Toon hero vivica

A have a question about vivica toon costum.A think you can change her +45% deff ondispelble for Holy and lasting 2 turns longer for holy in a higher deff up buff if you use an other Hero that has a higher deff buff up buff as her after you activate vivica costum.And a think even you would hold the ondispelble and lasting 2 turns longer for holy part.Has enyone did test this alredy or try this already.And if so am a right?

I’ve read this post twice now and it is difficult to decipher. I think you’re asking if an undispellable buff can be replaced by a similar dispellable buff. If I am right in that then the answer is generally no. An Undispellable buff (Or Debuff) is exactly that, undispellable, unless specifically stated such as with G.Gazelle.

Just one gamer’s opinion

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We are all happy to test it. If you explain it in a language other than Dothraki.



from what i can decipher A is I and O is U.

It’s ok - I speak Jive.

They want to know whether if you fire Vivaca for her defense up buff, undispellable on yellow, and then subsequently fire another hero with a greater defense up buff, is the outcome:

A) yellow heroes retain their Vivaca buff (because it’s undispellable), non-yellow heroes have buff over-written; or

B) yellow heroes retain Vivaca duration and undispellable, but get the higher buff modifer.

The answer is “A”, so far as I know.


My question its just simple what Would happen if a would fire first vivica toon costum and then right after that mica charge 3 with a higher deff up buff.Would then the deff up from toons vivica+45% be replaced by mica +70% deff up buff while still keep de def buff +70% then undispellble and lasting 2 turns longer.Or will all yellow hero’s then still only have the +45% deff up buff from vivica toon costume because its undispellble.Because even if you use brynhilde they still can decreased your deff eagainst specials in negative deff eagainst specials.And yiu can if brynhilde special use eagain bring the decreased eagainst specials back in to deff eagainst specials and then you also dont dispell it.So a think so long you dont dispell it you can override the deff buff toon costume vivica gives by a better deff buff.Because its your own.And its just the same icon that normal deff buff gives.

@MagicBunjee answered your question then. It’s “A” in that post.

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Ok now I have to say something,
Vivica toon with legendary troops is just impossible to put down so much so that we are losing good paying players they are just disgust on how after so much money put troughs the years of playing they want to quite now something has to be done and fast because it’s getting hard on
Me too to try to convince them not to stop the game an ajustements needs to be done fast as 3 members left the exitement of the game is low in are family. :cry:
I rarely put negative reviews but we need a uprising empire & puzzle energy because the game is about getting together with friends sincerely
MissK :kissing_heart:

Anyone is reconsidering mono?

Not exactly.
I did get Vivica with her toon last summon, her at 80 with 20 emblems is now my strongest hero. I still don’t use her on defense just yet and don’t have any legendary troops, but she does her job eitherway. So I can’t really complain.

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