Top 10 Alliance actively recruiting

Outgrown your alliance? Want to fight 10* and top teams? Want to bring four of your friends? It’s your lucky day! Shadow Warriors has spots open for heavy hitters with a sense of humor and love of the game. Cup requirement negotiable. Contact Xemuly or Chaosphere1 on LINE to discuss membership.

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We currently have 2 spots available for heavy hitters that want to tackle 10* titans in a top ten alliance. Line ID xemuly or chaosphere1 to discuss membership

Hej. Gram już od jakiegoś czasu i szukam jakiegoś porządnego sujuszu bo nie miałam do tej pory za bardzo szczęścia do ‘sojuszników’… Mam27 lvl i siłę <2900. Mam nie głupich bohaterów ale niestety duże problemy ze znalezieniem artefaktów do ulepszeń.
Proszę o rozpatrzenie mojej kandydatury :slight_smile: a chociaż o odpowiedź na wiadomość. Serdecznie pozdrawiam :))

Hello everybody. Shadow Warriors, one of the original and consistently top 10 alliances in E/P is looking for one active member to help us continue our streak of killing 10* titans. If you are daily heavy hitter looking for a fun environment, please contact either Xemuly or chaosphere1 on the LINE app to discuss joining.

Our alliance is now full…please check back as future openings will be posted here

new recruitment thread opened