Too much green

Hi all.

Need some advice and opinions on how to proceed on my greens.

General Situation:
3 Full Rainbow sets of 3 :star: 3-50 here,
2 Full Rainbow sets of 4 :star: 4-70 also
Currently working on my first rainbow set of 5 :star: - except green.

Since Morgan le Fay was my first 5 :star: ever half a year ago, I am still short of tonics, so she is still sitting at 3-70. :weary:

My other usable greens so far are:
LIttle John at 4-70 +1
Melendor at 4-70 +10
Caedmon at 4-70 in a few days
Belith, Brienne, berden and mnesseus all at 3-50

Which is the best choice to work on as long as I am lacking those f***ing tonics for Morgan (I know, shrikewood will appear till end of the month). 13 sturdy shields hanging around also. But I will strictly feed green feeders to green.

My green roster contains - all at 1-1:
2nd caed
2nd mel

No use for skittle in my opinion
Gad or kash only Tank option in raid tourneys, no high priority, no more use for them.

  1. 2nd mel for war
  2. 2nd caed for war
  3. is Kadilen at 3-70 any good for war, raids (Long grind for another 6 tonics)
  4. Muggy for events/challenge

To get sure, as soon as I have those 6 tonics, Morgan will get priority 1, even at 3-70 she is wing in my war def, can keep me in mid Platinum as Tank and i like her a lot in raids and wars, fast mana leading to slow and cruel punishment to the opponent with high survivability, I often get her to drain life from 2 opponents at one time :innocent:

Thanks for all opinions and advice.

Second Mel if you are weak on healers, if not go woth second Caedmon.


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