by Avengers. An unfortunate mishap involving merc’ing and sleeping. If you see a GoFundMe for an alarm clock, it may be related.

This was TK’s only loss to an alliance other than 7DD since their loss to GD on December 29, 2022.

In another tough fought war, #8 be Water defeated #9 STOK by 156, while #11 Black List won by 221 over #14 Team China.

Unranked 우리다시시작 Start over defeated #6 Greek Frappe by a very close 13 points. 우리다시시작 Start over would be a strong Top 20 alliance if ranked, and has defeated a number of Top 20 alliances. They are a tough alliance that flies below the Top 100 radar, and though I would give Greek Frappe the edge between those two alliances, this war result isn’t a complete surprise.

Almost pulling off a Top 20 upset was #42 Casinha do Lobo Mau, who came within 171 points of defeating #16 Quantum Knights.

Continuing the trend of exciting wars (i.e., close wars among peers), #20 The Last Legion defeated #15 Seven Days Ascended by 33, while #27 Disciples of Scorpius grabbed a 60 point win over #23 Naughty Nightmares I.

Pulling off upset wins were #82 The Incognitos with a 710 point win over #69 Seven Days Emerged, and #102 Greek Frappe Rise who won by 202 over #83 L.O.R.D.S.

And almost pulling off an upset win were #89 STOK… ON STOK (against #50 Romanian Twisted Heroes) and #63 JPN. (against #52 Atas Kopitiam).

There are very few surprises when it comes to wars within the Top 100, especially to me who views wars as a mostly predicable stream of data. So when something happens that is unexpected and different, such as 7DD’s debut of W3K defense against TK last year, I take special delight in it.

And here I am once again grinning over such a move. It took planning, time and Soul Exchange coordination. An unexpected, unusual move. And it may end up being a complete disaster. Or a genius move. Either way, I love it!

#38 Unleashed fielded 26 green tanks. The same tanks. All Arco tanks. And the few remaining non-green teams are waiting on mats to complete their Arco tanks. A Top 50 alliance with a solid Arco wall.

Whether their peers have deep enough benches with anti-minion heroes and/or reds, or whether Arco turns out to not be a threatening enough tank at their level, is to be seen. But full credit to them for trying something new in a big way during this post-nerf transition period.

Unleashed’s opponent was a lower tier opponent, so I wouldn’t read too much into Unleashed’s victory. However, their opponent scored 0 or 1 in 34 of their 174 flags, a 20% (complete) fail rate, on the way to the lowest score this war by a Top 100 alliance. A promising start for Arco.

Average score this war was 7,070, in line with last war’s 7,095. Both a very significant increase from the prior, pre-nerf average of ~6,820.

And to throw this in here, the threshold for an alliance to be added to the ranking tracker is now a 161.0K max war score.

War recap:


Damn, the Arco tank coordination is pretty cool. Ballsy move.


Unleashed used Arco tanks already the war before

How many did they have ready though?

They did, and imo their opponent (IHT) also underperformed that war.

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28 are on the field now

Always fun to see people try something new!

As to Arco for a tank: I think it´s going to work great for completely destroying weaker opponents, but there´ll probably be a limitation when fighting wars against stronger opponents.

Arco is comparable to what M&M used to do with the overheal and minions (and even better because he does it for all 5!), but what made M&M so strong was the additional crazy attack boost that made those flanks hit ridiculously hard. And that part is completely missing from Arco, there is absolutely nothing to make the rest of the team stronger, no damage boost or alternatively speed boost. I don´t think any tank is good enough for an alliance to stand up to a stronger enemy, if he does neither of those 2 things.
Super survivability is enough to keep weaker opponents below you though :slight_smile:

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Top 100 War Results
War Ended February 26, 2023
War Effect: Attack Boost #1

89 wars were reported, including 48 of the Top 50 and 95 of the Top 100.

Average score for the Top 100 this Attack Boost war was 7,068. That is an increase of 236 from the 6,832 average of the four previous, pre-nerf Attack wars. Very consistent with the increase we saw with Equalizer wars, but no surprise with that as both war effects have very similar averages.


