Tomes too rare

Why are every other major ascension items available in the events and special quests but tomes arent? i have 12 5 stars left to fully ascend and i have had the mats for most of them for a cpl months. even up to several damascus blades but still no tomes. we are dropping ten star titans and im always in the top 5 and still no tomes. plz make them a awatd in quests!


Tombs are my bottleneck too.

Tomes seem to be the only 4* ascension item that Elemental chests want to give me. I have 4 excess.

Im there in the NO TOMES catagory…got 4 waiting…it REALLY seems like all that stuff has been curtailed…i used to accelerate all my wanted chests…not anymore…in 2 months ive gotten 3 mats from them i have a ton of …poop…getting bored

I agree…In 10.5 months of playtime I’ve only seen 5 Tomes so far, but managed to get 6 d blades and could’ve gotten more blades had I had the teams built up for it before. Still lots of the other colour specific 4* ascension items such as 11 Tabards at the moment. Just need 1 d blade 2 tomes and 1 tabbard to max two purple 5* bah.

Seems like I am pretty lucky with these things… currently have 8 tomes and 10 blades, 5x5* fully ascended and mats for 4 more…:sweat_smile:
Cant complain about that

I believe it is the Farholme Pass rare quest that gives a tone as loot. Every other one, that is, as the alternate Farholme gives a Damascus Blade

Tomes? No problems with those at all.

4 * ascension item drops tend to be lopsided because of their rarity. What you lack, others have in abundance. The situation becomes even more complicated as your spending of these items depends on what luck of the draw you have with 5* heroes.

Given such lobsided numbers, you’d think SG would come up with some kind of trading system for ascension items. Make it a building that costs gems to build, requiring trading tickets that cost gems to buy. I bet it would get people to spend gems like no other. In particular at this point of the game’s lifestage where long playing members will have a few heroes on the bench waiting for a final item or two to max them.

I totally have the same problem. In SEVEN months of playing I found ZERO tomes (except Farholme x2) and TEN Damascus Blades (plus Farholme x2). That makes all the Damascus Blades super pointless…

11 5* 3/70 waiting, great balance, really enjoy it, I love pain thanks SG

I need about 12, let me get them off your hands… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I need one for Khiona, STAT!

Please, RNGesus, PLEASE!!!


Damascus blades are non-existent for me…ZERO blades in 3.5 months.

Can’t beat the last stage of farholme that offers the blade?

I recommend bringing all kinds of battle items to help make it through that last stage.

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Not the last time it popped up…I should be able to now though. :wink:

Next farholme will have a tome. So about another few weeks will be the next with a blade.

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I see trade tickets being implemented in the future. They have to be rare and there has to be restrictions though.

Game won’t give me rings so hand them over for my tomes. :grin:

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Seriously need some tomes and damascus blades. Got mats to ascend 3 different 5* colors, yet no tomes and dblades. :frowning:

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Tomes are rare?

Looks like 5* heroes are rare for you. lol

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