Tome tactic book

I have been trying to get a Tome Tactic Book for over a month with no luck. Thinking there’s an issue with the random number of ascension items. Some high level items I have several of, I have spent money to get the items because they never come up in the draws for anything. Please fix this issue.

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You can get a Tome of Tactics every other Farholme Pass, the next one should be be between 3-4 weeks. That should average about 5 a year.


That is great, but there are several heroes that need 6 to ascend to last level. Therefore if they only show up randomly and only 5 a year. NOT GOOD.

You only need 1 tome of tactics for each hero last ascension. The only drawback is all the colors need 1 tome of tactics and also 1 damascus blade

And the only way to get it is be first in the challenge event, but if you can’t level that will never happen.

That is why I posted in the first place, the chances of getting these items are next to none. The whole issue in it’s self.

No, the Rare Quest, Farholme Pass, is available for everyone with no competition. It just shows up about 5x/year, on a regular schedule. So build up to the point where you can complete it and you’ll get 5 Tomes per year.

Basically, the rare quests show up at a rotation that should pretty much allow you to build a rainbow team of maxed 5* in a one-year time.


AS I have explained and Isaac57 reiterated, it is fairly guaranteed to get 5-6 Tomes a year and you only need 1 per 5* not 6 like the other ascension items.

I also already linked the “quest” calendar showing how often you can get a Tome from Farholme Pass quest which you get by beating the 5th level, which if you can’t do that with 4* you aren’t ready to need 5* anyway. No need to finish first just beat level 5.


The calendar linked is for 2017, does me no good. So once again I am waiting

The order doesn’t change. Neither do the prizes each time. The quests come every 7-10 days on average.

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the next rare quest is farholme, and it will have a tome.

It should show up in 7-10 days.

Otherwise, you are at the mercy of RNGesus.


Wren, scroll down. It’s updated all the way to yesterday.

Why am I even pitting time and money into this game if I can’t ascend my hero’s till next year? Well that was time and money wasted.

I’ve gotten 2 tomes in 2 days from Mystic Visions, so there is that.

That does mean only 1 thing.
You are lucky as heck xD

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