After defeating TK last war, #4 The Avengers add another impressive win for the history books with a 531 point win over #3 Агрессивные. No doubt a war both alliances were watching closely until the very end.

In what can only be described as a shocker, #90 Empire of Latvia defeated #7 be Water by 89 points.

Both alliances were at their war cap, with be Water having a 5K advantage (two full war tiers higher) over Latvia. However, be Water had an opt out, making this a 29 vs 30 war. That being said, every 29 vs 30 war I’ve seen remains a significant advantage to the stronger alliance. By all accounts, this should have been an easy win for the #7 alliance. I wish I could explain it.

Also of potential interest, be Water experimented with 29 Ludwig tanks this war.

Speaking of experiments, let’s check in with Unleashed and their wall of Arco tanks

#28 NEMEZISS defeated #35 Unleashed by 508 points. So what can we gleam from that?

This was a peer war in that NEMEZISS and Unleashed have near identical max war scores. Both were at the cap going into this war, with NEMEZISS recorded at 166,594 and Unleashed at 166,588.

It’s not whether Unleashed won or not (though they may disagree), but how NEMEZISS performed against Arco compared to the alternative (yellow or purple). But before we get to that, it’s misleading to say NEMEZISS is a peer to Unleashed. They are in the sense they have very similar war caps. But NEMEZISS is one of those alliances that fights above their war cap.

NEMEZISS has the 36th highest war cap in the game, but is normally ranked around 20. They have a strong record of defeating Top 20 alliances, but a few “expected” losses plus a few sub-30 wars in this ranking period have knocked NEMEZISS back down to earth as far as their rank is concerned (i.e., #28 instead of #20ish).

So no offense to Unleashed, but this was not an opponent I would have expected them to beat. But back to Arco.

Last war NEMEZISS defeated #40 ALBA DEI 30 DI BIMBOZZO by scoring 7,836 points. Bimbozzo’s war cap is within 200 points of both Unleashed and NEMEZISS, so a comparable alliance. In their war against Unleashed, NEMEZISS scored 7,410 points. That’s 426 points less than their prior war with the same war effect and a similar opponent. Promising for Arco.

NEMEZISS’s two scores against the #20 and #21 alliances last Attack Boost cycle was ~7,000. Adjust that up to 7,250 for pre-nerf, and they scored “only” 200 points more against an alliance that is a war tier down (caveat, probably more than 200, but I’m using a very generous nerf-adjusted score). And if I compare NEMEZISS’s score this war to those in the Top 30, it’s a mixed bag. Neutral indicators?

Bottom line, I don’t consider NEMEZISS a true peer to Unleashed, so I’m going with the jury is still out.

Plenty of upset wins this war. #50 LIGABY, #53 바람‿✿, #54 БАРСУМ, #75 HARDCORE, and #76 Тёмные.

Almost pulling off an upset was #100 Blackmoonlight, who feel by 71 to #46 Seven Days Reborn.

Hmm, I mentioned Latvia above. An excellent opportunity to ramble about something only I may find interesting. Latvia? Do you even know where it is? I know it’s in northern Europe, somewhere cold. At least by my standards.

It’s one of the three Baltic countries, bordering Lithuania (I’ve been there!), Estonia, Russia and Belarus.

Because I can Google, here’s a few interesting, but useless, facts about Latvia that may or may not be accurate:

Decorating Christmas trees originated in Latvia (1510), it has the widest waterfall in Europe (249m, or 817 feet for you Americans where meters only exist on grade school tests), Latvian is one of the oldest European languages, they have the 5th fastest internet speed in the world, and jeans were invested by a Latvian tailor.

I was hoping to dive into alliance war scores, war caps, and matchmaking this recap, but time has once against slipped by. Topics for a future write-up.

War recap:


@Beezzer ,
me and Mońka are the leaders of Nemesis. I have a few words to say about the Arco on the tank.
In my opinion, Arco is not a suitable alternative to tank in the current meta on top30-50.

Recently, there were only cards with minions on the tank, so everyone has the right cards for eating minions.
Arco has a nice passive skill, very similar minions, but the prevalence of minion-destroying cards outclasses him in the top.

