Tome doré (Golden tome)

It’s seem to be a glitch on golden tome…
It’s accessible on hero (talent maxed last level) … So automatic waste

At first, I dont really know how this tome work before using it.
So I try it on full maxed hero
In my case, pur wast it… Because lost if hero is reset.

It’s sould not be accessible in this full maxed condition.

I am not really sure what is this bug report about.

If your problem is that you do not receive it when you reset a hero, then it is working as expected as this is written in the Golden Tome’s description:

No… This is not the problem.

Game should lockdown the possibility of using this tome on a full talent hero…
In my case… I lost the avantage of this tome, my hero was all maxed…(was thinking that the tome will unlock some more talent or something … but no :stuck_out_tongue: )

Finaly , if I reset talent, I lose it anyway… So I only lost this golden tome

What is “full talent hero” mean?

Can you provide a screenshot about how it looks like ?

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When you use a tome of golden emblems, you get 3 golden emblems (epic tome) or 10 golden emblems (legendary tome). Those emblems are not automatically applied to your hero. Moreover, it’s impossible to use a golden emblem on a fully emblemed hero.

If you simply used your tome, check your inventory and look for these among your emblems.


ohhhh! thank Stillvictor.

Forgot this problem… You make me realise that I can use it on all my heros… not only the hero selected

many thanks! :slight_smile:


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