Tonics to Frigg or LotL 🤪

I’m at 5/6 tonics finally and with Shrikewood approaching, its decision time. The plan was Frigg, who I can max emblems on for this set up

Eventually I can work BK into this line up as I finally pulled him right after I maxed Gefjon

I’m also one scope away from this line up, but there is emblem conflict with Krampus and LotL but this line up is tempting

Am I insane to even consider not Frigg? Lotl gives me fits when I raid against her, but the first option really seems like the play considering the current meta.

Thanks in advance

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Yes, you are :rofl: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s not even a competition. While I love having LotL due to her healing and mana-cutting minions, she is slow. On the other hand, Frigg is fast, has very respectable high overall stats, belongs to a class that dodges specials and skills ideal for both offense and defense. Frigg already had me convinced due to her mana speed alone.


Depend on you prefer offensive or mana cut and healing feature. I only have LotL (+10), very good for farming, rare missions, events… etc because you can feed her mana drink if need, and mana cut is really useful especially to boss, but better to pair up with high lvl mana troops to boost mana grain. Downside is not good for raids and raid tournament (except rush) because no way to speed up her mana with mana drink.

I’ve read review of Frigg, she is overall very good indeed, and fast mana speed is always a key advantage.

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I’d go with Frigg on the first setup and not look back.

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They are both great. I’d go w Frigg. But Lotl can be a lot of fun too.

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Frigg and Odin are amazing pals. You will take them everywhere together. Like peanut butter and chocolate.


Frigg easily. Frigg - Garnett - Odin is a very scary frontline.

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It’s another vote for Frigg from me

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Please ascend lotl, so i don’t need to face ur scary frigg garnet odin formation on raid


Well, just look up the video by either NittanyLionRoar or Spock about the new defense meta, and you are already almost there with upping Frigg. Frigg-RedTank-Odin is a hell of a flank-tank-flank and while the video focuses on teams with Black Knight, any red tank that stalls the attack long enough to let Odin and Frigg do their thing makes the outcome very bleak for the attacker. I would like to see them take on those teams with Jean-Francois, because he negates the defense down of Frigg. Disclaimer: I don’t have Frigg (really friggin’ want her ;-)) and do have LotL at emblem level 18 who is very nice to have for events and wars. So yes, you are insane(ly lucky to have those heroes!)

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Shrikewood was a nice surprise this morning, got that 6th tonic , used them on Frigg. LotL will wait until next time. Thanks all for the feedback, I figured it was as much but I had the question banging around in my mind since I pulled her.

Now to get her topped off and decide if I want to run
Alasie- Frigg-Garnet- c Kaliden-odin

Or the team at the top


Kaliden being the dyslectic brother of Kadilen? Just kiddin’ :wink:
I think I would place Odin at Kadilen place (even if she has a nice costume to look at), the reason being that if the attacking party is playing the green shields to avoid Frigg having much fuel to go off, that it will produce by laws of average also yellow shields which Odin uses to wreak havoc. Alfrike would be a bit of a odd duck in a fast line-up, but if the attacker is not dead by the time Frigg and Odin kicked their behind, Alfrike would be a nightmare to deal with. Do you have any quick purples? Sartana in the corner perhaps? Seshat would fit better at the left wing, but then you have to bring over Odin also to postion yellow next to purple, and Frigg is best at the left flank anyways with her def down. Choices, choices…but man, you do have a sweet def team in the making…I’m happy with my Jean-Francois to combat your Frigg if I ever meet you…

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Lol I constantly mess up her name that my suggested text is wrong at this point :upside_down_face:

Yeah, seshat or C Sartana both at 4.80 are both options for over there its just a emblem issue then. Also have Kage at 3.70. Waiting to see what my luck is with the ninja tower before I start moving stuff tho.

@mrslam23 this just might work :grin:

Well, don’t level up Cobalt any further and refrain from putting emblems in Seshat, and we have a deal… :wink: Jus’ kidding’! I would put Seshat to the left, because if she goes off first, she debuffs. Or is there a good case to be made that Cobalt should go first? I’m not yet that familiar with those ninja’s. Man, I would love to have Frigg. She just killed me from the tank position in our Alliance war, not enough red. I’m looking into bringing maybe green to kill her at tank, that way, I let my board stay clean from green tiles.

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