Unleashed made a very good move with the exchange of Arco for SE. We were surprised. A lot of people from us didn’t use minion destroy cards anymore.

I think we had defs on a similar level.
The war was very evenly matched and we gained the upper hand on offense.

We have fond memories of the Unleashed war and wish everyone such good wars.


I tottaly agree😊 I just need to add that prior war was equalizer, so it was not the same war effect:)

And thanks @Beezzer😊

MeeHow, I much appreciated the insight of someone who was there.

Anytime something new is tried, it’s a judgement call of how much data is needed to determine if it worked out or not. I’m sure Unleashed is crunching data.

At a high level, it seems Arco is very hit and miss. Low scores or oneshots. Not as much middle ground as with other tanks. Also, there may be tweaking of flanks as they figure out optimal support. And I don’t underestimate NEMEZISS. No doubt you all were in overdrive figuring out attack teams.

I also want to caution against anyone making decisions largely based on whatever I happen to focus my spotlight on.

These write-ups are very narrow in scope. What I happen to find interesting or entertaining to others, what I know about, etc.

For example, is Ludwig a bad tank due to be Water’s loss? I don’t know. Viet Nam United also went with Ludwig, and their opponent underperformed.


Top 100 War Results
War Ended March 2, 2023
War Effect: Attack Boost #2
War Effect: Rush Attack

92 wars were reported, including 49 of the Top 50 and 96 of the Top 100.

Average score for the Top 100 was down slightly to 7,207 from last war’s 7,060. A normal war-to-war variance.


Starting at the top, there were two huge upsets this war.

I was expecting a TK / 7DD rematch, but due to a combination of the game’s match matking algorithm and opt-outs / opt-ins, #2 TK ended up matched against #5 GD.

GD has been in a bit of a Top 5 dry spell, last winning against a Top 5 opponent on January 5 (Агрессивные). But they came out swinging this war, winning by 426 over TK. A fortunate matchup for GD as they otherwise would have gone against The Avengers (who also defeated TK last week).

I suspect in hindsight The Avengers wished they had fought GD as the other Top 5 upset was unranked The Mighty Squirrels (ok, The Fighting Squirrels) defeating #3 The Avengers by 456.

This is the Squirrels first win over a Top 5 alliance. They are currently unranked due to excess wars below 30. But if this win is any indication, I suspect they were flying under the radar while retooling their alliance for a step forward, and I won’t be surprised if they’re soon ranked at new highs.

After back-to-back wins against TK and Агрессивные in their two prior wars, The Avengers serve as a reminder for all of us that war can take unexpected turns.

In a war that technically qualifies as an upset, #19 Royal Flush (Arco defense!) defeated #14 The Last Legion. Anyone who is familar with Royal Flush knows they are capable of Top 10 wins (recent win over #10 IHT and a near win against #8 СИНДИКАТ). So calling an upset is a bit unfair, even though that’s what I just did!

#9 I’D HIT THAT came within 82 points of defeating #6 Greek Frappe. A valient attempt, but the top Greek alliance held strong.

#43 Seven Days Reborn in a surprising win knocked off #21 Quantum Fury by a tight 34 points. That had to have been a thrilling war.

And the last upset win was #88 Oceano Pacifico defeating #69 The United Legends by a comfortable 521 points.

Hats off to #49 Romanian Twisted Heroes, #65 N@PROLOM [N@L], and #86 Aggravated PX Knights. Even though they lost, they came close to pulling off an upset win against a much tougher opponent.

War recap:


Top 100 War Results
War Ended March 5, 2023
War Effect: Rush Attack #1

98 wars were reported, including 49 of the Top 50 and 95 of the Top 100.

As a general rule, there are fewer upset wins in Rush wars than with other effects, and that held true this war.

#46 БАРСУМ’s 1,467 point win against #40 ALBA DEI 30 DI BIMBOZZO was the only upset win this war. I spoke a bit about БАРСУМ back in October. At that point they had climbed from #107 in September to #70 as of the end of October.

