(Top 100 Alliance) Looking for TOP player(s)

Alliance Name: Pint of Fun! (Top 100 Alliance)

Number of players: 29/30

Cup Requirement: 2400

Additionally, 6 War Teams (TP 4100+)

Daily players from around the world looking for highly competitive players to join us.

Most players are levels 50+ and 60+.

We battle 12* Titans AND DO NOT PASS!!!

War is organized with strategy.
Our War opponents have 4100+ through 4300+ TP.
Thus the requirement of a strong defensive team with many fully maxed heroes in roster.

We also have a sister Alliance: Pint of Jerks.

Must use “Line” or “Discord” app.

Line ID: nana1001001001

Line ID: ohanajewels


:heart::heart::heart::heart: thnx for the post :ok_hand::+1:

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