Too much food and iron rewards from raiding with 2600 power team

One of the patches, most likely 1.10 had chest rewards increased, i suspect. And now it is too much. It affected raids by filling peoples storages. Before that, a person who’s weaker than me and had 25k food in the tower, was an uncommon find.
Now every now and then i get 50-60k food per raid, my personal record is 77k food so far. And i rarely need to do more than 3-5 skips to find such a rich player to raid.

My team gone up from ~2400 to 2600 in that time, so i would not expect it to affect that much.

Same with iron. There is less iron in there, but still too much. Before that, i had iron deficit while upgrading iron stores, they are expensive and upgrade fairly quickly, so i needed to squeze iron mine upgrade in between them.
now the upgrade takes like 2/3 of the capacity, but still it gets filled before building is finished. So upgrading a mine or even building the 4th mine at all is now a bad investment of time.

It benefits that “double builders” paid feature i guess, for everyone else it means full storages.

So…you’re complaining that your storage is full? :wink:


yeah, look at me complaining it became too easy, lol


What exactly is the purpose of this thread


It’s a back pat to the Devs for making items plentiful. :grin:


I have to disagree. i have no trouble burning up food. nom nom nom my troops and heroes hungry :rofl:


■■■■ people bitch if they can’t get enough food and iron and now people bitch that they have to much food and iron…I love the forums…:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


2nd builder eat much more iron then before, and ham is never too much when you have alliance wars and high level troops.

Seriously, you want pain?
Let us give you pain!

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I think if your food and iron storages are constantly full, that means you: aren’t leveling your heroes and troops as fast as you can/should as well as not crafting as many items as you can. Most of the players I know are constrained by both of those things (food and iron).


These types of games are about resource management. If you are sitting there with full iron/food storage, then there has been a planning error made somewhere along the way. If you plan things out correctly, you should nearly always have something you can do with those resources.


If you have full food, make heroes and level up troops. If you have full iron, make items at your Forge or build buildings.

I like the problem you have. :slight_smile:


You can only get food and iron in raids from a player’s watchtower.

What happened is they added raid arenas. many people in my alliance with level 20 watch towers had zero trophies to make filling their Wanted: Hero mission chest easier. Now they are in gold, platinum or diamond. So it is a lot easier for my to find targets rich in food for my legendary training and rich in iron for my second builder and Forge level 15.

either that, or gamebalance bugreport. For players below level 10 of training center it effectively removes resource management aspect of the game and i suspect that Devs might not have intended it.

and yes, food is easier to spend, i have a long list of 1500 recruits waiting to be dequeued from extremely cheap and enqueued to epic. so it is like 5 million more food i could use. But anyway, i do not feel that i want to upgrade farms beyond level 12

[quote=“Elpis, post:8, topic:19704”]
Seriously, you want pain?
[/quote] Its oversimplification of what i expect of the game :slight_smile:

btw. title was changed, so it might not be clear what i am saying.

too much resources from raiding is i believe a posteffect of increased rewards from ‘wanted’ chests and titan battles. They put too much rewards there, then a lot of people’s stores got full as a result, they do not empty their watchtowers anymore, and now i can freely reap those resources via raids.

Interesting theory.

I have been tracking Wanted mission chest and titan rewards for food and iron. They appear to be tied to a) a player’s Stronghold level or b) a player’s total food storage AND total iron storage.

As far as my data shows there has been no dramatic changes in those rewards since 2017 Oct ( last year) when I started tracking.

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It could also be a change in finding a raid target algorithm. Probably i just did not see those people with full watchtowers that i can see now. Can’t say what was actually the reason.

typical raidlog btw.
I am most certain my raids were not nearly as successful before 1.10

BTW it did not happen overnight. As i remember it, i had around zero balance of food during raids like 3 weeks ago. I mean i spent around the same amount of food on skipping as i got from successful raids.
People had like 15k food available on average. When i was finding someone with 40k+ food, he was being guarded by 3000+ team.
Then raid rewards started gradually increasing, week after the patch people with 30-40k food (that i can defeat) started to appear more often. Then, last week, i even bragged in alliance chat that i raided few people for 50k food.
Now i have several 70k+ raids. Something certainly broken. Something that started filling people’s coffers around the realm.

I’ve been building a stash of craft items by trying to stay under caps for food and iron. I understand leveling troops will be another way to use food, but I haven’t unlocked that building just yet.


Don’t worry, when you get further along you are going to level all your farms to 20 and still come short on food :wink:
And you are going to burn iron in your forges too, so you are even going to level your mines eventually.
I do remember at some point having plenty of both, has been a while. And you won’t get big amounts from raiding when you hit diamond either, so it will work out fine, lol


BTW, I am bee-lining to lvl 20 of the stronghold currently.
i have already made all the arrows, axe attacks and turtle banners i could. Bear banners seem better in combat, but they cost me as much as 2 axes, ingredient-wise. Further upgrade of the forge takes too long, and it looks like a waste of time to me. Upgrading a forge for the sake of spending iron? No, sir. Too low a priority.

After upgrading SH, there are 3 camps to upgrade to lvl20(one will remain at 11 for some time, obviously). And then there is troop barracks. Only then i am planning to upgrade the forge and make items. So i have 4-6 weeks (may be even more) of guaranteed abundance of iron.

If nothing changes by then.

Tornadoes, bombs, dragon attacks are all wonderful on events though, so I would say worth it. But I think I also concentrated on my forge when I had my first tc at lvl20, can’t remember exactly. But anyway, after I upgraded my forge I never had too much iron anymore, just making a few tornadoes can empty your storage.
Like I said, will work itself out :wink:

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