Fast forward, and they continue to grow in strength. They are now #46, with 4 upset wins in the last 8 wars. Unfortunately for Bimbozzo, 2 of those upset win were against them.

And to repeat a bit of the October recap: БАРСУМ translates into Barsoom, which is the fantasy world from the early 20th century Barsoom books by American author Edgar Burroughs.

#60 Русский Шквал came close to defeating #29 Menace to Sobriety, but walked away with a 247 point loss.

#20 MooN STAR cam within 58 points of defeating #6 Greek Frappe. This is a second less than 100 point win in a row for the Greeks. On paper with the 12th highest max war score, GF shouldn’t be #6. But they are. So go olive that!

Side note. I lived in Italy. Visited Greece once. Don’t like olives. Green or black. Even on pizza.

Up and coming #8 Black List had an opportunity to continue their climb in a war against #7 SErotonin. But showing their never aging strength, SErotonin won by 702.

I like close wars between closely ranked alliances, and we had a few this war with narrow wins.

#23 Seven Days Hunting defeated #21 NEMEZISS by 184, while #34 CHAT won by 165 over #35 Unleashed.

And since they pulled off the stunning win over be Water last week, I’ll highlight #82 Empire of Latvia’s 554 point win over #87 Aggravated PX Knights.

I’ve been largely ignoring commenting on the Top 5, but will say a few words this war. On the strength of their back to back wins over Team Korea and Агрессивные, The Avengers edged out TK for the #2 spot, droping TK down to #3.

Though The Avengers did lose to The Squirrels (not yet ranked, but that will happen next recap if they fight at 30 this next war), The Avengers had the heads up win against TK. That came into play as both teams had three losses during the ranking period. It could be argued that the Avenger’s loss to a non-Top 5 should count more, and it does. But TK has fought a number of wars below 30 during the 10-war ranking period, which nudged the needle back in favor of The Avengers.

And even though GD defeated TK last war, that is their only Top 5 win in the current ranking period. As their losses fall off, and if GD can rack up another win or two, they’re well positioned to climb higher in the Top 5.

Turning to a topic that can solicit strong opinions, I want to touch upon alliance ranks and the use of Discord when doing war hits.

For those not familiar with Discord, it’s a messenger app similar to Line. However, in Discord you can share streaming game play of E&P, which lends itself to live conversation with alliance members during war hits.

Line is the most popular E&P communication app among English speaking alliances. But it is not available in certain countries, so Discord is the choice communication app for some alliances. And some English speaking alliances use both Line and Discord. A wider global reach, and each has its pros and cons.

Because you can do war hits on Discord with others, some players feel like that’s chea t ing (censure workaround). Or maybe it’s not, but they look down on Discord players as either players who don’t have the skill to play at a given level or who have turned over war hit decisions to others. I’m not saying either is accurate, but that’s the perception of some.

In my experience, “Discord wars” cover a fairly wide range. I was in an alliance near #100 who had a member that was new to the Top 100. He wanted to get better, knew he had a lot to learn, and would seek out anyone in the alliance who could jump on Discord with him for his hits. His way of learning from others. No one else in the alliance had the desire or time to Discord their war hits.

A mid-Top 100 alliance had a few members who would do their war hits on Discord. Mostly for social purposes, but also wanting to do better. Not for anyone to dictate hits, but to help think through potential moves with the player making the final decision. But it was hit and miss whether they could find anyone available to get on Discord with them.

A few Top 10 alliances that I have been in had a few members who did Discord war hits. Skilled players. Mostly it was for the fun, social aspect of it. A different way of connecting with alliance members. That’s how they wanted to do their hits, and they’d try to find others to join them.

But those are the very casual instances of Discording. Some alliances do a significant portion of their hits on Discord. It takes a lot more time and coordination, but it does provide a significant advantage in war. For the more competitive “Discord” alliances, it can be a way to overcome the disadvantage of having weaker benches, or a way to reach their maximum potential (I know, that’s saying the same thing). Often times, but not always, upset wins are by alliances that use Discord for war.

