Too much choice... Who gets the 4* mats

Hello everyone! Seeking advice on which 5*'s I should be devoting my feeders/mats.

With 4* mats being so rare I always find myself being very picky about who to accend, and occasionally flipflopping between heroes which leaves my roster a) messy and b) ultimately weaker than if I’d of focused on maxing one by one.

Currently have 5 tabbards (Morlovia anyday now) 7 darts and 17 tonics, only have 1 ring and 2 scopes so red and blue won’t be hitting 4th tier for quite some time but still would be great to get some opinions, and whether emblems should be a deciding factor when maxing heroes? (I have no 5* Sorcerer/Monk/Rogue maxed) Included my roster of each element and a brief summary of my own thoughts (now that I’ve finished writing everything I’ve realised these “brief summaries” are actually full blown essays :rofl: so I’ve hidden them to save anyone time scrolling)

My defence holds me in diamond no problem so my main focus is probably raids/war then challenge events & titans a close 2nd & 3rd

Rigard+10 (w/costume)
Tiburtus 4/70 (w/costume)
Merlin 4/55 (currently leveling)
Rigard#2 1/35
Sabina 1/14

My options are:
Seshat 3/70
Khiona 3/01
Kunchen 3/70
Grimble 1/13
Domitia 1/01
Quintus 1/01 (costume 1/01)
Sartana 1/01

Dark Notes

Now the no brainer here imo is Seshat, especially she’s been waiting almost a year to see 4th tier, however all my ranger emblems are currently going to Finley, whereas I’ve no maxed 5* rogue, and enough emblems to get Khiona to +9, but even with emblems I’m unsure whether she would get more use than c.rigard, his atk boost is weaker than Khiona but all allies>nearby. Also with c.rigard in my roster, I don’t see the need to max Kunchen, if I need a purple tank, Clarissa (or even kage) can fill that role. Grimble looks useful with all the minion spammers, will bring him to 3/70 eventually but not worthy of the mats at this stage, Sartana and Domitia both seem like downgrades on Seshat, but at least Dom could get rogue emblems, and finally Quintus has big tile damage, even more so w/costume bonus, and a lot of emblems to beef him up (+14), but slow mana is a real thorn in his side

G.Gazelle 4/80
Wu Kong 4/70
Mist 4/33 (currently leveling)
Li Xiu 3/60 (costume 1.01)
Jackal#2 3/60 (to max after Mist)
Hu Tao 2/25

My options are
Vivica 3/70
Ravnir 3/70
Neith 2/10
Malosi 1/12
Sir Roostley 1/01
Justice 1/01
Leonidas 1/01
Wait for Joon…

Holy Notes

I’m in need of a yellow 5* hitter to pair w/Jackal, So Malosi, Leonidas or Roostley seem like the best options, They’re all average so would pair well with G.Gazelle, I don’t have a 5* Monk so that’s a plus for Leonidas, Malsoi’s SS is very useful but 300% damage to single target is a bit on the weak side, and Roostley’s tile damage is really good and Gazelle would prevent the atk debuff, but the chain mechanic means he’s less effective as more targets are killed. I would find it so much easier to decide if I had Joon, Fast speed, solid damage dealer and worthy candidate for my Monk emblems, but he still refuses to show up in my TC20, Do I accend one of those 3 (or other options) or continue to wait for Joon?

Mother North+10
Melendor+11 (w/Costume)
Cademon 4/70 (Costume 1/01)
Buddy 4/55 (Currently leveling)
Kashhrek 3/60 (Costume 1/01)
Peters 3/60
Brynhild 3/01 (To max after Buddy)
Lil John 2/25 (w/Costume 1/01)
Hansel 1/40 (To max after Brynhild)

My options are: (17 tonics so will acend 2 but who first?)
Lady Of The Lake 3/70
Telluria 2/60
Lianna 3/01
Atomos 1/23
Elkanen 1/01
Horghall (w/Costume) 1/01
Mother North#2 1/22
Kingston#2 2/01

Nature Notes

Lianna seems like the best option here, but would she be better than a 2nd Kingston? Lianna hits harder but Kingston has the atk down, paired together they could cripple both sides of a defence, I think it boils down to variety or utility and I don’t know which would benefit me more.
I’d say Lady of the lake is the other main contender for tonics, big heal, her sword minions are so much fun to use, and perfect candidate for Sorcerer emblems (+14), only real downfall is slow mana, and would she be better than a 2nd mother north for war teams? Same speed, mn slightly weaker heal, but with a revive chance. Main thing putting me off maxing both Lotl and MN#2 is that they can both do their job at 3/70, maxing them will only make them more sturdy, and I’m currently not planning on using either in defence (MN#1 is left wing on my war def, kingston right wing on raid def). Atomos seems decent now after buff, but I still feel his damage based on mana can be a little underwhelming whenever I’ve faced him on defence, and he perhaps wouldn’t be as useful as some of the other options. As for Telluria, since I’ve never used her for raiding (only farming 8-7) I have no idea how well she performs on raid offence at max, I personally feel they’ve overnerfed her with the 3 turn to 2 turn mana slow (let’s not start a Tell nerf argument though, we have enough of those already…) I just can’t see her being that effective on offence, please correct me if this isn’t the case. Lastly Elkanen and Horghall, maybe I’ll do Elk eventually once my nature options have thinned but I can’t see Horghall getting past 1st tier, even with the costume bonus

A little uncecassary backstory - Why my Telluria isn't already maxed(pre-nerf)

I was late to the party with Telluria, by the time I got her, 95% of all defences I faced were the dreaded GTV combo, and I (foolishly) said to myself, I’m not gonna level her because then I’m contributing to the Telly over saturation (Looking back on that statement, yes I do realise I could’ve leveled her and not put her in defence, but I was so fustrated at my W/L ratio taking a massive plunge and wanted nothing to do with her :rofl:)

Black Knight 4/80
Gravemaker 4/80
Boldtusk+3 (w/Costume)
G.Falcon 4/54 (currently leveling)
Gormek 3/60
Lancelot 1/15 (to max after Falcon)

My options are:
Marjana 2/14
G.Kong 1/12
Grazul 3/70
Jean François 1/26
Santa 1/01
Elena 1/01
Gravemaker#2 1/01

Fire notes

Marjana was 100% getting the set of rings I was saving but ToL blessed me with 2x GM. Regarded by many as one of the best if not the best fire hero I pulled the trigger instantly. Now this has made my next 5* decision a little more difficult, personally feel it’s between Marj and G.Kong. Marj is one of the only red snipers in the game, fast speed and I’d say more versatile than kong, she would also get rogue emblems. However kong would slot into my mono red team perfectly for war/titans, even more so now that he cleanses on top of a hefty AoE. He would not be getting any emblems since Kage currently has them and GM or BK will get them before he does. As for all the other options, Grazul seems tough enough to survive at 3/70 long enough to fill her role, Love JF’s defence flip, but no direct damage really puts me off, would accend him but maybe when I have more 5* depth. Don’t see the need to max Santa at this time, already have a solid tank w/BK. Elena has the tile damage but counterattack vs kongs cleanse, kong all day long! 2nd gravemaker would be nice but I think variety would be better until my 5* roster is bigger

Vela 4/80
Kiril 4/80 (Costume 1/01)
Sonya 4/80 (w/Costume)
Triton 4/52 (currently leveling)
Boril 3/60
Sonya#2 2/01
Grimm#2 1/35

My options are:
Isarnia 1/50 (w/Costume 1/01)
Ageir 3/01
Miki 3/70
Fenrir 1/04
Misandra 1/50
Magni 1/01
Richard 1/01
Finley#2 1/01
Vela#2 1/01

Ice notes

I keep changing my decision on which ice 5* should be next probably more than any other element (Don’t have the scopes right now so will be working on Kiril costume/ 4* dupes anyway) Currently I’m thinking Isarnia should be next for the scopes, she’s slow but 869 attack w/costume
absolutely insane damage and would replace Grimm on titans/challenge event blue team where mana speed doesn’t really matter since you can use mana pots. Our alliance is fighting 9* titans so Miki can survive no problem at 3/70. Aegir’s spirit link is very useful and will take him to 3/70, but I don’t see myself needing him maxed at this stage, survives during the class trials without being dripfed health potions and even used him on some later war teams fighting 4000+TP teams no problem. As for all the snipers, Misandra is tempting, not for the damage, but for the mana gain, but she can still do that at 3/70. Fernir looks fantastic, love the artwork but his special is very situational, under 50% = dead hero, over 50% = a tickle, whereas Magni, even though he’s super squishy, hits like a truck regardless of health. Richard without costume, meh in comparison to the other options. Vela#2, great hero, even after the nerf, but once again think variety would be better. Now Finley#2 on the other hand, I use Finley on 90% of all raids, because of the amount of buffers and HOTM w/ elemental link he hits multiple targets more often than he does a single, and that’s what makes me consider a 2nd over a unique hero

Any advice is greatly appreciated and thank you to anyone who’s taken the time to read my ramblings haha


I would go:
Seshat all the way. Very good (if not best) dark sniper ever. Then maybe Sartana or Kunchen depending on needs. About Domitia - if you get her costume, she is better than Seshat for you (because she eats rogue emblems)

I would go Malosi, he is good PvP blocker (Makes puppets from DoT heroes for 6 tiles). Next - Wait for Joon.

