Too many options, looking for advice on leveling

Hey all, first post and trying to figure out where to focus my efforts. Here is my collection


Currently working on QoH for red since i have 1 set of rings, but have no other 4mat sets so not sure that it is worth leveling the other 5s i have.

Looking to start raising up one of each color after that. Any advice?

Thanks @zephyr1 , sorry i had the wrong category

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I’d be focusing on 4* still for where you are in the game. You’ll get way more mileage out of them, and way sooner too.

Red: finish Wilbur and Falcon, then Scarlett. Wilbur, Boldtusk, Falcon, Scarlett and Wu make a great Nature Titan team.

Yellow: finish Chao and Li Xiu, then I’d personally take both Hu Tao and Danzaburro to 3-60 and decide which you want to max first, or if you have another yellow to work on by then. A lot of people would say otherwise, but I don’t regret maxing my Hu Tao, and I’ve gotten a lot of use out of him.

Green: finish Buddy (I’d finish Brienne too, she can do amazing things), then Caedmon, then Melendor

Blue: finish Kiril, then Triton

Purple: finish Proteus and Sabina and Tiburtus, then Rigard

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Finish off those 4* in their last tier. Wilbur, Proteus, Falcon, Chao… not sure what others you’ve got.

Take heroes all the way unless there is an extreme need to take another one up. You’ll start having more depth on your roster and be able to apply emblems to unlock skills and further growth like you did with BT

With that said QoH is an amazing flank to draw fire from your tank when you are at a platinum level. Your best tank is Blodtusk at the moment so I’d probably give him tanking honours until QoH is at least 3.70, then replace woth QoH until you get another top tank and the materials to take them there.

Flank BT with your two green defense droppers Evelyn and Buddy. They will murder any blue stack that is brought against the BT (eventually QoH tank). Put Valeria and Chao on the wings for speed attack and you’ve got a very aggressive defense that will hold cups and trap a lot of players who don’t understand the dynamics of those characters working together.

Thanks guys, especially for the line up advice. I figured on queen that i had bt, falcon, and wilbur near max so i had enough red leveled to work on a5* in that color.

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