Tonics - Phileas Fogg or Quenell

A high quality problem…. I’m deciding between Phileas Fogg and Quenell for the next set of tonics. Both are great heroes and will be fully levelled/emblemed eventually but who gets to go first?

Quenell has family bonus with Wolfgang who is about to be fully levelled/emblemed.

As for emblems, I have enough Ranger emblems for either Quenell or Onyx. Likewise for Fighter emblems between Phileas Fogg and Octros.

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Have an alternative EDD for titans?

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OMG! I’m so glad you asked, I’m in the same position and have been flipping back and forth with this same dilemma. If you don’t mind me lurking around your post I would love to see the opinions that are given. Thanks bunches! :two_hearts:

I have C Francine. She’s -54% for 3 turns while he’s -58% for 4 turns.

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Please do. Happy to have you here and share your insights too. Nice to have such high quality problems. :blush:


BTW, C Francine is at +18 for emblems now.

Quenell to go with Wolfgang is what I would choose in your situation.
Fogg is handy for debuffing one enemy, such as a Krampus, and the EDD obviously helps with 1-2 shots. But you have cFran for titans. And I assume you’d have other debuffers!
Quenell smashes three enemies harder than Fogg hits one (when her special has multiplied to 520% to 3.)


You make all very good points. I was leaning towards Quenell myself. So ladies first then.

The next dilemma is Ranger emblems. I have Gefjon fully emblemed and will have enough for either Quenell or Onyx but not both (yet).

Onyx has nice family bonus with Cobalt (LB+20), Garnet (in process, will be +20 soon) and Mica (+1).

Is it better to give them all to one hero (I’m leaning towards Onyx cos family bonus) or split them among the two?

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I used to try share emblems , but personally found it better to max one then move to next

Thanks, appreciate hearing your experience.

The last 2 nodes take up 375 out of the total 1,500 emblems for 5*. So for the Rogue heroes, I emblemed both C Marjana and C Francine to +18 first and now accumulating the emblems to get them to +20.

Thought of doing something similar for Onyx and Quenell.

quenell gets my vote. pair her with eve or almur.
standalone she can do tons of damage. one of my new favorites

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Cool! Quenell it is!

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Quenell gets my vote; simply because AoE :slight_smile:

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Quenell because she is 3 snipers in 1 hero.

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I have almur, I’d go quenn… Fogg is useable at 3.70… He should eventually be leveled, but it doesn’t have to be a priority.

I totally agree. So Quenell is LB+20 while Fogg is waiting at 3/70.

As it is, Fogg may have to wait a while as I have since pulled Guan Yu and C LOTL. Both are now at 3/70. I’m leaning towards Guan Yu first (1 tonic short) and then C LOTL (very annoying minions!!!).

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As much as I love my Fogg, I would say to go with Quenell :slight_smile: