Too many Hero's

You guys have got to stop putting out so many new hero’s, its going to take ten years to max what i have now because the drop rates for 4* ascension items are rare. Im gonna have to quit this game if you all keep putting out new hero’s, I cant continue putting so much into this game with little in return.

That’s the first time I read that motive to quit the game…


All hillbillystyle diesnt went any more hero’s. Haha I’ll twke his

Made me kind of go huh, too.


It’s what all the crazy kids do these days! :sweat_smile:


You really claim that you got too many top heroes?
just gimme the ones you don’t want…lol

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This isn’t Pokemon, you don’t need to catch them all. Just go for the ones that truly appeal to you or that you think would help you based on your current needs. Personally I like the idea of dozens upon dozens upon dozens of hero’s because it adds diversity of choice, and it’s nice to see many different teams utilizing many different hero’s.


In all earnest, though I do appreciate and share the humoristic view, what @HillbillyStyle probably meant to say was that he has ran into something I bet we all recognize. He has got more great heroes than he has got ascension items for. If you’ve played for a while you must be able to relate to that.

That’s how it is, @HillbillyStyle. You start the game with too little heroes, and at a certain point in time you have plenty of heroes, but not enough ascension materials to go around. This is where you start being selective. Indeed, you can’t max them all. So pick the most useful, build a team around those.

The overall theme for the game is you work with what you get, and if you’re patient and you persevere, slowly you’ll get more. Bon Voyage!


Hello everyone. Stop complaining. As we say ZenApe and Bertus, there is no obligation to have a huge collection of heroes and therefore to buy, and like all games, you have to be patient. As we say in France, paris was not done in 1 day.

I was just thinking about quitting if they DIDN’T add more heroes and voila, new summer event. I guess they can keep my business a little longer…

You shouldn’t have the need to own every hero in the this game. I’m not sure how long you’ve been playing, but eventually you’ll develop your own style and strategies that work for you and realize that you have more heroes than you care for or need… Also, your needs will change. The heroes you once relied on will no longer fit your needs in the future, i.e. 3s vs 4s, etc… Also, adding more heroes keeps things much more interesting since you’ll never know what you’re going to get during raids. It can get monotonous raiding the same defenses over and over again or using the same heroes all the time.

So the more the merrier I think. Focus on your go-to heroes first and get them leveled up. Don’t worry about all the other heroes you have, like you said, you may not get to them right away anyway for whatever your bottleneck factor is. It’s always nice to have a pool of heroes to pick from when deciding who to work on next…

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There are absolutely more heroes than (almost) any player has resources to level up. @HillbillyStyle notes that 4* ascension mats are rare; I find that feeders are what hold me back. But I have this huge queue of heroes sitting at 1-1, and in all likelihood I’ll never get to half of them.

And this is good.

If every serious player had the same heroes at the same level, the game would get boring. As it is, while I typically see the same, small set of heroes set out on raid and war defense, there are always a few quirky layouts, which are fun for me to figure out how to counter.

As new heroes come out, it forces choices on each of us. How much do I want this one? How will it help my team? How will it interact with my team? Which heroes won’t I be able to develop, or have to defer, if I choose to level this one?

For example, many people were thrilled with Aeron. For me, while I could appreciate his usefulness in principle, I already have three top-shelf heroes with a Heal-over-Time effect (Alberich, Ares, Guinevere), and a lot of purple heroes in the training queue, so I didn’t try very hard to summon him. First HotM I’ve missed since I started playing, too…

I’ve got Natalya sitting at 3/70, but I’ve decided that Gravemaker and now Red Hood are in line ahead of her. Tough call, and one that makes my team less like someone else’s. That diversity is a fundamental strength of the game.