Top 100 Alliances War Results

Data is collected each war for approximately 130 to 140 alliances for the purpose of determining and ranking the Top 100 alliances that typically go to war with 30 teams.

The majority of the ranked alliances also provide their war results each war, from which this war recap is prepared.




Thank you for collecting the data and reporting.

My pleasure. Not sure if there’s much community-wide interest in this, but wanted to share in case there was.


I’m not in a top 100 alliance and I find this interesting.

I find the scores interesting. My alliance once broke 7K, so seeing 8K scores is intriguing. SG, why isn’t there a public leaderboard for alliance war results? It would bring more attention to top alliances.

The results make me curious about matchmaking. Each week one top 10 alliance gets upset. Should top 10 alliances face each other more often? I guess it could get boring/annoying if the number 1 alliance faces the number 2 alliance every time.

This is super fun, I see a few alliances in the bottom end I have encountered before, which is cool to see

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Thanks for sharing this.

Here are average scores for the Top 100 by war effect and by rank tier. On average, higher ranked alliances have higher scores than lower ranked alliances.

Rush Attack is the lowest scoring war effect, while Undead Horde is the highest scoring.

I exclude alliances not in the Top 100 from this table as that data is not as complete / reliable. But for alliances outside the Top 100 that I have data for (mostly in the #101 to #200 range), they average 100 to 200 points less than the Rank Tier 5 scores for each war effect.

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Avg score by effect


One question, how do you know if an alliance is at war cap? Thanks.

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For purposes of the war recap that I prepare, a “Yes” under the “At War Cap” means an alliance’s war score going into the war is within 1,000 points of their highest war score over the prior 10 wars.

More accurately, if an alliance wins a war and its war score doesn’t significantly increase from what their war score was before the win, then the alliance is currently at its maximum war score (i.e., war cap). Until that happens, you can’t be 100% positive that an alliance is at its cap.

So for practical purposes, I’m using a bit of a shortcut to allow me to more easily make the determination using formulas.

For top alliances, the increase or decrease in their war score from one war to the next is about 2,400 points (30 team alliances), unless the alliance’s last war was a win at their cap (then minimal change).

Why does knowing if an alliance is fighting at their war cap matter? An alliance fighting at its war cap is either fighting an opponent that is equally strong or that is much stronger. It won’t be an easy war.

An alliance not fighting at its war cap mostly likely has a weaker opponent or an opponent that’s about equal in strength. While it’s possible that an alliance not fighting at its war cap is fighting a much stronger alliance, that’s a much less likely scenario.

This is all from the perspective of 30/30 wars at the Top 100 level and only after extensive data gathering. It becomes much harder to know where alliances outside the Top 100 stand in respect to their own max war score, much less how they stack up against their opponent.



War score avg
Average scores for the Top 100 were down 190 points from the prior four Rush war average. Average scores for a given war effect are fairly consistent from war to war, causing this war to be an outlier.



Thank you for this fun list! I am sure it takes alot of work data collecting and inputting.

I looked at wars scores in the lower end of the 100s… My alliance is over them at 145k after 2 wins so I might show up (likely loser column) your next update lol.


This is cool, thank you for your efforts!


Yeah my alliance appears in the tables 2 times so far, both lose at our war caps lol, after that we out of the list haha. Still many work to improve :slightly_smiling_face:

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Alliances with a maxmium war score of 149K are tracked for purposes of ranking, and those ranked in the Top 100 have maximum war scores of 150K+. However, at any point in time a ranked alliance may have a war score below 149K due to war losses.

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Makes sense, no idea what my alliance max is (guessing under 150k), but based on a variability of wins/losses when we are up in trend and they are down it puts us in range to match VS the bottom end of top 100… Will see in a couple hours what happens.

The war score lower end of ranked alliances is currently 144k’ish. But the vast majority are 146k+.

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