Too much waiting

Between waiting hours for energy to recharge and days for a building upgrade to complete, I find myself gravitating towards other games (and spending money on those games). On what planet is forcing your customers to wait long periods of time a good business model? The only place that works is at Disney. Everywhere else it is annoying. Maybe simultaneous construction would help (someday?). I am just saying that delay is bad when entertainment is the game.

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If you are looking for a for fast game this is not the one.
But having some patience I think it’s the best mobile game you can get :blush:


Every game I have ever enjoyed involved some element of wait. I agree with you it can be overdone (Everquest II wore me out).

You may not know of several items coming soon to the game, including Alliance Wars. Maybe you’ll stick around to check them out. Many are mentioned on the “Shortlist”: :wink:

Shortlist of Frequent Requests


This game just eat my phone battery even like this.
If i don’t have to wait, 10 a.m. and my phone is dead.

Yes that’s the bad thing about this game, long wait time but look at it this way back I the time this game is coming from they didn’t have the means to build fast it sucks but hey sometimes life does :grinning::sunglasses:

Having to not wait hardly at all on a game like this is like using cheat codes on other video games: they make the game go faster and help you finish or reach a peak faster, but it also can make you get bored with the game much faster as well.

Patience is a virtue with this game.


I am not asking for instant. It took me four months of hard work to obtain a maximum level ship in Hawk Freedom Squadron. But, I quit playing Fallout Shelter when it began to feel like nothing more than a game of maintainance. Log on - level up a room - level up a vault dweller - send someone outside - log off - repeat in six hours. This game feels the same way. Log on - auto kill some bad guys - take a swipe at a titan - check on your current four and a half day building upgrade - log off - repeat in six hours. Maintenance bores me. At least in Hawk I can use my fancy ship to help newbies survive.

In E&P, players use communication on the Forum and in alliances to help their newbies survive. :wink:

This is always the metter of balance between game and life tasks. E&P is perfect for me, because I have much to take care of outside the game;) Just remembered of two years of my live lost in “Walking Dead: Road…”, never again(((

I agree…some part of the gameplay is waiting, but having to wait days for building upgrades or 1 hero from TC is just crazy. No 1 item whether it be upgrade or training should take longer than 24 hours. And from what I see…it just gets to be longer and longer. Max wait time for anything shouldn’t be more than 24 hours. That would be reasonable

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