Too many purple 5*. How to make defense team? Help

Hi all. I have a problem because I’ve pulled too many 5* Heroes and I completely have no idea how to make defense team of them. Help me. There is what I have for now:

If that is all of your fives, there are in my opinion only two certainties that should appear in your defense

Ursena and Joon

Based only on what I can see a functional defense right now being something like

Sonya Joon Ursena Kashrek Kelile

Chameleon won’t help in defense, and Elena tends to be too slow and squishy to be a defensive threat. Her positives are titans and map stages

So unless you have any other fives hidden away, that is probably the best defense you’ve got

If you post your full roster then we could comment further?

It may also be that you shouldn’t be too focused on either defense or fives, if that is the depth of your roster. Threes and fours might need more love first


Team in this order Kelile Ursena Sonya Kashrek and Joon should work good. Good luck!

If this are your only options, I wouldn’t ride the rainbow:


When all are maxxed of course.


What level are you raiding at? if you’re still in Gold or even platinum, your emblemed Kashrek could be a viable tank…

Cmon… “Right now” there’s one A grade tank maxed (Kunch) and another 81 levels and a bunch of mats away.

Ursena is a great hero and well worth maxing,

Very much this… Pick hero’s for attack, build defence from what you end up with.

Max 5’s if you have the mats, leave them alone if you don’t.

This. No need to run a weak rainbow team when you have such great dark heroes.

Agree, but he is a tank and purple. Ursena is in my view a better tank and purple.

Sure, but right now he’s maxed and she isn’t.

She’s a slightly better tank IMHO too, but with that many levels gap it’s not even close

You’re right @BubblesUK, I was mixing her up with Sartana in terms of how far she was trained

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