Whether Discord wars is “sort of” chea t ing or a smart way of bringing every advantage to the table doesn’t matter for purposes of the ranking alliances. How alliances organize themselves for wars and seek out competitive advantages isn’t relevent to me. That’s the case whether it’s dictating defenses, reviewing attack teams, deciding on targets, sharing war vids, doing hits in person with friends, or even getting together on Discord.

Personally, I’m neutral on Discord war hits. It’s not for me, mostly because I like to do hits solo on my own schedule, but I don’t fault those who prefer to Discord. In a way, I’m jealous they have that extra time to put into the game.

I suspect those who dislike alliances that Discord really mean they wish they could have war opponents that choose to play the game the same way they do. A war of individual skill against individual skill once the attack button is hit instead of bringing a team element to the hit. An understandable desire. But that’s not how the game is designed.

War recap:


Top 100 War Results
War Ended March 9, 2023
War Effect: Rush Attack #2
Next War Effect: Undead Horde

89 wars were reported, including all 50 of the Top 50 and 98 of the Top 100.

For a second Rush cycle in a row, average Rush scores have ticked up. They increased 89 points from 2 cycles ago to last cycle, then 43 points from last cycle to this cycle. That seems to make sense as Rush defenses in the Top 100 are largely static, while offenses continue to improve. But maybe not. Average Rush scores 3 cycles ago was about the same as this cycle.


Due to excess wars below 30, TK was not ranked this war. That moved The Avengers to the #2 spot, GD to #3, and Агрессивные to #4. Also claiming Top 5 status, at least for the moment, is Greek Frappe.

But the landscape of the Top 5 remains anything but calm, with another large stone thrown into the pond.

The top two Russian alliances, #6 SErotonin and #4 Агрессивные fought for the seventh time. The prior six wars were all won by Агрессивные, the top ranked Russian alliance since shortly after it was reformed. But not this time. SErotonin broke through the gates, winning by a watch the clock run out 68 points. I can’t imagine how intense that war was. Two extremely strong alliances that should cause any opponent to be nervous.

Congrats, SErotonin. Keep throwing those slippers :slight_smile: For the record, I was with SErotonin when we (mostly them since I didn’t have a clue what I was doing) came in #1 on the super buggy Monster Island event. Maybe that’s laughable to some, but it’s a highlight to me in my E&P career.

After losing to #90 Empire of Latvia last week, #9 be Water takes another hit with a 613 point loss to #19 MooN STAR (upset win). Obviously a rough patch of wars for be Water. But they’ve been a top alliance for many years, and I’m sure will fight their way out of this slump.

Alliances with upset wins were #79 Empire of Latvia (second in three wars), #88 Dòng máu Việt Nam, and #101 The Dragons.

For the first time, two reported wars were ties, though one of them was between unranked alliances.

Uranked RevolutionDNA and KAOT KOS (I don’t have their correct spelling yet) tied, while unranked Волинь зі Стиря UA and #103 The Next Level [TNL1] also tied. That’s the 15th and 16th tie in over 14,000 recorded wars.

There were quit a few very close wars. The ones I like. But since I’m running out of time, I’ll refer you to the war recap for details.

Now to shift to the topic of matchmaking for alliance wars.

First, a stroll down memory lane. Alliance wars were first introduced in 2018. Field aid, arrow barrage (the nasty version) and attack boost were the war effects. Hazard’s war strategy guide was treated as a bible by some. Tank color coordination, waves, resets, oh how our minds were turning like those of children trying to figure out what was in those wrapped presents under the Christmas tree.

The alliance war score was (and is) the key attribute for determining matchmaing. The basics of the individual war score are widely known. For each player, their top 30 heroes, with extra weight to the top 5 heroes, and top troop of each color, get thrown into a magical formula to come up with what I’ll call the player’s base score.

For the first few years of alliance wars, the alliance war score was the sum of each member’s base score adjusted for their alliance’s war history. For each war won by an alliance, each player’s base score was increased, and for each war lost, decreased. We’ll call that the player’s adjusted base score. There was a cap of +20 and -20. That’s what became known as war tiers. Members in an alliance at Tier 20 were at their maximum adjusted war score.

Add up the adjusted war score for all members, and that was the alliance’s war score.

