Too Many New Alliances. Hurting Recruiting

Does anyone else feel like lately there has been a plethora of new fledgling alliances with anywhere from 2-10 people that are hurting recruiting opportunities of long established alliances? I have been recruiting daily for several ,moths and never have had this problem in the past. Most of these alliances will fold but it is really making it difficult to staff a long-standing alliance.

I think maybe this would be aided by making it more costly, more of an investment to start a new alliance. Put some responsibility behind the undertaking.

Anyone else have thoughts on this? Is it just par?


I think it is fine as it is. The alliance I created started with 3 ppl and has grown to 29/30


And I’m sick of US centric alliances and their rules: use all flags in alliance wars, wait until we kick off (no we don’t care that it’s 5:00 am tomorrow morning in your country). Use all 6 titan flags in the first 12 hours (sorry, I was asleep and having a life before that). Be available 24/7 fellow EDIT: lonely friends (EDIT: in anticipation of the flag (which happened), fellow romantically challenged people) etc.

Make your alliance appealing to people and you may have less trouble recruiting. Are you going to tell me your alliance started with a 30/30 roster where everyone has 1600 cups?



I think a lot depends on the player level / experience of player you are trying to recruit. When I first started this game i had no idea about anything (may have improved a tad since then).

My sister played and I just tagged along as the newbie. She found a good group of people I now call friends, I found the forum and I’ve visited a number of alliances building a list of contacts / friends along the way.

Keeping an eye on the alliance recruitment thread is a good idea as well. A number of players make their own posts and are usually inundated with offers. It pays to get in quick.

I’m finding now, word-of-mouth, or referrals from contacts / friends is more effective. Even looking up individual rankings of global / local players draws another echelon of players.

And of course, some people just like the “no drama” alliance of one. Each to their own.

IMHO there is no sure recipe for successful recruiting. Except once you find good people, the alliance environment and comradearie will keep them there during victories and especially defeats. Well, that’s what I’ve found.

Oh, I had a lot to say :smile:. Good luck


Whoa whoa… not sure what you’re saying is entirely truthful. Expectations are put in place so that the goals of the alliance can be accomplished as a team. If those expectations don’t work for you, then it’s not a good fit.

Our alliance is appealing to people… people who have similar playstyles. Nothing to do with location, just gaming mindset.


And yet you complain of the trouble recruiting. If you have a decent product and expectations people should be flocking to you. I also haven’t seen your recruiting ad in the forum so where do they come from? People just join an alliance because it one of the very few ways you can get ascension mats. Friendship? I haven’t seen anything like that. Demands; plenty. I’ll quote from my first alliance from the leader and co-leader with 137 cups that: “just keep doing what you do” “are you going to try to kick me because I don’t play?”.

Hmm. I haven’t complained about recruiting personally. But I’m sure people have… since this is a place to brag, vent, ask questions… etc.

I’ve been very fortunate to be a part of my alliance for over a year. We do have reqs. We do hold players accountable. And we do let them know up front what’s expected. But after all the formality is over with, we have fun… we challenge each other, help each other be better, whether it’s raids or wars or titans. Whatever. We’re sitting comfortably in the top 50.

Friendships? Absolutely. How can you not form friendships with people you chat with on a daily basis?

Sounds like you’ve had some bad experiences, and for that I’m sorry. A game that you spend your leisure time playing should bring you some joy.

May tomorrow be more positive and may the boards shine in your favor.


Are you suggesting restrictions on forming new alliances? That’s wouldn’t be fair. I’ve actually been considering starting one of my own. I am presently co-leader of an all male team which I have grown disgruntled with due to obscene and foul communications. If you have your way, I would be prevented from doing that. Nooo if the developers would adopt such a restriction, I believe players would loudly protest.

If you don’t have girls on your team you are already at a disadvantage. My experience is that they perform well generally and just keep things nice.


I’m level 41, and their highest scorer; have more then 30 5* heroes, 5 emblemed to tier 7. All I asked of them is to restrict vulgar/lewd language and adverse comments about ex-wives and children, since they can’t defend themselves. That’s personal stuff and should be kept out of this public arena.

So no sft1965, you should not get your way with new alliances (LOL)

Here’s a story that happened to me. I was playing a different game and ended up in an alliance I didn’t belong in. I was new to the gaming world and was learning a lot. But I found myself exposed to stuff I didn’t like and behaving in a manner that I am not proud of.

There were other issues here. Using e&p terminology, I was c2p and many here were p2w. I liked the strategy aspect of the game and many others were like “I don’t care - I’ll just pay for more.” It was very frustrating seeing people play so poorly just because they had the capability to drop a few hundred for strength.

In the end, I was eventually kicked from the alliance. I reconsidered where I was personally and decided not to participate in games like this.

