Top 100 Alliance 🌞 HELIOS Recruiting (Helios-1 Spot open, EOS- Open, Selene- Open)

Looking for 1 more player to join us. Need to be able to swing 80k minimums on 12/13* titans,

Opt in? Use all 6 flags.
Opt out? No problem. Hit the titan hard and be friendly.

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Looking for a couple new members after two just left due to game burnout.

Use war flags, hit 80k total on 12/13* titans… and be friendly.

Can you?

We are looking for a couple of active players to join Helios. Before Helios I was jumping from one alliance to another because I just could not find one that felt like home. But Helios really made me feel I belong. Now I have been with Helios for 210 days. The advice I get from my teammates helped me grow from a noob to a seasoned player. And now you have a chance to grow and improve as well! Join Helios and you will not regret it!

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Helios is home
Helios is drama free
Helios shines on
Helios is the place to be
We have stupid poems
We have big titans
We use all war flags
And keep the mood lightened

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Helios Cleans House
01/12/2020 9:42pm

In a stunning turn of events, the Helios leadership team has decided to clean house and remove all those who weren’t meeting titan minimums. It is said that they are searching for five members to join their alliance to fill the void and renew their push to the top 100. When full, they were at 140th global.

Helios…is searching for five members…push to the top 100

When questioned, PeachyKeen (leader of Helios), stated “I’d rather run with 25 dedicated members than try to string along 30 just to look full.” Compelling words, indeed. It is hoped that Helios will attain their goals, as they are well known for their easy-going and friendly, drama-free culture, and experienced player core.

If this author wasn’t already a member, it would be a foregone conclusion to join.

Surely, you can’t resist. Helios is just too good.

Disclaimer: 80k titan minimums have been enforced. Use all war flags, maintain the friendly, drama-free atmosphere and communicate if there will be any shortfall.


We have filled 3 of the 5 spots with solid, strong members.

Just need you, two, to join us.

That’s right, folks, only two more spots remaining and you can be a part of this fantastic and mystical dream that is Helios.


On another note, it is always sad to move team members down to Helios Eos, but our team is so cohesive and well-nurtured that they graciously accept the leadership requests to join the slower-paced alliance. We must be doing something right to not lose our team members for good, that they stay in the family.

So, if you are a decent human being who is supportive and competitive within E&P, join us. You will see that we enforce minimums while still maintaining a drama-free and pleasant culture.

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HELIOS in 2020

The best election you’ll make this year.

Looking for two more representatives to join our cabinet of international all-stars.

Helios is coming off a huge full team war win and are looking for two late stage players to round out our ranks. Do you have 6 war teams capable of one shots on 4K teams? Do you love smashing 12* titans?

Then we would love to have you.

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Blows my mind everytime i see you guys recruiting

I wont be traveling outside saders for a long while, but if i do, i may try to swing by for a couple wars or even a chest


We would always love to have you and our door is always open for you.

Honestly we have been growing this past year. And with growth comes some in and out. We have had some top tier player step back from the game, others that couldn’t quite keep up with our growth, and others that didn’t want to commit to our teams minimums.

But, the best thing I can say about Helios, is that all but one person left on great terms. We have an awesome and supportive group that is focused on growing together and having fun while we do it.

Side note the one person that left on bad terms flamed out in fantastic fashion. He was toxic and we have no trouble kicking people like that.


Heya @Cvs, still got a seat open for a visitor? Mind if I swing round for a couple wars?

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Sure do @Guvnor! Come on by!

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Cool will be round before next war matchmaking :slight_smile:

I’ll add you on Line just now (My ID is Guvnor81)


I spent some time in a war chat with Helios before and can attest that they are a friendly, challenging, and FUN opponent. Anyone looking for a good time, well, you know what to do…


@PooFlingerJr @Guvnor @Rigs

You guys are awesome. Thank you.


So what titans do y’all typically face?

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OP says 11-12* titans. Currently are facing a 13*

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By the way, I joined Helios nearly 2 months ago. I was comfortable in my alliance (only Spanish native speakers from south America) but it just imploded as leaders changed to a more powerful one.
Find Helios via this forum and I am glad I did.
Even though this guys are from all over the world, I feel them just as close as my fellow south American boys from the previous alliance, so that speaks highly of this friendly, kind and supportive group.
Very knowledgeable people and ready to help.
As said, fighting regularly 12 titans even 13 sometimes. If you are within the requirements, you cannot go wrong by choosing this alliance. I do not expect to move in the future, and I guess that is a testament of the human group here.


Definitely one of the best alliances out there. I was with them for a month when I was visiting different places, and I learned so much from them. Great players, strong leadership and a very friendly bunch. If you are an active daily player meeting their requirements, you should definitely join them asap. You will definitely not regret it. :slight_smile:


Like @Guvnor said, generally we are taking down 12* titans. We were expecting a rare so we went in on a 13*.

As the alliance currently sits, we are best suited for 12’s but working to make the jump on 13’s. As @PeachyKeen said a few posts up, we have started enforcing Alliance minimums to make sure everyone is putting in equal effort. With that come some in an out as we shuffle members to our lower and rest alliances (EOS and the Inn).

@ierazo and @ThePirateKing hit the nail On the head. Helios is a great place and is growing fast (with the expected fluctuations that come with growth).

We have a member that is stepping down post war due to real life work needs so we will have room if you want to swing by!


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