Tonics: Gregorion or Kadilen?

Hi all,

Now that I have 5 Tonics, I would like to start getting insights on this. I’ve seen one similar topic, but I also know the advice will be better if based on my specific situation.

I’m C2P, only spending very rarely on deals. Have 2 TC20s, currently running only one as I was prioritizing the leveling of key heroes on my current bench, but will go back to 2 TC20s soon. Might bump my TC19 up to get a 3rd TC20 too…

I think Gregorion is overall more versatile, despite the average mana vs. Kadi’s fast. The +Crit hit is better for Titans, and the snipe can be devastating. But Kadi’s shield effect can also help in both Raid/War defense and offense…

Priorities: Titans (my alliance has started graduating from 4* to 5* Titans); War/Raids (more offense than defense). I’m already done with Season 2 hard, and I am able to complete all Class Quests.

Current 4* and 5* Greens:

  • Margaret +1 (yes, yes, I know, but she was the very first 5* I ascended… and does help a lot on offense!)
  • Gregorion 3/70
  • Kadilen 3/32 (and climbing to 3/70 fast)
  • Skittleskull +6
  • Jack O’Hare +9
  • Melendor +8
  • Gadeirus +3
  • Caedmon +4
  • Little John +3
  • Kashhrek 3/60 (not sure if I will ascend, maybe if I have no other Green projects)
  • Gobbler 1/1
  • Dupes of Mel and LJ at 1/1

Priorities : Titans, War, Raid offense.


My alliance is small and we’re only up to 4* Titans, though starting to get some 5s. We can’t consistently beat the 4s yet though, so I’m prioritizing improving my Titan scores.

I always run either mono (for the 3 colors where I have ramming pulverizers) or 3/2 (when I need to stack Green vs Blue Titans, and Yellow vs. Purple Titans).

For Blue Titans: Isarnia for defense debuff; Margaret + Jack + LJ for tile damage, Gregorion for the +Crit hit. I dropped Gadeirus, instead using Bear banners to boost attack. I sub Melendor in for Jack if the Titan is fairly strong, as using healing potions takes time. Kadilen is unlikely to make my stack here.

Raids / Wars:

I use mono for opponents with heavily emblemed tanks, and 3/2 for ones lower in power. Currently my Green 3-stack is Margaret (tile damage), Mel (healing/dispel), and either Jack or Caed. For mono, I add in LJ, Skittles or Gad depending. I could see Greg replacing Marge/Jack in my 3-stack. But I could also see Kadi making it in depending on who I am fighting. But overall I think Greg, as an average sniper and +Crit booster, would make it into my 3-stack more often.

Current Raid/War default defense is Seshat +6/ Inari +3 / Aegir +4 / Marjana +2 / Lepus +4. Will replace Inari with costumed Joon once I can max him. Then, Lepus will be replaced by whichever Green I ascend; didn’t use Margaret because I already have 2 passives + I tested her on defense and she didn’t work well for me.

My 4* / 5* roster for the other colors:

  1. Yellow
  • Inari +3
  • Li Xiu +15
  • Chao +3
  • Hu Tao 4/70
  • Wu Kong 1/32 (current project)
  • Rana 3/70
  • Joon 3/70 (will ascend over Rana and Leo)
  • Joon’s costume 3/70
  • Leonidas 3/5 (will bring to 3/70 after Wu)
  • Dupes of Chao and Li 1/1
  1. Purple:
  • Seshat +6
  • Proteus +19
  • 2nd Proteus +3
  • Sabina +19
  • Aeron +2
  • Domitia 3/70
  • Sartana 3/48 (will bring to 3/70, and will ascend over Domi)
  • Cyprian +1
  • Tiburtus +3
  • 2nd Sabina 1/23 (next in line after Sarty)
  1. Red
  • Marjana +2
  • Sir Lancelot +14
  • Gormek +9
  • Boldtusk +14
  • Scarlett +10
  • 2nd Boldtusk +1
  • Colen +2
  • Kelile +1
  • 2nd Gormek 3/60 (will probably not ascend)
  • Dupes of Scarlett and Colen 1/1
  1. Blue
  • Lepus +4
  • Aegir +4
  • Isarnia 3/70 (will probably ascend when I get my 6th Scope, unless someone else comes along)
  • Kiril +9
  • Grimm +13
  • Triton +7
  • Sonya +14
  • Valeria 4/42 (current project)
  • Boril 3/60 (not sure if I will ascend)
  • Agwe 3/60 (not sure if I will ascend)
  • Dupes of Sonya, Grimm and Valeria 1/1

thanks in advance :smile:

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If you’re focusing on Titans, than you can’t go wrong with Gregorion. The Crit Boost will give you good damage increase in tiles which don’t hit the stun spot.

He will also come in handy as a green sniper which you don’t yet have maxed out.

Kadilen is a GOOD hero but I would say that Gregorion is a BETTER hero.

RE Kashhrek, I wouldn’t both ascending him… not at the point you’re at. Kash is a good mid-game tank… but once you get to Platinum arena most players have worked out how to beat him every time…


Don’t do Kashh.

You’ve got plenty of snipe, especially with where you’re leaning towards Joon and Sartana - I would too.

So I’d go Kadilen… AoE is useful too and you’re short of it, plus since the buff she’s a really good hero.

I wouldn’t prioritize titans in your bench building unless you’re planning on moving alliances… 4* and 5* aren’t tough titans, not with 5* hero’s in the bank and 4* with lots of emblems going on.
As just one member, there’s only so much you can drag your alliance up on titans - it needs everyone together to consistently step up the tiers.

All-round, I think you’ll get more utility out of Kadilen.


thanks @Guvnor . Yeah, Caedmon is my only Green sniper - I have mostly AOEs. A major hole in my Green stack, though I do have good snipers in other colors.

thanks @BubblesUK . you have a good point about Titans, and my bench already does major damage to the ones we fight, I’m usually the top scorer. I agree that my 5* lineup is full of snipers and lacks AOEs (Isarnia is the only real one…) though my Green bench has the reverse.

And appreciate the affirmation that Kash should stay where he is :wink:

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Do you have a lvl 23 mana troop, or close to it? It really makes a big difference with Greg.


nowhere near that. where my barracks are now, max I can get is lvl16 mana troops. i do have the troops but a chronic ham shortage. heroes first over troops.

would you recommend Kadi over Greg based on that?

Probably not in general, but since you said Titans are a priority I could still see putting him first. He is really good on titans but feels too slow for a sniper in raids if you don’t have the mana troop.

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In no application would I ever place Kadi over Greg

Kadilen should only be ascended if:

  1. You have no other green 5* and are too impatient to wait.
  2. You have no other green 5* and are free-to-play (so you won’t have a lot of chances to get others)

I maxed Greg and use him paired with Lianna all the time. Either they fire together or he fires next move after her. Pretty deadly combo.

I’m currently working on Kadilen only because I already maxed Horghall :laughing: and yes, I’m F2P (technically VC2P - I spend every Christmas).

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I would… Post buff, Kadilen is useful, fast AoE and adds durability to your team - Greg is a fairly uninspiring sniper (nothing special damage, average mana, useful but not earth shattering secondary effects).

It all depends on the rest of the bench… And here, I’d take Kadilen over Greg.

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I just feel like we’re not going to agree on this one— and that’s okay.

As for my play style and preference, I think Greg is better for all things. Sure he’s slower than Kadilen, but 455% on 729 attack on a single target isn’t too bad (plus the 5% green attk/def boost is not nothing) – (Lianna is 512%/729 for reference). So to say he’s an uninspiring sniper, I disagree. If you go in with a green stack, you want as many criticals as possible.

The strategy with Kadilen seems solid, and she’s not a bad hero, but just doesn’t suit me and I think Greg is more effective overall. – Especially for titans.

I have more green than I could ever ascend so, for right now, Kadilen won’t ever see a tonic of mine until after Horghall is 4/80 (and he is #7 on my list of greens to ascend).

Right now, I’ve got Eve, Lianna, Greg, Yunan, Alby, Hatter 4/80. I’ve got Eve2,Eve3,Eve4, Kadilen1 at 3/70 then Elk, Greg2, Horghall, and Kadi2 at 1/1.


Greg was my first maxed green and I love him. He had emblems to level 12 and with lvl 23 mana troops, he was one of my favorite heroes. I recently had to move all my emblems to Lianna for defense, but I really miss having them on Greg.

I would only put Kade over him if you have to have a green in the wings for defense. I like Kade too, but no where near that of Greg.


Greg would be beast on your defense team. The critical bonus gives the chance to do double slash damage on defense and double tile damage against titans.
Kadilen is just average imho.
All points to Greg.

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Absolutely, we definitely don’t have to agree :+1:

I think for it to be “always” one over the other there has to be no argument possible… I can think of a few cases like that, but I don’t think this is one of them.

I don’t think Greg’s a bad hero at all… for a deep bench (like yours especially), he would definitely make sense to me, but if I had to choose my first green 5* between lianna and Greg, for example, I wouldn’t hesitate long to choose lianna.

I think there’s a case for Kadilen here… but as you say, we don’t have to agree.

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thanks everyone! What a fascinating discussion, I’ve gotten some nice new insights on both Greg and Kadi. lots to think about. I have to think about this versus my other Greens (including 4s), and versus the rest of my 5s.

But I’m confident I can use either Kadi or Greg effectively, now that I’ve read all your comments!


As c2p you probably will eventually max both, it’s just which one do you want first?

Greg also is not that bad. Although average, he still hits harder than all S1 fast snipers except Lianna and Joon, and on par with Magni. He only pales compared to other HOTM snipers.

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Yeah, I’m confident that unless I pull another Green 5*, I will make both soon anyway. Priorities, priorities…

I think I’ll pay more attention to Greg and Kadi when I encounter them in Raids.

Unlike some of my other recent choices (Sesh v Aeron, Joon v Rana v Leo, Sarky v Domi, Lepus v Aegir) this one is a bit tougher. But I have time to decide :wink:

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I think another big issue is that your alliance is 100% holding you back. With that roster, you should be hitting above 8* titans so you get the mats. Im currently in an alliance hitting 11* and 12*, and i get a mat almost every kill. Those are extremely useful in actually being able to ascend all of those heroes

Thanks. Others have made similar observations in other threads I have made. I do know that my roster could hold its own in a bigger alliance… But I enjoy playing the game with my alliance mates and am not willing to leave them. This may change, but for now I accept that my 5*s will grow more slowly…

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Whom did you end up ascending? I have the same dilemma.

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