I would go for LoTL or for Telluria, due to my likeness for healers. But Lianna is very good option too. 2nd Kingston - good, but for me he is boring.

Isarnia is a good choice, but I would try to get C.Magni and max him, because I do not see any snipers in your Ice setup.


What a roster!! Here’s my two cents:

Purple: Seshat for sure. She’s useful everywhere…wars, defense, raids…a near perfect hero

Yellow: I’d put malosi as the best, mainly because most of the others don’t intrigue me. Roostley a close second, his charge move can be a killer

Green: with all those tonics you have a great problem. I’d say for sure one should be Lady of the Lake. She goes off and it’s lights out for the enemy. With the other tonics any combo of Telly/Lianna/Atomos. Whatever suits your play style

Red: this one is tough. With synergy used with vela and Clarissa: I’d probably recommend JF. That being said you could really use a red sniper Marj. And I love using Grazul in raids. See, tough call pal!

Blue: I’d normally say miki but Gazelle is solid too for that titan role. Personally I’d do isarnia with costume. If you don’t like her slow mana, another Finley is always good.

Good luck!!


Thanks for the reply, well you’ve confirmed what I suspected about Seshat being one of the top snipers well worth the mats over the rest despite lack of ranger emblems
I’m in no doubt about Malosi being very useful, it’s that I’d see him as a utility hero rather than a damage dealer which I’m lacking in Holy (apart from Jackal) after I finish Mist and Jackal #2 I’ll focus on him to actually try him out at 3/70
For Nature I assumed most would say Lianna in an instant so its nice to see some love for LOTL even though she’s slow! And as for Tell, still a top hero on offence then? After nerf looked to me sort of like neith, does a lot of things, just not as well as many other heroes
And for Ice, when you say no sniper, would you not regard Finley as a sniper? Did say in notes that he does act more like a fast AoE 90% of the time so I suppose that isn’t really sniper material haha I’d absolutely love Magni costume and would level over Isarnia because similar stats and Fast>Slow. I would say it’s between those 2 but Issy has the edge just because of costume bonus

But he has almost same damage as Jackal AFAIK.

She is not a top on offence, just normal healer, but if you have 23 mana troops, she would charge from 9 tiles, and LoTL from 11.
But LoTL is really a beast with those undispellable mana cut. Any bosses will be a joke with her, events were easy, and if she goes once, 3 enemy heroes will cannot charge.

For me he is a good fast AoE.

She is a beast on titans and on events (with Miki or G.Gazelle), yes. But you can catch a better blue before Issy.

And you already have fast def down AoE - Finley.

Thanks for your response! Another point for Seshat, knew she’s a great hero and well worth the mats (she’s waited long enough for em!) It’s the multiple great heroes being bundles into same classes that really bug me haha
And another point for Malosi, seems I’ve overlooked actually how good of a hero he actually is, just mentioned in my previous reply about I see him as a utility hero rather than a damage dealer which I’m lacking in holy, planning to bring him to 3/70 just to test him out :smiley:
So nice to see more praise for LOTL, as the game gets more and more fast heroes the slow ones get left behind so glad the concensus is that she can still hold her own
Actually surprised you mentioned JF over some of the other options, but I haven’t used him on raids only against so maybe overlooking the importance of that defence flip, and you do have a point about needing a red sniper w/Marj (tbh the game needs more than 2 red snipers in the 1st place haha)
And for blue yeah issy is probably my best choice, either her or Magni so I’ve got a solid hitter, but its so hard to ignore issys attack stat

First off, I’m sorry I don’t know how to quote sections to make things easier to read instead of scrolling up and down haha (can quote the entire post, don’t know how to do sections)

Yes, Jackal only does I think 260% damage but he’s got a huge attack stat, don’t know how Malsosi compares, but Jackals role is for the elemental def down, very rarely the killshot, would Malsoi be able to finish the job?

Sadly my troops are waaaaay off lv23, currently lv11 but have enough saved up to bring them to next breakpoint of lv17, I’m more drawn towards Lianna now over tell and working on another melendor costume instead once all my other greens are leveled.

And regarding Issy, it’s the huge attack stat that drew me in, very true as you say about already having a def down w/Finley, it’l be a while before I have the scopes anyway so got plenty of time to think it over, (Magni’s slowly looking like the better option overall aha)

I have Joon, Neith, and Malosi all at 3/70 and just got my last dart. I currently have Vivica and Guardian Owl maxed. Who should I max?

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