Too much iron – what do you do with yours?

Hello all,
I have finished leveling all my buildings, I have crafted a ton of battle items and now I have run out of certain precious crafting materials, namely the Orichalcum Nugget (is it just me or are those exceedingly rare).

All of this has amounted to me having a ton of iron, completely maxed out storage and mines too full to continue mining for some times days at a time.

What have y’all been doing with your extra iron? Is this the new normal at this stage of the game?

Two things of note:

1 I recognize that we’re about to get new buildings to work on so I’ll have plenty of no iron soon.

2 I recognize that this subject may be quite irritating to hear by those still leveling their buildings, sorry, but remember I was there once too :stuck_out_tongue:

Peace and Love (seriously)


I’ve just been letting it go to waste.

For a while, I crafted random things with it. But it got to a point where my stock of everything was significant, and I was burning Crafting Ingredients just to waste Iron. So I stopped.

I use some for Emblems every now and then, and sometimes I craft some new Turtle Banners and such. But otherwise I just waste it all.


You think that the game would have something in play for that
Maybe being able to by food with iron or crafting items would be nice

Well it will, soonish.

The new buildings and Titan Battle Items will give people plenty to use Iron for.


I let it go to waste. Same with excess food. I’m constantly full on both these days


For you it might be Orichalcum Nuggets, for me it is Dragon Bones (because I do craft Dragon Attack and Time Stop), there will be times that I do have abundance of Iron stockpile when I am in between building upgrades (I am almost done with the current level cap for all my buildings too).

I do occasionally craft items that I know I can stockpile, because I don’t necessarily use the same items on Titans as I would on levels or quests, so any items that I do not craft excessively means there will be ingredients freed up to use those Iron (or food, depends on the item), and I can keep building a supply for. For all the Dragon Attacks / Time Stops I couldn’t create because of shortage of Dragon Bones, I craft a few Tornadoes / Bomb Attack / Axe Attack. Just so I can still have those items to use and then the iron gets spent.

Assuming if all the new building levels (21 - 25) would end up taking more time than existing buildings to upgrade, I guess it might still be the same way for me, since I don’t use VIP pass, so I won’t have the luxury of having the 2nd builder to do additional upgrade work.

But for all the “advance” buildings, I certainly wish they do more than just increase of capacity and production amount, in the name of being more “efficient” as the sneak peek post suggests.


I hope so before I max everything


I will update my stronghold to level 21 soon with my iron :wink:


I build some crafting mats but mostly it just rots.

Crafting, mainly timestops. I have a few buildings that aren’t maxed yet, so I use it for those; houses, and farms mainly… all my storages and mines are fully maxed now.

It’s pretty funny how important iron is at the very start of the game, but then it becomes a commodity later on.

I think I will bump this up. Once you have completed building all the new buildings, including storage. What do you use your Iron for now?

Also maxed all buildings last September. Excess iron go to:

  1. Hero Academy level 6 (train 3* troops, my iron and secondary recruits bank),
  2. Crafting of dragon banners or giant harpoons if i do not have enough hardwood lumber, orichalcum nuggets, dragon bones, etc., and
  3. Embleming heroes.

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