Tome of tactics

I searched but didn’t find any answers. Does anyone know where I can find a tomb of tactics?

In the Grave of Lost Hope maybe? :wink:
As for a Tome of tactics, titan loot, ordinary wanted chests, rare elemental chests, mystic vision, and loot for the final stage of every second iteration of the Farholme Pass rare quest.


I have 2… Hit them both from the ad.

Good Luck!! It is all up to the RNG gods…I have 9 Damascus blades, but 1 Tome of Tactics…go figure!!!

I could really use a tome of tactics or 3.

Got Joon at 3/70 and 7 poison darts ready to go. :frowning:

Good luck with that, I think we’re all looking for something. Sometimes I think it would be kind of cool if we can trade with other players

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I will gladly pay you tuesday for a tome of tactics today ( he will gladly pay you tuesday for a tome of tactics today.)

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Sun too-zoo?


If this is where you order, I would also like 5 tome of tactics to match my 5 d blades and my 6 of each element-specific already. Just missing those tomes.

So no one really knows the best place to farm tomb of tactics then? I was hoping someone would have figured that out by now.

War victories, war chests, elemental chests, titan chests, mystic visions, occasionally from monster and hero (raid) chests if you’re very lucky. Have to be pretty lucky to find them in any of those, TBH. It’s a rare drop.

Though on rare occasion, you can also get them as guaranteed loot from the special quests. They don’t show up very often though.

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