Top 100 Alliance 🌞 HELIOS Recruiting (Helios-1 Spot open, EOS- Open, Selene- Open)

Hi… looking for a new home, a good hybrid of competitive and laid back. Have never been top 100 but I have been comfortably in a top 150-170 alliance which hit 14* titans and faced off against 85% Tel-heavy war opponents.

Level 58, defense team just over 4.4k. 18 maxed 5s, a whole bunch of 4s that I use regularly.

I can’t use Line but happy to use Discord or any other app. Also, I like Noor.

Let me know if there is a fit there, or if any of the above are deal breakers…

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Well… this might be. :joy:

We are actually full and have a wait list at the moment. I would be more than happy to reach out when we have an open spot. You can get ahold of me on line c2vs.

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She goes where I go!

But anyway… Line refuses to work for me so unfortunately it is not an option

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Sorry. Misread your post!

I don’t have discord. But I have a few folks on the roster that use discord. I’ll grab one of their user names here and we can’t keep in touch for when a spot opens up

Thank you, sounds good

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Oh now @Cvs… I know you’re not this impolite! Lmao.

Gotta love an epic typo. :rofl:

@Homaclese… you picked a good group to inquire about. They’re worth the wait.


Big titans bring big rewards. Reach out if you think you might want a pie of the pie


We hit #1 for the first time last night. Come see what we are about.


The sun will be setting on another long time member after this weekday war. After almost a year in Helios he has decided to call it quits and hang up his boots. Bad news for Helios…Good news for YOU! A rare opening is here for the taking come post war.
Line munch.76 or c2vs if you are interested!

“But didn’t peachy retire?”

Yes. I did.
I came back,
And what, exactly, brought me back?

Helios. I missed the team.
We have a rare spot or two.

I have two more words:

Join me


Wow I almost thought we lost PK forever.

That would be sad to lose the one who taught me how to record my raids. :joy:


Helios is definitely the alliance for you if you are looking for a fun yet competitive game experience. I am a 100% ftp but since joining Helios, I finally broke into global top 100 (although it only lasted a few minutes :laughing:) But it shows how much I have grown and learned from this awesome alliance. Join us and let us have some fun together!

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I hereby assert that I’m in this game till the end, in defiance of the odds and the fact that I feel I have unfairly been deprived of the good new heroes SG has released despite spending a couple hundred in an attempt for something… anything new.


Because of Helios, my friends, our core group of solid and competitive players that just plain enjoys each other’s company.

So because of this, I am going to ask you (without mincing words) “why wouldn’t you want to play alongside a group of people like this?”

Shine on…With Helios

We are backfilling some spots after some visitors departed. When full we are top 100 and one of the most laid back top 100 in Empires


Ahhh!! A missed opportunity to play with you before my return to crew. Some day… some day…

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So, my friends, it has come to this…

Remember how I left and tried to leave quietly? I mean, it was kinda like trying to tip toe out the door in the dark while someone was sleeping and kicking over some loud metal objects… but regardless…
It didn’t stick.
So I posted and said that, if I were to leave the game, I would just disappear?
I haven’t disappeared.

What does this mean for you?

That part is easy. You can join Helios and play alongside the core who has kept me in the game for so long. This alliance has been around for over 3.5 years and is still kicking. Chaining 14* titans and hanging around in the top 100, often top 50 when we’re on a particularly good run.

Had a block of members step out because they wanted an easier set of titans, but all that did was open up a spot…


I’ll never say Helios is the best alliance ever, because that is subjective, but I will say that it should mean something that the core has been together this long and thriving. We’re a chill top 100 and only ask ~120k titan contributions and don’t micromanage every roster choice or action in the game.

Join us. We’re worth it.

hit me up @ justf_ckenpeachy on line.

The only thing missing… is u.

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