😹 Top 1,000,000,000 Alliance "Boops Cat Forever" is now Recruiting!

Are you looking for a hardcore, 100* Titan, 100% Alliance Wars win rate, 29 active members at 9999 power and 9999 trophies, with one spot open just for you? Well, look further because we are a laid back social Alliance who just want to have fun and win most Alliance Wars and down most Titans! We have fresh baked cookies and offer free hugs.

Boops Cat Forever is an Alliance consisting of veteran players and newer players alike. We’re active adult players looking for new members, be it veteran, experienced or fairly new players. We are working to move beyond 4* Titans and have recently completed our first 5* Titan kill. We are working to become dominant in Wars.

Our requirements are:

  • At least 1,000 trophies

  • At least 2,500 team power

  • Your participation in daily hits on Titan battles.

  • You will use of all flags during Alliance Wars when opted-in. Ending an Alliance War without using 6 flags will require you to opt out of Alliance Wars.

  • You bring no drama.

  • You be active. Non-active members will not be tolerated and will be removed. We do understand when you become busy. Simply notifying the Alliance in chat of being absent will suffice and be much appreciated.

*You have teeth for the cookies and a humanoid form for the hugs.

The Alliance’s helpful Leadership Team is more than willing to assist members in their goal of team building and setup, hero growth and provide answers to your questions. We will research any questions that we are unable to answer right away. As the alliance grows, we welcome and encourage members in sharing information, their experiences and expertise.

If you are an Alliance leader and your members meet our requirements, feel free to reply regarding possible mergers.

Thank You for considering “Boops Cat Forever” for your next journey to greatness!!


Come join our Alliance! Our members are helpful, dedicated and fun to play with.

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Sounds gr8! I m looking 4 a chill grp will request

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Don’t be shy! Joins or Alliance merge interest is most welcome!

Got it! Welcome to the party!

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