Top 100 Alliance Moon&Star Recruiting 2 spots open

Moon&Star family is looking to recruit players to fill up 2 spots!We are an alliance of very well coordinated for titan as well as war attacks.
The participation requirements are;
-4000 defense team power
-2600 cups
-30 maxed 4/5 star heroes
-Turkish/English/German/Norwegian/Italian/French/Spanish speaking

We are currently playing at high level and looking for right players to make it back to top 10 alliances.If you are dedicated and want to play for top level,feel free to contact us on Line!
Line ID:semih5034

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Butterfly12 har glemt norsk​:norway::norway::norway::norway::norway::norway::norway::norway::norway::norway::norway::norway::norway::norway::norway::norway::norway::norway::norway::norway::norway: Nordmenn er også Moon & Star familien.:norway::norway::norway::norway:

Great job skar well done.I must have skipped this detail:)

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One day when I’m up to your criteria I’ll watch for your recruiting, I’ve seen you guys in the standings alot, solid allaince.

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Dear Rhea,
Thanks for your flattering remarks on us.What I would like you to know is you might want to check out MOON&STAR 2 to join and get stronger among other players.When you feel like you are ready to join alliance number 1 just give us a sign:))

wish you the best luck in game

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Thank you! I’m fairly happy where I am at while I develope my teams, unless my allaince becomes inactive, it implodes or I out grow it. I will likely stay here until I’m sure I can hold my own in wars in a top 100 allaince :slight_smile: thanks Moon & Star group.


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