If a new member joined an alliance, he or she inhereited the alliance’s war tier.

For example, a new alliance starts at Tier 0. If each member had a base score of 3,000 (completely made up), their adjusted war score would also be 3,000 (i.e., 3,000 base score X [1+ 0 (tier level) X 1.7% (secret % we don’t really know but I’ll use this). If all members had the same roster, the alliance war score would equal 90,000 (30 members X 3,000 adjusted war score each).

If a player joined 7DD with a 3,000 base score, their adjusted war score would be 4,020 (3,000 X [1+ 20 (war tier) X (1.7% (see above)]. If all 30 members had the same base score, the alliance war score would be 120,600 (30 X 4,020).

Allowing the adjusted war score to be controlled by the alliance’s war tier led to poor matchmaking between alliances. That also included matchmaking manipulation (shell, seesaw alliances, anyone?). And horrendous matchups if less than 30 (yes, worse than now).

So in late 2020, SG undertook a revamp of the alliance war score methodology. There were a few different approaches tested, and a lot of confusing posts attempting to explain the process.

In the end, SG appears to have kept the same -20/+20 adjusted war score approach, but based on an individual’s war history and not the alliance’s war history.

Don’t take the above as gospel. I went back and re-read a number of posts, including comments made by SG staff in the forums (open and beta). A lot of it was confusing back and forth comments without a lot of clarity at times. For exampe, it was heavily alluded to that the max war tier of 20 remained with the switch to individual based war scores, but that was never outright said by SG staff.

A huge shout out to @Julia of King of the North for providing a lot of historical information and insight into the evolution of matchmaking.

In Top 100 alliances, individual war tiers are generally the same among members within an alliance (Tier 18 to Tier 20 depending on the alliance’s recent losses). Especially as time goes by for newer members who may have had lower individual war tiers when they joined.

So it’s common to refer to an alliance as being at war Tier [#], even though it’s not an individual determination and not an alliance determination.

A war between two Tier 20 alliances is typically a match between equals, while an alliance fighting at T19 has a strong advantage fighting against a T20 alliance. And a T20 fighting a T18 has almost no chance. Almost.

So that’s a bunch of blah blah I felt like writting. Now to the real stuff.

Keep in mind my focus is Top 100 alliances that fight at 30/30.

When an individual drops from Tier 20 to Tier 19, their adjusted war score will decrease by ~1.60%. For a Tier 20 alliance at 165,000, that’s an overall decrease of ~2,800 points to 162,200. The % decrease appears to increase the lower the tier. For example, my adjusted war score dropped 1.73% going from Tier 18 to Tier 17 this war (I know, that’s 3 losses in a row).

My alt is in a much lower level alliance. For that account, it was a 1.78% decrease after we lost this war. No idea what war tier that account is at. Tier 15, 16? Yes, I never win at war, on either account. I’m at -T20. Well, it feels like it at times.

Conversely, the adjusted war score increases by the same 1.73% (T17 to T18) and 1.6% (T19 to T20).

You can check this yourself by doing an opt out / opt in and right before war ends to calculate your individual adjusted war score. Then do the same thing right after war ends. Then compare the two. But don’t level any heroes or troops in between. As long as your alliance didn’t win while you were at T20 (no increase), the change will likely be in the range of 1.6% to 1.8% depending on your war tier.

Also, note that individual war scores don’t adjust immediately after war ends. It seems to take about 10 minutes, then updates as members log in. That’s why Ghost Chili waits until later in the day after war ends to start grabbing alliance war scores for the Alliance tracker.

Matchmaking starts with the alliance that has the highest alliance war score, matching them with the next highest war score. The exception is if those two alliances have fought each other in the prior four wars. In that case, the higher alliance will match up with the third highest alliance. Unless they’ve fought in the last four wars. And so forth.

If the top two alliance match up, then #3 highest war score will match up against #4 as long as they’re not in time out with each other. That takes a while for all however many thousands of alliances there are to match up, and the war start time can vary significantly depending on the level of the alliance. For reference, there’s an eight minute difference in start time betwen my two accounts.

