(Tool) Alliance War Team Planner



Why you didn’t put whole sheet in view mode, so we can’t edit it at all, but we have to copy it in our drive first in any case? I’ve seen sheets like that, but don’t ask me how to do it, I don’t know it by heart. I can research if you can’t find it :wink:


I did have it set that way but some people were unable to copy it. I’ll set it back to that and see how we go.



Small update. Added grading data for Aeron. Thanks Anchor :slight_smile:



the alliance war is crap, my alliance just found a bug which some alliances is exploiting. they will put a low level hero in the team, you kill it, you get very little points.they get the powerhouses to kill your ready to kill your defence team and GG to your score.

Devs, please work something out to prevent this exploit.


@Satanikal, There’s the problem right there. DON’T waste attacks on the one-hero teams! The full defense teams will have much larger point totals because every alliance is worth a set amount of total points.


Unbelievable ppl still complaining about this Strategy. It has been discussed a hundred times in this forum…


Go hard or go home on AW :slight_smile:

Sandbagging with 1 hero just makes it easier to rack up the points on the members that are actually trying and if needed use a low team on the 1 hero people to get the wipe. Sorry for the late reply. Been very busy the past week



Updated with Alasie grading data. Really sorry for the delay guys. RL is getting on top of me atm. :smile:



Hi guys,

I have been struggling to keep this updated the last couple of months. Due to RL pressures I am taking a break from the game. I am working on finding someone to take the project over while I have a break.



@Melchior, I’m good with spreadsheets, and do use this tool.

Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t work as well for me now that I’ve pulled Gretel & Gravemaker.

I’d take a shot at updating it. I’m afraid I didn’t save max stats for all the new fable event heroes, and they aren’t available to me now that it is done.

You can contact me, line ID barrywuzhere or I might be able to dust something off on discord, 'tho I don’t use it.


Hey guys. Sorry I havent been back to you sooner. I have less and less time at present to be able to keep this up to date. Management and future development of this tool will be picked up by Bjos from 7DR.

Thanks so much for the offers of help. I really do appreciate it :slight_smile:



Thank you for all your hard work on this tool! I hope it continues to develop; I use it daily and appreciate all that has gone into it :smile:


Thank you again for the effort! Thought it was discontinued but I’ve seen the Hero list has been updated with all the new stuff.

@Melchior @Avicious I’ve just mailed to 7DD’s mail regarding the translation of this tool.

Keep up with the good work!


This is a remarkable tool. I’d like to know if Bjos is taking requests for minor improvements to the tool.

As a new player, I have lots of heroes that aren’t maxed at either tier, special ability, or level. I would like to be able to see what their current strength is as well as their max so that I more easily determine who belongs in what team to max my power.

Unless, of course, their is a hidden button which will arrange everything for me :smiley:


Hey there again @Melchior @Avicious @Anchor,

I’ve just mailed 7DD’s mail regarding the tool again, could you check it up or tell anyone in charge of the mail to have a look at it? thanks!


I was given edit access to the Google Sheet back in mid-July, soon after I brought the hero list up to date, added the new Titans and their star levels. I wanted to update some other fields, but wasn’t able to due to certain “protected” sheets or cell ranges.

I’ve now brought it up to date again in terms of the hero list.

I emailed Bjos just now asking for ownership. It sounds like he’s been very busy with real life. Once I get ownership I’ll work on more improvements.


I am now the owner of the Alliance War Team Planner Google Sheet.

It has been updated to version 0.95 as I’ve updated the hero lists, Titan lists, item lists, added hero families, updated the hero grade reference and some other minor stuff.

I am missing HP data for 11 & 12* Titans. If you have some, I’d love to have it.

I am in the alliance Fight Every Day. I have no affiliation with 7DD, 7DR, etc.

I’m making note of known issues and possible improvements. If you have any, @ me on here. I can also be found on the 7DD Discord.


Thank you so much for updating the file. I’ve been trying to do so on the previous version and it wasn’t working out for me so this is greatly appreciated. :hugs:


Thanks for updating the file, @flyingsolow. I have a lot of data in a previous version, copied to my own Google drive; do you know of a way to merge that data into the new version? I’m not as worried about the hero info as I am about the chests and titan tables.


Yea, I’ll add that process to the instructions. Pretty sure it’s just a copy paste of the list of entries at the bottom of each sheet. Should just work since the columns haven’t changed.