Top 10 class

With new class system, things are bound to change.
A lot of spreadsheets are made and a lot of new calculations are done, and they are still unclear.
Can we get some opinions from beta testers and experienced players:
Top 10 tanks with class system
Top healers, all-rounders, snipers.

Would mean a lot to have such a list.

Not sure that it’s going to change this much imo

  • don’t forget that ranking are kinda BS since the strenght of a hero depends at 80 % of the team he’s in

Just my opinion

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You might find this thread interesting if you haven’t read it already:

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For me is a little more complicated then this. I mean, top 10 tank are still the same as before.
Class change a bit the hero, but does not reverse all our charts.

The thing is how every player want to organize their deck and on who they want to give priority.
You have both Guinevere and Zeline? You have to chose one or the other, or upgrade both for half.

Then there’s 10 classes and 5 colors, so ideally you want 2 heroes for every color.

Then you have defence and titans. You probably want to upgrade first heroes that you can use in both.

Then you have stars. People who want to compete in rare or epic event can choose to upgrade first rare or epic heroes.

And in the end still we are not sure of every possible combination how it works.


I read it completely, a lot of guessing going on, tanks to all people that made spreadsheets and tried to inform us. Only thing lacking are real conclusions.

:slight_smile: I hope to see something in simple terms. Best 10 is just the way sum up everything.
I am aware that it all depends on rest of the team also.

Lets put it this way. if I have Thorne, Aegir, Richard, Magni, Isarnia… and I want to ascend one as tank who would it be. If I dont know I would just visit top 10 list and go from there.
Lets call this list noob list.

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Definitely a lot of guessing going on. But several of the people who were guessing in that thread are beta testers. :wink:

I think it’s probably early to have a definitive top 10 list. I doubt that when Guin was first released that the aha moment she’d be a top tank was immediate. I think we’ll see opinions and usage data evolve over the next several months.

It really depends or your other heroes.
For example i have myself Isarnia and totally love her for everything, even for tank position. But i even have Athena as other blue and Hel as other wizard, and i really can’t neglect them.
I could be upgrading Lianna as ranger instead of Athena and Isarnia instead of Hel, but it not sounds really right.

So a suggest: choose the hero that you absolutely want to upgrade first in their class, and then choose the other as consequences.

There are heroes in no-brainer classes (like Gravemaker or Ares) that can help you doing that, and there are classes that if you miss the limited time good heroes all the others can only do 1 job.
Help yourself with that.

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I hoped for something like this:

  1. Gravemaker
  2. Guin


  1. Lianna


No explanations, just simple list in your opinion.

I rather give you my opinion if i have all the heroes which one i upgrade first, second, third and so on for each class.

Is it ok this way?

It’s all basically the same as before. The central difference is that now you have a way to upgrade your favorite heroes just a little further, so you’re going to see more and more customized, unique teams, and defenses (because they’re going to consist largely of players’ favorite, hence upgraded heroes) are going to be just a bit stronger.

You’ll have to make some tough choices when you’ve got several favorites all within the same class or two, but it will be nice to know you can make the ones you choose stronger—albeit slowly, as emblems will be, at first, pretty rare.

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The changes to defenses are very small, top players should just level their Guinevere, Gravemaker and Alaise while holding their Zeline and Kageburado for the “next round”.

First, any change is likely to be slow. 1500 emblems to +20 a 5*. Those will take a long time given what we’re seeing so far. Timing between class trials and availability of purchase offers will be the critical pacing factors.

The decisions about top heroes are tough.guin is probably still top tank, even though her class ability doesn’t help her much. The real question is which other wizards do you have, and would they be better candidates for your Wizard emblems.

Lianna remains top sniper, helped by her Ranger class ability. But again there are a lot of other good rangers and excellent snipers who are not rangers (e.g. Joon).

Some class abilities are best on defense, others on offense.

Decisions really have to be made in the context of your entire bench and play style.

What Kerridoc said. You can’t shortcut this game, it’s a puzzle that you need to put a little effort and testing to figure out.

The first thing I noticed is Kiril is a very poor wizard. A wizard that doesn’t have offensive skill is not a good synergy. On the other hand Sartana is an awesome wizard, especially against a team that has a lot of buffers. Note that Kiril is still an awesome 4* hero! But there is very low chances he’ll get emblems from anyone

There is no simple list, you have to learn and understand the game to be able to make most of it.

Isarnia is a good mage choice to improve?

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Yes. Her all-target attack will benefit a lot from Jinx, and she desperately needs more defense/health.

OTOH there are sooo many good Wizards.


Yes, she is good in almost every aspect of the game.


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