Too much red, is it possible

So, I have a positive problem. Wilbur, Boldtusk, Scarlett, Kelile and Gormek are maxed. Anzogh is currently 3/70. Sumitomo and Colen are waiting. I have matts for Anzogh.

Should I take Anzogh to last stage ( he is now a bench warmer cause I’m overflowing with good 4 stars) or should I start start working with Colen or Sumi? Who IS IT going to be? Or should I forget all three and wait for the future?

Why is it wrong? I have many duplicates, some that i use already, some that i intend to use, mainly in war.

Please, off topic is nice and good for time to time but…

Go with Anzogh. Pair him up with an attack up or defense down hero.

You should definitely go for Anzogh…

Anzogh synergizes really well with Wilbur and Boldtusk. I would go there.

Almost the same problem here…

Queen of hearts
Kelile, Scarlett, Wilbur, Falcon

Unleveled: Colen, 2 Wilburs, Scarlett, Sumitomo, Kelile
Anzogh & Azlar

I think I level another 1 or 2 red 4* for war and then Anzogh…

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