Too Many New Alliances. Hurting Recruiting

You know I don’t frequent this website that much. Who you ban is up to you. I’M NO NEWCOMER. I spent way over 300 in this month alone.

Eh no? I didn’t make the comment you’re referring to. I wasn’t even in the thread at that time :slight_smile:

People start new alliances for different reasons and that has gone on for 2 yrs

Restrictions and increasing costs have been brought up in the past but i don’t personally agree with them since they weren’t implemented when current alliances were started then i don’t feel like it would be all that fair to future teams and players to be under harsher conditions for starting a team than we were

Personally i enjoy watching new alliances form and grow and look forward to seeing some of them as friends and competitors

Recruiting can be tough but that just means you have to be a bit more tactful with your recruiting efforts and know that just ad updating and spamming isn’t always the best choice

Conversation and connections go a long ways for recruiting


What part of this comment failed to get in to your brain “New alliances will fail or prosper on their merit or lack thereof alone. Why restrict it?”
Quote me on what I said was toxic or get flagged. Likewise what I think of you from these forums and your input would get me flagged so I’ll leave that out. So come up with something actually real and quotable before you presume to know me and my intent. All I did was disagree with the OP.

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Lol really?

We would kick you because you can’t hack it and your attitude sucks. 2 common reasons we boot people even though we rarely boot anyone.

And yes @Math4lyfe is our lead in Crew. So you were directly trashing us with your responses to her, nice denial and “idk what you’re talking about” response though. A for effort, but the clueless innocent card is something i rarely find believable and this isn’t one of those times


Dude, they are statements of fact, not “toxic opinions”. I left my last alliance because they wanted me to comply with a US timetable that was convenient for them. I could not, did not and left amicably.

The thin skin is strong with you I suspect. Yoda told me.

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Lol blame 29 others for you not being able to keep up? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: priceless

And the remarks about not seeing our ad, us complaining it’s hard to recruit, our alliance not being appealing etc

What were those remarks about if not personal attacks?

Guys, remember our dear overworked mods :wink:

The fact is that sft1965 would never be in CREW or in mine because chats with prospective members tend to be a two-way interview. And I should hope that sft1965 (and any others feeling the same way) wouldn’t waste their time or ours to find out what we already know, that our goals and ambitions don’t match.

Clearly they got into an alliance that had some expectations of participation, and for whatever reason this was a surprise.

Yes, most would be “inflexible” because they already have x members that like the existing rule-set :smiley:


You mean it’s ok for 29 people to not completely change the way they do things for 1 guy that wants in?

Mind blowing!


There were not 29 other US citizens, I stated that I could not comply and left. I didn’t waste their time, they didn’t waste mine. You are just looking at ways to offend me. Pro tip: try harder. I have fired more people than you (but sadly just like you) have been alive in years.

EDIT: in case you missed out on the memo, the US is SG’s prime market.

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Lol it’s not about offending you

It’s about holding you accountable for running your mouth about a group of people you didn’t know

Do your research before flapping your gums or stick to the broad topic at hand rather than making it personal

It’s that simple

Someone bashes or attacks me? Doesn’t bother me one bit, happens daily in this forum.

Once my team and teammates are being trashed then yea I’ll absolutely step in to set it right

By the way we have players from at least 3 different continents, possibly more. Don’t hear them complaining or using time zones as an excuse for not being able to pull their weight.

I’m not trying to offend you at all. I’m just saying that sometimes alliances aren’t the right fit and it’s pretty easy to reduce the chances of conflict by chatting first.

Though not always :smiley:

There are alliances with strategy that works around differing log in times… That’s one of the questions you can ask when seeking a group.


My two cents. Founding an alliance is fine as it is now. But as suggested many times before, the dead alliances have to be removed+the alliance search must be improved.
I am sick doing a search and first 20 alliances are full or dead.

  1. searching without any key word should not show 30/30 alliances
  2. implement a filter for e.g. language, cups needed, only open or only invite alliances and so on.
    Many are looking for new players but never get the opportunity to pop-up in a normal search. I think because of reasons above. Change this and I am sure it will get easier to get new players.

I cannot disagree with you in any way at all. If they had said we co-ordinate wars and attacks to suit our timezone and we expect compliance, a whole 6 days could have been saved; if I had let such a situation continue then I would be at fault but we parted amicably. I apologised, they apologised; all good as far as I’m concerned.
EDIT: for my part, I believe you to be one of the most reasonable and courteous people here.

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Would add including a global chat tutorial that shows how to find alliance recruitment to that list

Have talked to players before that played 6 months to a year in a half dead alliance not knowing how to find other options

Granted most probably didn’t look very hard, but still seems odd that in game toolbars and features aren’t explained in the tutorial


Where did I say I did not comply with rules? It seems from your statement that the entire US is your alliance and I’m running my mouth off at all of them. Did I name an alliance? Even hint at it? No. But you are intent on being offended and offensive simultaneously it seems. Sadly you are destined for a life of cruel disappointment it seems to me. In the mean time, my advice, get a hobby like pencil sharpening or fingerpainting.

Yes you hinted at it right here:

This was a direct response to math about her and our alliance…

Again neither her or the rest of our team complain about recruiting

We do have a forum ad

And we do have an appealing group of people and set of rules/expectations

So again quit playing the “i didnt say anything of the sort, i swear” card

The quote tool is awesome in times such as these

Btw it sucks for you that you don’t have any friends in this game, some of us in Crew actually run into each other and hang out, have a couple brews, cut up, game chat, and discuss real life as well. Does make me happy you’ll never experience that though.

Especially when it is used out of context to apply to a post I wasn’t responding to.

Do you see the reply icon on the top right hand corner. If I have to wait 3 hours for a post to be approved and it appears out of context that is on you not to check who i was responding to. Just take a look every response i have made to an individual and you will see it is captioned with an arrow and the member name.

Why you think that people you meet in an online game are friends baffles me. Friends are people who bail you out at 3 in the morning and have your back. I feel fortunate with mine but pity you yours.

The only posts that await approval are ones with words like



In them

Try again…

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