(Tool) Alliance War Team Planner



@flyingsolow I was playing around with the AW team planning sheet and noticed the Hero Power isn’t pulling any data. Currently coming up as N/A.



I had added a column for the Atlantis families in the hero list which made the hero power lookup off by 1 column.

Thanks for letting me know.


@flyingsolow … Hi! here I arrive maybe with the most stupid question of all… but… please be patient with me))
Where can I find the file??(!!)



Thank you very much!! I appreciate that you continue to work on this file.
I started to use the file a while ago to track my heroes and mats more than for AW, chests and Titans.
So I more look to that part… and might disturb you about it (!!)
Or do you know a spreadsheet focused on heroes and heroes development?


EDIT: user error, disregard


@Melchior, how long wait for new version with health of 11 and 12 star titans?


@MCa I don’t know another public spreadsheet that’s solely focused on tracking your roster of heroes and ascension items. I know many people make their own from scratch. Let me know any improvements you’d like me to make to the roster section.


@LEN1N78 I’m currently managing the spreadsheet. I just need 11/12* Titan HP data. I’ve filled in what I’ve found on random forum posts and my own experience with 11* Titans, but if you send me HP data, I’ll put it into the sheet.


In case you are gathering rare data too, here’s our current dragon rooster:

Btw our last 4 titans had exactly the same HP 4.378k



@flyingsolow - couple things I noticed:

  • missing Mok-Arr, between heroes

  • when assigning ascension material to 3rd tier to blue or green, it counts chainmails not needed



@flyingsolow Thanks again for your work. Would it be possible that you update http://7ddgaming.com/2018/02/27/7dr-hero-ascension-item-tool/ with the right version number and eventually the date of your last update ? It would be easy to follow your changes


Updated with latest heroes. Thanks @MCa you were totally right about the ascension items.


Added December HOTM & Christmas Heroes.


You are doing an amazing job with this mate. I am super impressed!!!



Is there a good layout for tracking War Results?


Good question :slight_smile:


Thank you for the update!!!


I just started using this amazing tool.
Can Kage be added to the list of new heroes, I try but the sheet is locked.



@parallelsys read the instructions included in the sheet or watch the videos: I wonder if you are not trying to overwrite the original file.

PC : Make a Copy and enter a new name for the sheet. This will save a copy of the sheet into your google storage.

Phone - Android Click the three dots on the right at the top of the screen. Select Share & Export. Select Make a copy.

Be sure to master google sheets before modifying anything because of the scripts and macros. The hero list in on an hidden sheet