Tome finally showed up


For just under $100 :frowning:

Guess I’ll impatiently wait for farholme in 10 days.


I hope your RNG will improve, mate!

repost for more fun :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, you can’t say they didn’t hear you… :frowning:


hahahaha that’s great and 110% accurate IMO. :smiley:


US 100 for tome of tactic, I guess Damascus blade cost about the same, 200 to ascend a single 5*. Special day for celebration.


I need tomes, but I will be darned if I buy anything with epic summons in it


Are we not due a tone in the next special quest ( can’t remeber which one ) but it’s been a few months since we last got a time


Amen, brother!!! I thought exactly same thing when I saw this “offer”


Why’s that? 20 characters


Epic summons are just the worst place to have a good chance of a hero. Either elemental summining (where at least you have a better chance of a color you need), or event summoning or even atlantis summons are better.


I have all the hero I want, I have about 10 x 5* waiting to be level, I don’t want 20 hero summon (5200 gems), 20 troop summon (3200), 8400 gems, have to wait special offers in the future, but not this.


No wonder tomes haven’t dropped lately.


I need daaaaarts :-(((


I don’t care about the summon tokens, just tomes , orb and cape, thankyou SG, keep them coming. US $ 20, it was reasonable for the 3 items & gems.