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Thanks for the reply


@flyingsolow I updated from .95 to the current version .96.1 and found some of the formulas in the Titan Damage Data to be incorrect. Total hits, total damage and average didn’t include the info in column E.

I’ve corrected the formulas on my end, but afraid they will break again once an update comes out, if the master sheet isn’t update.

Also the is no formula in M2 (Highest hit # of hits). I put in =if(J2<>0, INDEX(J24:J,MATCH(J2,I24:I,0)),"") in that cell, based upon the 2 cells below it.


Thanks @Grimmy . Great catch. Fixed now.

Also added Onatel earlier today.


You’re welcome @flyingsolow. Thanks for the super fast fix!!

Is there a way to maybe implement a way to export your data and import it into a new version? Maybe a button to copy your hero list, so to the new revision and import it…then move on to the next set of data?


Is there an easy way to get data from the game and get it into the spreadsheets?

Is it set up to manually input all data?


As far as I know most things are manually inputted. Thought I saw reference once to a screenshot app that can covert data.


Grimmy, that’s a great idea, however, I just spent some time briefly researching it and it seems there’s no “Copy to clipboard” functionality inside Google sheets for security reasons. The Ctrl+C needs to be manually done by the user. Maybe there’s another way, but nothing comes to mind.


Bummer…Just thinking out loud…could it be done with a macro?

Too bad all data wasn’t on one tab, like a database per say, where you could just copy the one tab, and paste that way. I’ll keep thinking, and report back if I think of something.

Thanks for keeping this up to date! Very handy tool!!


Flyingsolow has done an amazing job with this. Super impressed!


@flyingsolow Just found another item for your list. In the chest tab, the items you get, missing is Titan Energy Flask. I’m sure you know about the emblems that were just added to the game. Also, is there a such thing as an Alliance Energy Flask any more? I think that was before my time.


Pretty sure you’re talking about the same item. Before wars that’s what it was called, but they renamed it. I’ll adjust it. Thanks.


Let me start out by saying that you are doing a FANTASTIC job. There is no way I could do what you do ^.^ I do have a few questions though.
Will you be adding the class emblems into the chest tab? I am currently just adding them in after the fact because I cannot just leave out a chest item lol. Also, any date on when Onatel will be added to the roster?


Onatel is in the roster. That being said, I’m considering changing some of this data like hero lists, item lists, titan lists to be update automatically by referencing a master copy of the data. This could prevent future need to update the version of the spreadsheet except for when there’s actually new features like adding a class column.

I will get to adding the emblems today (and probably a class column as well).


Oh no, I always got the updates, it would tell me to reload my sheet whenever you would update anything, but I didn’t get this update. I just copied a new sheet and saw Onatel is added., but she is still not showing up in my sheet. I did get the last update where Titan flasks were changed to Alliance flasks though, so I am not sure what happened. I REALLY hope I don’t have to start a new sheet because I have customized this sheet to be absolutely perfect for me :frowning: Do you know if there is a way to try and manually update my sheet to get the latest update?


Add me on Line. Easier to work it out that way. id: flyingsolow


Not sure if anyone else is having this issue or not

Where some of the Tier data is offset along with the levels. I’ve noticed it more with the newer heros but I know Morgan and King Arthur have been around awhile as well. The offset data appears as a different font as well…bigger at least


99% sure that’s your own doing. I tested and found that all of those cells have the same font, alignment, and bold setting. I don’t have a good idea how those changes would’ve occurred without you knowing about them, but maybe you were copy/pasting values from elsewhere? Either way, you have control of fixing it by adjusting the font, alignment, etc yourself.


I’ve never worked with spreadsheets in the past and have no idea how to go about changing the data…Guess I’ll play around with it and see what I can figure out.


That’s surprising to hear. It’s actually very easy. Spreadsheets 101. :stuck_out_tongue: Click on a cell and drag your mouse to select multiple cells. Then to adjust the font click on the dropdown below the Add-ons menu. The default is Calibri. To adjust the boldness, click the B to the right of the font size. The alignment is the 7th icon to the right of the B.


Alrighty…that was easy…Thank you!!! All fixed now