Too many yellows - advice please

I’m swamped with yellows:

1 Wu Kong
1 malosi
1 chao
1 vivica
2 Hu Tao
2 Joon

Any suggestions?

Which yellow do you have maxed?
Do you have already solid 3* maxed (means 2x maxed on each color)?
Wukong is great xtra attack buff for titan if you do not have: Miki, Tarlak, Ranvir, Gazelle.
Malosi is great blocking with lvl 11 mana we can use him only 6 tiles.
Joon is solid sniper.
Chao is also great fast half sniper mana cutter, addition for war depth.
Hu Tao is great in 4* tournament with rush attack rule.

Do you have the ascension materials for 5*?

As @jinbatsu mentioned do at least 2 (better 3) 3* in every color first, then 3 4* in every color. Now you can think about a 5* for the first time.
And the real question is: „what do you need?“ and this depends very much on what you already have.

@Mkjs please provide a list of your maxed yellows.

Wu Kong maxed will talents
Malosi maxed @ 60+ 23
Chao maxed @ 60 needs ascending
Vivica maxed @ 60 needs ascending
Hu Tao maxed @ 60 needs ascending
Hu Tao level 29
Joon maxed @ 60+22
Joon level 1

A list of my yellow with current status

I dont understand the 60 and the +22 . If they are maxed they should be 4/80 and we use + to indicate the nodes and the maximum emblem number is 20

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Level 60 +22
Level 60 +23
Maxed up to next ascent level 70
I need orbs to ascend to next level

Finally got 4 orbs should I use them or wait for the darts??

Make a yellow soup.

Level 60…

So 2nd ascension, level 60?

If you’re short of orbs, you definitely want to focus on 4* first. And personally I’d do Wu Kong.

Wu Kong already has talents

Ah okay good choice.

Next then… Stick to 4*.

Typically it would be heroes like Li Xiu, Jackal (of you have him), Mist.

I’d do Chao next from what you’ve listed… Then if you get nothing else, Hu.

One sugestion. Take your time. You’ll ascend all of them sooner or later. Best way to aproach this is the natural order first make a solid 3* base, then some 4*, you can’t really go wrong up to this point. Meanwhile gather the precious poison darts. Then it becomes delicate… Decideing what 5* to invest the darts in is an ugly business…

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I’ve now got orbs, should I wait for the darts ?
And I’ve also got another chao

2 Joon
2 chao
2 Hua Tao
1 vivica
1 Malosi
1 Wu Kong ( with talents)

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