Top 100 Alliance 🌞 HELIOS Recruiting (Helios-1 Spot open, EOS- Open, Selene- Open)

Had a recruit i couldn’t take in crew

Helios was good choice for him

So passed their info to him

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Just some good ol’fashion gamers helping gamers


I just can’t believe she thought i was strong enough for helios



Well, I’ll end up back at Helios if they convince Kit to leave Saders :smirk:


You can get on our wait list if you want @Rigs

We would be more than willing to show you the ropes :rofl:


So much to learn, so little time lol


Helios just killed its first 13*, won its war, and broke into the top 200.

But we are loosing a visiting friend and looking to backfill one spot.

We would like to see a committed, 4000+TP, 2400 cup, titan slaying, war wrecking machine playing along side up in Helios main.

Fit the bill? Contact us here or on line (IDs in OP)

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Join Helios and let’s get amazing loots together!

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Open recruiting. Let’s enjoy some whiskey, wine, food and titan murder.

Come and join us! Experienced players with tons of knowledge, as well as mid-level players looking to develop and hone skills. All are welcome! Also, we are currently taking on a 11* rare unicorn. Let us have some fun together!

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We still have spots open in Helios! Join us for some exciting adventures together!

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Hi There
You guys still recruiting? Been playing the game seriously for about a year and a half… at the moment stuck as a co-leader in a pretty much inactive alliance

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Hey @Elemil

We still do have space. Want to chat on line or pop into helios to chat more?

Hey @Cvs
That was quick. I am in a middle of an alliance war (for another 15 hours) and sitting on 21/25 war chest so i was hoping not to ditch my alliance half way thru a war, Maybe chat online first?

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Absolutely. We would never ask you (or any one) to do that!

My line is c2vs

or we can chat here, totally up to you

Sorry man, a bit of a newbie in the forum. How do i contact you

ìs a bit of a mystery

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Lots of Alliances use the “line” app to further communicate past the dissolving in game chat. If you download that you can find me using that ID I listed above.

FYI Helios has two line chat groups. One for sharing our rosters so we can give each other advice (and help our training alliance) and another for general team chat.

Otherwise we can chat here, but that depends on your comfort showing your roster, etc etc on the forum

Helios is a fantastic place to play, learn, and have fun. we just generally want to have a brief chat first to make sure we are a mutual good fit for each other.

Aaah i see. We use mainly WhatsApp around here. I´ll download line now i look you up shortly

gotcha, no worries.

I’ll be around tonight and will jump on when I can. looking forward to chatting then

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