Tools for managing alliance activity

This game is a lot more fun when one is part of an active alliance, right? There are some players that are content to just log in and do some farming and maybe some titan attacks now and then, but a lot of players want to progress their teams and take down titans and other alliances, and it can be really frustrating to have half an alliance be less focused. There are alliances that are laid back, and that’s great, but this post is about the challenges for players and alliances that want to remain active.

There’s a lot of alliance rot at this point and I can say from experience that it can be hard for active (but not high level) players to find active alliances. It’s also a challenge for alliance leaders to easily track their alliance activity to maintain a full team of actives. I suggest the following:

  • Alliances can be sorted by average activity of players (in the absence of that, i literally searched for “active” in the name last time I needed an alliance and only one of the alliances that had “active” in the name was not largely inactive (hence “alliance rot”)). I think that’s a barrier to players finding a fun alliance that matches their level of enthusiasm for the game, because it’s a drag to be in an alliance that only has half the players attacking the titan time after time.
  • Display the number of attacks each player has made against a titan in the final summary, not just the damage done

These alone would improve the experience a lot. As it is now, it’s both hard to find active alliances AND overly labor - intensive for alliance leaders to track the activity level of their members so they can enforce whatever level of activity they choose to.

Additional improvements:

  • An internal alliance message that is separate from the externally-visible description, with a notification to the alliance members when it is changed. Some players don’t always check the alliance message (me for one) while some don’t always read all the chat (and also it can often fill up with random discussion of teams etc.), so there needs to be a way for leaders to send important messages to the alliance in addition to the chat or alliance description text.
  • Other ideas?

For each person in the Member list.

Next to the Leader, Co-leader, member, etc. - PLEASE put “last active: 3hrs ago”

For Active Alliances - we constantly check member activity. it would be great if it was just visible via member list. It takes a bit of time to click through each person to see when they were last active.


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