Too short time limits

We lost in war. Again. 3 war energy points left in the end. We could win if we use up all our flags. 20 point was the difference. Change the time limits finally. Some people are simply unable to complete the war and some quests. For example i am unable to finish quests that finishing at weekends. I have no time for it. Make the war ladt for 36 hours, or give all 6 flags to players right at the beginning of the war! And make the challenge events last more 48 hours, so everyone can finish it!

I agree the current set up doesn’t give many of us a chance to complete all our attacks in many of the games within the game!

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Yes. Many wars ending with flags left in the field. And not the same person leaves them. Nearly the half of the alliance members did left war energy in the field. Including me. At weekends i don’t have much time to play. It has to be change. Expanding the time limit is the only solution.

Or boot out erring players consistently missing out war flags. War is played in 24 hours, even a player who sleeps 12 hours a day still has more than enough time to do their hits. It is only just a few minutes for each hit.


24 hours to use 6 flags is plenty of time imo


I agree 24 hours is plenty of time. But there is an argument that the actual war attacks only take up 2 of the 7 days of the week. We could easily increase the amount of time available for war attacks without changing anything else (you’d probably have to alter respawn times as well). But I’m not sure more time is what will make people use their flags. We’ll still have plenty of people not using their flags.

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How long would you suggest? Perhaps a whole month? The only thing that should stop you is having a 24 hours job like a firefighter. Plan your hits and set an alarm. If that’s too much, opt out. Hate to sound harsh but everyone seems to have this handled just fine.


Just to play devil’s advocate, it’s not really 24 hours, it’s 12 hours. Part of the problem is that you only get 3 flags to start, and 3 flags after 12 hours. So to completely use up the flags you have to log in within the last 12 hours of the war. It’s actually a bit of a pain sometimes, but things would be less problematic if all 6 flags were issued at the start of the war, which was suggested before.


A whole month of war? Haha. That cracked me up. Thank you.

I agree. But on SG’s side, it would be more beneficial for the company to have the players log in at least once every 12 hours for them to bombard the player with multiple in-game offers lol. But it is our alliance’s policy that hitters (we have 2 designations for wars: hitters that target strong enemy teams, and repeaters/cleaners that farm points by targeting weak enemy teams repeatedly from start to finish or help aid hitters in cleanup) so the work-around for some of our hitters is to log in once a day but during the time when they have all 6 war flags.

I could get behind this. Extending the 24 hours is not needed.


I get what you are saying. It is just that last 12 hours may not necessarily be convenient for everyone depending on time zone. For example, let’s say locally, the reset time is midnight or otherwise late at night when someone is asleep, they wake up with only a few hours to burn off those new flags. Real life can happen and they miss their chance. I assume most alliances would understand, but if they lose because of those missed flags, I am sure some would be upset.

I guess it’s just about time management. If the next 3 war flag is at midnight or when the player is asleep, 12 hours is still to long for a sleep. Hitting in war only takes a few minutes. In my alliance, I message those members thru Line or SMS who to use their war flags, especially in the dying hours of the war. They already are made to understand that if they are busy on a particular war day, they should opt out of war. But if they opted in, they are mandated to use all those war flags.

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And they would still complain as they would still forget to do their hits due to forgetting because there is TOO MUCH TIME …lol

Then they should have opted out, SIMPLES

Yes. 12 hours is too much for a sleep, but after waking up, and need to go work or school quickly, it’snot the war is the first thing to do. But after work/school there is enough time to use up the flags, but how, if the war is over when work/school is over? And what about challemge events? I don’t have much time at weekends, so it would be good if the events would have extended with 48 hours.

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