Too many heroes, too few gloves. Who's the next?

Hi, i’m newly looking for an advice on who ascend next.
My heroes full ascended are:
Sumitomo, Zimkitha (waiting for 6th ring), Grimm, Sonya, Kirill, Rigard, Tiburtus, Proteus, Kashrek, Skittleskull, Chao, Wukong.

Now i have 2 gloves for ascension of:
Buddy, Boldtusk, Azlar, Kunchen, Santa, Obakan, Lixiu.

i don’t like too much Lixiu and Khagan.
My first choice is Kunchen, 'cause i think i can boost my defence-team and he can be good vs titan too.
For the second i can’t decide me if another red 5star 3/70 is really better than Buddy or Boldtusk, especially thinking that santa and Azlar are sloooow mana.
i don’t like too much Lixiu and Khagan.
Any suggestion?

Is it only about gloves and you have all the other ascension materials? If so then Kunchen, BT, Azlar, Santa and Buddy are all very solid. As you already have Kiril and Rigard, you could prioritise Kunchen and Buddy.

Li Xiu is alright, her mana control can be useful.

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