Any Top 10 alliance fighting at 30 and at T20 have a very good idea who they’ll be match up against for the upcoming war. Usually the only uncertainty is last minute opt ins / outs.

Alliances below the Top 10 can also have a good idea of who their potential opponent will be, but the uncertainty increases the lower the alliance’s war score.

So this was all to set the stage for what I really wanted to talk about. That 2,800 point drop (or increase) in an alliance’s war score after a win or loss, and what that means for the overall picture of alliance matchups. But that’s for another time.

War recap:

Edit: And a huge congrats to 7DD for not only setting a new record Rush score of all time (ranked & unranked alliances) of 7,850, but doing so against one of the toughest defenses out there (Avengers).

That’s almost 200 points higher than the next highest Rush score, which is 7,653 (Агрессивные against be Water last November).


Top 100 War Results
War Ended March 12, 2023
War Effect: Undead Horde #1

95 wars were reported, including 48 of the Top 50 and 92 of the Top 100.

Average score for the Top 100 this war was 7,078. that’s up 138 points from the prior Undead Horde war. Possibly a continued upward creep of average war scores that we also saw in the Rush wars that just ended.


In a very subjective call, I’ve moved SErotonin up to #4, which bumps Агрессивные down to #5. SErotonin has won all of its other wars in the 10-war ranking period, while Агрессивные has only lost to the Top 4 plus SErotonin.

Overall, Агрессивные has fought tougher opponents during the ranking period and won by significantly wider margins than SErotonin, with a very narrow 68 point loss to SErotonin. Strong arguments for it to remain the #4 alliance.

But the purpose of my ranking system is to reflect how an alliance has performed over the last 10 wars and not necessarily which alliance is the strongest at a given point in time. SErotonin has the heads up win against Агрессивные, regardless of the margin of victory, and Агрессивные has no other wins during the ranking period that I can point to that would outweigh that loss, And though I do give some weight to the fact Агрессивные fights the Top 5, by a hair I give the #4 spot to SErotonin. A win is a win.

But if your ranking is different than mine, yours is correct and mine is wrong.

That being said, I look forward to seeing how both those alliances continue to perform at war.

After setting a new Rush scoring record last war, 7DD lays down another monster score of 8,329 this war against #6 Greek Frappe. Though that’s “only” the 8th highest recorded score for the Top100, if I take into account the quality of the opponent, it’s arguably a top 4 score.

Congrast to #46 infernales, #50 Воины Олимпа [BO] and #101 L.O.R.D.S for upset wins, with #80 Dòng máu Việt Nam almost pulling off the upset win.

Now that Rush is behind us, I hope to capture tank color in the next week or two. But anecdotally, alliances continue to use a variety of tank colors / heroes. Purple remains the most common lower in the Top 100, with yellow higher in the ranks. And green (Arco) is still out there (at least four alliances I’m aware of).

I am taking time off for spring break this week, so the next recap may be a day late and will only be the recap.

War recap:


As always, thank you for your continued time and effort @Beezzer to provide the community with top 100 alliances war results.

Enjoy your spring break! We can wait for the recap. :wink:


Top 100 War Results
War Ended March 16, 2023
War Effect: Undead Horde #2

Team Korea, it’s been an amazing journey.

First time on the war recap was September 5, 2021. A 3,038 point blowout against an unsuspecting opponent.

First ranked November 11, 2021 at #9. A week later joined the Top 5 at #4.

December 2, 2021 defeated 7DD for the first time.

December 9, 2021 ranked #1, and continuously ranked #1 or #2 until the end.

The only consistent threat to 7DD. I’m sure both TK and 7DD will miss the anticipation, excitement, strategy, and last minute maneuvering that went into their wars.

Alliance ranking is crazy at #2 - #6 at the moment. The Fighting Squirrels rejoins the ranks at #4, SErotonin at #5, and I wouldn’t believe it except I put them there is Агрессивные at #6. Who promptly slapped back with a 551 point win over #2 The Avengers.

In anticipation of polite inquiries that really mean “you got our rank wrong,” if your ranking is different than mine, yours is right and mine is wrong. :grinning: