Tonics- Eiona, Lotl, MN or Lady Locke

Thoughts on who gets the tonics.

LotL would see most action on VF wars and Tournaments, same with MN. Lady Locke would be insane against Double and reverse double formations, putting her dot on everyone. Eiona is an absolute BEAST of a sniper and might not be bad on defense either.

Have enough emblems to fully emblem Lady Locke , LotL or Eiona. Thanks for any thoughts/ feedback.

Hi, what are your maxed green 5* ?

Francine, Telluria, Kingston, Heimdall , Evelyn , Frigg

You’re lacking a green sniper, so the tiger girl is the winner IMO …or the not mentioned c Lianna. Well, you have Kingston, but a second for team 2 would be good.

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Well you already have some good primary and secondary hitters, so I would go with MN or LotL. Both are fantastics but different, and it’s difficult to make a choice. Two game changers.

MN with hands down!!

If you don’t have Miki I recommend ascending Tarlak, will greatly improve your (mythic) titan hits.

MN and LotL are mostly one-trick ponies, only good for VF but otherwise fairly useless outside of those formats. (this isn’t 2019 anymore, by the time your slow healer is charged half your team is presumably dead)

No comments on Locke other than she is fairly squishy. If you need a sniper the tiger girl is probably your best bet, although Lianna with costume bonus hits for about as hard but at fast speed.

Well, somewhere in the middle is your opinion about me! I have thought about everything you write before I write my own comment. I just feel that you are a little harsh with MN. The only sure thing is that if he succeeds and stays alive and where you say that you have lost the game, something happens and you get through it! I believe you know this! When I use her I put an extra therapist and most of the time I do not face problems. But on the other hand I like your views!

Wow, saying that LotL and MN are useless outside of VF wars and tournaments makes me crazy. I can’t remember how much raids I won thanks to them. MN can reverse an entire battle, same for Lotl. They are slow because of this.


Testing her out at 3-70 and the damage is insane for that level. What is she putting out at 4-80 and fully emblemed? @Ventress

Here’s a sample from a raid. Defense down and elemental defense down were applied.

Oh, and that was when she was only +12.

Well do you plan your raids around that 50% revive chance? If you do and it works out for you then great just keep doing what you’re doing and ignore what I said.

My point was on offense they’re not heroes you can rely on outside of rush precisely because they’re slow. At least MN has a chance at reviving, but what good are those sword minions when half the team is already dead? (And worse, the ones that died are adjacent to LotL?)


Sorry my comment wasn’t directed at you, just a general comment from me.

I regret spending tonics on LotL after drawing Alfrike (do not play well together in VF), but never regret spending them on MN or Lianna and I don’t even have costume Lianna.

Evelyn + kingston + Lianna take out two enemies at fast speed. Lianna would be my choice given your green healers.

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