Top 100 Alliance Wars


My alliance is right now only 300 points shorts to get into top 100, we would like to be in the alliance wars, If we all push some trophies to get into top 100 will we be able to, or the top100 to start the alliance war is set into stone? How does the top100 refresh works?

Thanks in advance.


Good question.
Our alliance is not far from the top 100 either. But we would prefer to have other players test alliance wars first.


That is not testing for alliance exercise, but to see if the server crash/bug/go crazy or something similar.

If all go as intended, probably soon after is another alliances portion turn, so probably even you if you are kicking the top 100 chart.


I agree w/ Elpis.

Chances are, since this is a new upgrade, they want to limit the server load to shake out any possible issues. Using the higher level alliances makes sense, since it uses more experienced players to provide more informed feedback, since I’m sure they already have a rapport established with those in charge.

Be patient, rushing into unknown territory is usually not a good idea, although it can sometimes be fun :wink:


If you are talking to me, you seem to be missing the part when i am only 300 points short to the alliance reach top 100.


They have a pretty aggressive rollout schedule; I don’t quite know how they plan to rollout (or how they plan to determine the top 100, that’s a shifting list and like you suggest you’re in the top 100 depending on your titan kill time if you’re short by that small amount).

Regardless you’re nearly absolutely certain to get into the second wave and that might come as soon as this weekend TBH.

That said, I know other alliances are pushing for top 100, it can’t hurt to do so but we don’t know when the cutoff time is.


Depends how much of your score can be upped by your alliance mates climbing cups…are many of them currently dropping cups? If not, you might not be able to grab enough points quickly by reversal…



Plus, Top 100 Alliances have a better variety of heroes, including HotM, since they tend to have older bases, spend more money, or both. While the bottom 100 Alliances probably all have 1* heroes.