Too many 5* reds, only one set of rings

Vanda Or Grazul.

Both are very useful against DoT and debuffer. And agree with @Ultra, VF heroes will change your game a lot :grin:

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Thank you all for your replies! I follow the forum quite frequently and each time the various members still amaze me with their eagerness to help other, less experienced players!
I believe that you are a valuable source of information and you open a lot of different possibilities and strategies for playing the game!

Concerning our subject though, I am wondering , lets say after ascending Vanda, if Kelile can play the role of a sniper (maybe with the help of the upcoming costume), at least until I have the
mats to level Marjana. know that she has restrictions bacause her damage is not good enough but I don’t have any experience playing with her. Or I don’t need to bother with her?

Back in my early days I was running my team with Kelile and Marjana was my first red 5 to ascend and directly replaced her… the difference between Kelile and Marjana was huge (although funny thing Kelile’s DoT is higher). Emblems may have changed that a bit if you can take Kelile all the way up the swords path, but idk. I wouldn’t compare these two. I’d actually prefer Scarlett over Kelile in that case. Note the point of having a sniper is to secure removal of a hero from opponents team before they fire. Kelile quite likely won’t do that. In that case, utility matters - and Kelile’s utility (the DoT) is neglible.

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