I found e&p and avoided it for about 2 months. I didn’t want a new game. But the fantasy and puzzle aspect drew me in. Once in, I avoided alliances. Eventually I joined one but not a major one. The current alliance I’m in was not on Line or Discord. We decided to take the next step as an alliance and I set up a Line group (I was familiar with Line from my past experience). I’ve also found enjoyment here in this community. In all, I’ve found a lot of enjoyment here in the game, with my alliance, and on the forum.

This was a long story but I hope it helps. I was not happy where I was but stayed out of loyalty. I should have left earlier instead of ending up in the situation I found myself in. There are lots of alliances out there. If your current one doesn’t fit your personality, I encourage you to seek out another. Life’s too short to put up with something if you’re not happy. Good luck!


Thank you for the good wishes. I watched an older video about boards the other day and to an extent you can turn a bad board into a good one to an albeit far more limited degree now than then. As far as alliances go I don’t consider myself unlucky to any real degree but just finding one can be a challenge (how do you actually find an alliance?) and by the time they are actively recruiting they tend to be relatively inflexible except for one I found which was full (surprise) “old farts, life happens, do your best, don’t be too serious” or something like that was their description.

Agreed. We run what we call a “semi-competitive” alliance.

We have all the trappings and rules of truly competitive alliances - and several players who’ve been to #1 overall, but we treat those rules as guidelines and ask people to do their best to meet them, when life allows.

We also have 4-5 developing teams that we’re guiding and teaching. They get mauled in war and may cost us a few victories, but it’s wonderful to experience the players joy as they make steps of improvement.

And we have one player who is active-duty front line military currently on deployment in a place where he gets shot at routinely. He has entirely full dispensation to miss war or titans and we don’t give him any grief because… well, legit real life hero.

I’ll often set my alarm to be around to call the start of war, but sometimes I’m working or too tired and someone else does it.

This semi-serious “try-hard but don’t be dogmatic’ approach suits most of our players well - we’re a mix of former casual players who wanted to win a bit more and super competitive players who wanted less rules and more fun.

The trick for everyone in this game is to find the alliance with the mood and approach that best suits the individual.

But no approach is “wrong”.


Like others have said before the rules aren’t necessarily unreasonable or horrible. A lot of people join those types alliances because they like those rules, and it drives them bonkers when war flags are wasted or titans are needing flasks because players x, y and z forgot to hit.

I’ve often wondered why some people want to join alliances with participation rules when they don’t expect to abide by them, but that’s another mystery that will likley never be answered :slight_smile:

It’s not even about no-lifing, even casual players can desire and appreciate routine and consistency from their teammates. They don’t want to spend all day and night on the game, but they want their time to count.

So yup, the AR threads exist because spots need to be filled periodically. It’s not that the alliance is bad but people’s commitments change or that someone may have thought it was the right fit for them but it wasn’t.

For the OP, I think people should be allowed to form whatever new alliances they want. Yeah, AR gets bogged down sometimes but really that’s on us. In another game where I was recruiting (all the time, no limitations on members) there were basic rules about 1 thread per group (we have that) and one bump per day. Enough to separate the actively-recruiting groups from those that were not, and reducing the need for competitive bumping :slight_smile:


As i routinely point out to my alliance members who complain they don’t have any time to use war flags: everybody poops.

Use your throne time to do double duty and wipe out the enemy.

Busy schedule time problem solved.


I’m totally lost by that comment. Where did i say “my way” or even imply such. New alliances will fail or prosper on their merit or lack thereof alone. Why restrict it? I have a sandbox alliance for people to practice stacking etc without prejudice. What do I get but whingers complaining I stole Titan loot from them? We should just ban newbies by that token.

EDIT: finally posted after 3 hours waiting for “review” so it is a comment totally out of sync with the thread JFYI.

To be honest, I can’t disagree more with the OP.
We can’t deny people their game style just because we want to fill our alliance.

There are tons of not-too-active people or people that just prefer to play with a few friends without others.

Also, active alliances with proper recruitment don’t seem to have troubles with finding members.

On a side note, can you imagine a spam of topics like:

  • Newbies pumping their cups number to join alliances. How to solve the problem?
  • New players spam-joining our alliance. How to get rid of them.
  • Occasional players with no place in the game. Design flaw or pure hatred from devs?
  • Weak players denied titans in a titan-killing game. Is F2P dead?

It wasnt intended for you. I apologize. My response was meant for sft1965

There should be no restrictions period. People are entitled to join and create whatever alliance they want.
Instrad of being upset why there is apparently a plethora of small alliances you would be better off asking why it is happening all of a sudden ( if that is the case ) and try met their needs.

Personally I, frustrated with my ally that we can’t seem to fill the final 2 spots for a few months now , people join and then leave , not sure if expectations are given up front or there are people who just like to jump around , or they taking a sticky beak out our strategies . Either way onus on my alliance to fill those spots we are not entitled to have it filled


Correction: Perilin made the comment. if you follow the string you will notice that Perilin made the comment.

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