Tokens for heroes that don't benefit from the class skill

Is it possible to have bypass tokens, or something of that nature? I’d love to work on Guinevere’s health and defense, but I have to save up 65 tokens to get her class skill first, which is essentially wasted on her because she isn’t a strong attacker. Can we get bypass tokens that skip the class skill so we can still access the buffs? Sartana and Hel can benefit from the class skill AND the buffs, but Guinevere really doesn’t.


I would like that - but it’s part of the balancing. Especially the Wizard class is filled with strong heroes worth the emblems. Others are difficult to decide where to spend the emblems (Sorcerer for example).

It’s the designers way to nerf the Guinevere tank without nerfing her directly.

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How is this different from just increasing the emblem drop rate?


But most Devs would at least outline nodes 21 to 60, so it will be interesting to see the next talent available to Guinevere.

And I don’t completely disagree, but Hel is REAL strong, and the wizard class skill works very well for her. Same with Sartana. I’d just like to see some kind of give back if a skill doesn’t immediately benefit a hero. Likewise with Paladins, the skill CAN work with any hero, but is optimal for tanks. But what if you have a heavy hitter that could really benefit from the atk upgrades?

Just a thought experiment. Guinevere is probably the most blaring example of this, and maybe it isn’t that big of an issue but it seems like it because it affects me personally :joy:

Even with increase drop rate, I’d rather not spend the 65 for a skill that is almost useless for Guinevere. It’s not as bad if, say, you HAVE to land on an atk up along the way, which you do, because those nodes are cheaper. Not ideal, but still workable.

Some of the Wizards don’t play well with Jinx. Zeline’s a debuffer that gets extra damage for enemy buffs!

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Not all emblems work well for all heroes. That’s part of game balance. Just use your emblems on a hero that will benefit from them instead of trying to make a supremely powerful hero overpowered.

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Well, my projected defense with my heroes include Guin flanked by Hel and Sart. And Guin is receiving the emblems just for her stats. This question affects me heavily. LOL.

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