Too expensive to "Skip"

I’m training rare-troops in my hero academy and right now I have a queue of 20 troops. To summon 20 troops costs 3200 gems and givs me a change to get 4-star troops. To skip training of the 20 troops (with no chance of getting a 4-star troop) costs 21´840 gems! That is more than 6-times as expensive? Why?

I would really expect it to be cheaper than summoning, since it is not as good. Is there any good reason to this?


The game is designed to be a massive grind, hence the large penalties for speeding up training/build times.


Don’t do it then.
It’s that simple.

On the other hand it would be nice if it was cheaper than summons or much faster. Takes ridiculously long per troop in comparison to tc20. 1 day max would be okay. Momentarily its just a recruit mass grave. You can get rid of recruits and iron. That’s the only positive thing about 3* troop training.


Well, that and it doesn’t cost ALL THE HAMS to level up your troops past lvl 10. 10 3-stars are worth 50 1-stars in terms of upgrade XP, so you only need 20% as much ham.

Back on topic: I agree that the gem costs to speed up research/building/etc. are ridiculous. And they make you wait down to the very last second, too. I’ve played similar games where the last minute is free if you’re active.


I had kind of figured because they were three stars people would just keep them as feeders for their 4 stars? It never occurred to me that people played them. 4 stars are dramatically costly to level up.

Well, here is mine:

Please be reminded that feeding a 1* troop gives 40 experience points, a 2* troop gives 90 experience points, a 3* troop gives 200 experience points, and a 4* troop gives 400 experience points. One of the problems leveling your main troops is the cost of food. The higher the level of the troops, the more expensive and costly it is, food-wise.

Back then, prior to the release of the Hero Academy, players only have the maps, quests, events, gem offers and in-game Shop as sources of feeder troops, among others. While the maps and quests may provide 1* and 2* troops, rare troops are not easily and readily obtained as getting them may often involve gems, or Epic Troop Tokens. Summoning from the troop portal however gives the summoner a 10% chance of an epic troop.

Please understand that training troops at levels 2, 4, and 6 of the Hero Academy is a nice new feature and addition to the game. They can serve as a recruits storage, as well as iron storage, which was previously non-existent. Of course, by reason that they are obtained from the HA at the cost of iron and recruits (and food for researching the function), they may take some time to spew a recruit. I agree that getting 3* troops after 2.5 days of training at the HA is quite to long, while the training camp level 20 produces mostly 3* heroes, and a chance of 4* and 5* heroes, in only 2 days. But skipping them at the cost of gems is ill-advised. Of course, you cannot compare the skipping cost and the summoning cost. I think it is a feature to avoid being abused by players.

But I still believe SG will be fixing Hero Academy soon. Like what they did to the Alchemy Lab. But instead of waiting for that to happen, I might as well churn the gears in there. At least its productive.


I certainly hope so, although I haven’t read about any pending developments in the Beta Beat.

It would really be great to have a third training option - like the three options in the AL - because one of the trainers will likely be tied up retraining my 10 dupe and useless 5-stars for many months to come, since it usually spits out other dupes, too.

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I believe AL was nearly ignored by most high level players. The same doesn’t seem to be true for HA.

Plus AL was a revenue source for them, while HA was designed to be gem free (and this just a time sink).

Sadly, I don’t expect they’ll ever revisit any part of HA. Which sucks.


Well, if negativity breeds further negativity, I’ll soldier on hope and positivity instead. At least I am happy doing so.


Skip it :rofl:


Nope. Otherwise, I’ll go bankrupt :sob:

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The hero academy is without the level 10 function not useful. I develop my supporting troops as long as my food storages are at level 10. Then I will use it only for changing my legendary heroes.

Anyway I will never spend 2000 Juwels or more for supporting troops so for me the comparison is not right. But to wait more than 2 days for a 3* supporting trooper is without counting juwels too long for my opinion.

Cheers Reder

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