Too Many New Heroes

Guys… a hero a month is more than enough! I think thats too many. With special events adding 5 or more at a time - total overkill… especially on top of the hero of the month! Having some stability in the hero base is strongly desired on my end for a lot of reasons (especially with so much of the game being so random i.e. boards, combos, summons, etc). I could go on and on however wanted to start the topic n hear some feedback. Thanks

Heretic, burn him!


I really hope this game is not Like Heathstone.
A lot of Cards/ Heros and the most you will never see again.
My Statement:
Event- and Month-Heros should not be “unique” in this game.

They are limited time only heroes. Else we need to play the events again. They can make similar heroes for free thats are less powerful in stats and skills.

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Well, when I see the same heroes over and over again on titan lists, and on raids, arguably there’s too few and not enough diversity.

I think the path SG has taken is a better revenue model as well though admittedly that’s a somewhat cynical viewpoint.

Realistically the 5* with the possible exception of Panther in the event aren’t going to come to much; Kong and Owl both are solid event bosses but on raids / titan / map as a player hero, I just don’t see it. In the prior event Locke didn’t really pan out on raid defense (even if I still would be interested in her raid attack), Kestrel is an odd duck having tried him though he is an interesting defensive choice, and Sargasso is maybe slightly better than Kong but still no real use case outside of the horribly niche.

If anything the 4*'s which are way more approachable have the most use for those of us who don’t have a slew of 80’s laying around: Cabin Boy is good, Falcon / Jackal both promise to be useful on titans if nothing else.

It won’t change the game balance much except maybe on titan damage charts but even then single color armor debuff isn’t in the same class as say Athena and it’s a more mana intensive build in the post 1.6 consumable world… so there are tradeoffs.

End of the day none of the heroes are “gotta have” unlike say pre-nerf Athena, so overall I applaud having the additional heroes.


I am thinking that this will be the last set of 5 heroes for a while other than the random change to the HoTM. From now on we will just see repeats of events at least for a while.

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