Top 100 Alliance 🌞 HELIOS Recruiting (Helios-1 Spot open, EOS- Open, Selene- Open)

Hi… looking for a new home, a good hybrid of competitive and laid back. Have never been top 100 but I have been comfortably in a top 150-170 alliance which hit 14* titans and faced off against 85% Tel-heavy war opponents.

Level 58, defense team just over 4.4k. 18 maxed 5s, a whole bunch of 4s that I use regularly.

I can’t use Line but happy to use Discord or any other app. Also, I like Noor.

Let me know if there is a fit there, or if any of the above are deal breakers…

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Well… this might be. :joy:

We are actually full and have a wait list at the moment. I would be more than happy to reach out when we have an open spot. You can get ahold of me on line c2vs.

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She goes where I go!

But anyway… Line refuses to work for me so unfortunately it is not an option

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Sorry. Misread your post!

I don’t have discord. But I have a few folks on the roster that use discord. I’ll grab one of their user names here and we can’t keep in touch for when a spot opens up

Thank you, sounds good

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Oh now @Cvs… I know you’re not this impolite! Lmao.

Gotta love an epic typo. :rofl:

@Homaclese… you picked a good group to inquire about. They’re worth the wait.


Big titans bring big rewards. Reach out if you think you might want a pie of the pie


We hit #1 for the first time last night. Come see what we are about.


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