Tome if Tactics

Why is this item so hard to come by? I have 3 heroes waiting for this for what seems like an eternity in order to get them to the last ascension. I play everyday and complete all challenges and still can’t seem to get one. Super frustrating


Tome “of” tactics my smart phone thinks it knows better than me


4* mat

Way it goes.

Just a bottleneck to restrict progress faster than devs want


Got one yesterday from a monster chest.


Well that certainly makes him feel better


Well, that was more of a “keep the hope alive” type of post and not a “haha” post.


The reason they are hard to come by:

Tome of Tactics is an unfarmable 4* ascension material. Pulling one of any of those is incredibly rare.

There are 8 7 different unfarmable 4* ascension mats (and as far as I can tell, you have the about the same chances of pulling a tome as you do of pulling a d. blade or tonic or any other 4*).

Pulling the exact one you need? LOL do not hold your breath.

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I believe we should be having a rare quest for one soonish though

I’d have to check but feels like it’s been awhile


Yes, it around 9 May.

Complete list

EDIT: was wrong for next Morlovia, thanks @Calling_Demon for the correction, it was static, but now it corrected.


7 actually :slight_smile:


Everybody has their ‘white whale’ 4* unfarmable, it’s tomes for me too. Next week I’ll have 6 months in the game and I’ve never gotten a single tome outside of Farholme, but the game’s given me 9 damascus blades popping out just about everywhere. :man_shrugging:


Yep, my bad… sorry, think I added in a 3* mat on accident…

My “white whale” currently is compasses. Because every 4* and 5* hero needs at least one, and I only have 2 left. Vs. a dozen or so heroes that are patiently awaiting ascension.

Meanwhile, lower peeps in my alliance have 10 telescopes and zero 5* blue heroes to ascend. :crazy_face: Silly SG. :roll_eyes:


well, after next shiloh, I hope it is NOT going to take a month to next morlovia…


So yesterday I got a ToT in a monster chest and the next monster chest gave me a tonic. I just got a Dblade from a Titan…it just rains them from time to time.

Now that I’m over 30 maxed 5s I don’t really care. I have plenty of mats to level heros it is just settling on one. So to that end…it gets better.

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yes, I was wrong in the from next Morlovia, because that was static, I already edited with +10 days.



Thanks for the info everyone

I am low as well. Mats come in waves it feels. Tomes are short now… next it will be something else. But I cannot wait for next farholme! :slight_smile:

I can get almost everything from chests but not Tome of tactics, because last four I got are from rare quest Fashions Pass, which means it’s been more than nine month (almost ten) I didn’t get it from Titans/war/MV/monster chest/raid chest/Titan chest…

I’ve had 14 five stars on 3/70 waiting for Tot including Telluria, Heimdal, JF, Malosie, Alasie etc. and all other ascention material but not luck to get one ToT out of rare quest.

My statistic of approx. one year playing:

14 Tomes
7 Blades

I am lacking the necessary 5 star heros. Most of these I got from opening chests.

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